Fightcade ST discussion!


Might want to try contacting Pof directly (contact info at and see what he can do to help. He’s pretty open about trying to solve anyone’s Fightcade issues, and if not, he’ll work towards fixing it in the future.

That’s the cool thing about Fightcade. Since it’s still being supported by the devs, you can actually get help, unlike GGPO nowadays.


Digging the player profiles @pof. Are you planning on letting players edit their profile in any way? Changed my avatar but I want moar lol.


Quick question guys. I recently started playing ST on fightcade but today for some reason I opened up the game and there was no sound. Have no idea what happened and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the sound back. Any ideas?


no ideas


How do I get this to go fullscreen retain aspect ratio and actually utilize the screen?


Took a snapshot for you. Open GGPOfba.exe in your fightcade folder and change the monitor setting to whatever your computer monitor’s native AR is.


New to ST, I have some quick noobie questions:

Gief, Hawk, Honda jump in with heavy or light or get a knockdown and do a standing or crouching light, the only way I can get out of the command grab is to do a special, right? If I use Claw I can do his flip kick (3 Punch or 3 Kick) and I assume the 3 Punch version is better. If I’m using Dictator, which special do I do?

How to get better at using Charge characters? Playing any fighting game made in the last 15 years and then going to this is quite the culture shock, there is no leniency for charge moves. I know you have to charge for 2 seconds but it feels closer to 3 seconds and I can never pull off a charge super when I need to.

Characters I hate:

Chun (just because of her throw damage)
And all the Grapplers.


This probably should be its own thread as this is a Fightcade client discussion thread. I’ll answer anyway:

You die. Heh. No seriously, Bison only has one reversal, his super. So if you don’t have a super stocked and you’re about to eat a command grab, you can ether attempt a reversal throw (assuming you aren’t out of throw range) or jump backwards and hope their command grab timing was off. If you are fighting someone who knows what they are doing and they catch you near a corner, you’re dead. That’s the nature of SF2 and playing Bison in general (Can’t jump out of command grabs and Bison has limited reversal options).

Practice dude. Get set up with a ST training mode somehow (MAME/HDR/Dreamcast) and start trying to find a feel for how fast you can get a charged move out. The more you practice, the easier it will be to get a feel on how much charge you need. Like second nature.


Actually, most charge moves only have to be held for 60 frames, or 1 second. I think the longest is 78 frames or 1.3 seconds.


What’s the difference between ggpofba and ggpofba-ng in the fightcade folder?


I don’t have any sound in the game demo/title sequence but once I start a game the sound is there - have checked my roms and everything seems correct. Have you tried inserting credits and starting? This isn’t…by design is it…? I have the same results using the latest version of FBA.

Edit - it’s not by design - there should be music/sound effects during the title sequence. Glad I’m not the only one having this issue!


The game’s attract mode is probably silent by default.


D’oh - that’s probably it - how embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never had sound during the attract.


wonder if windows 10 will fix any of the problems with windows 8. It is still a free upgrade right?


I don’t know anyone running fightcade in Win10 preview. Would be interesting to know. Doubt it though.


Sadly the FBA emulator (along with a lot of desktop applications) has issues with input lag because of the forced Desktop Window Manager in Windows 8.1 onwards. If DWM doesn’t ring a bell, think Aero from Windows 7. It’s basically the same thing. DWM is now so tightly integrated into the OS that there is no option to disable it without resorting to some ugly hacks. With DWM completely disabled (via hack), there’s noticeably less input lag and tearing compared to running the latest FBA with the “Win7 DWM fix”.

I’m actually surprised that not many people realise that Windows 8 (and therefore 10) all have a higher in-built lag than Windows XP. This affects ANY application that is running on the desktop and using the standard APIs to draw their UI (i.e. basically every program in existence). One of the workaround hacks I mentioned is to download Process Explorer, run it as Administrator, and then 1) Suspend winlogon.exe, 2) Kill dwm.exe. This actually stops the DWM, with the side effect that you get an ugly black bar on the side of your screen. On the plus side FBA feels a lot more responsive, on par with running on XP.


well windows 10 is out… anyone try it out yet to see if it fixes any issues? I hvant bothered to dl it yet myself, since just getting my controller to work on windows 8 was a pain in the ass, let alone playing online =x


I run mine on Windows 7


Who keeps hacking FightCade