Fightcade ST discussion!


wonder if windows 10 will fix any of the problems with windows 8. It is still a free upgrade right?


I don’t know anyone running fightcade in Win10 preview. Would be interesting to know. Doubt it though.


Sadly the FBA emulator (along with a lot of desktop applications) has issues with input lag because of the forced Desktop Window Manager in Windows 8.1 onwards. If DWM doesn’t ring a bell, think Aero from Windows 7. It’s basically the same thing. DWM is now so tightly integrated into the OS that there is no option to disable it without resorting to some ugly hacks. With DWM completely disabled (via hack), there’s noticeably less input lag and tearing compared to running the latest FBA with the “Win7 DWM fix”.

I’m actually surprised that not many people realise that Windows 8 (and therefore 10) all have a higher in-built lag than Windows XP. This affects ANY application that is running on the desktop and using the standard APIs to draw their UI (i.e. basically every program in existence). One of the workaround hacks I mentioned is to download Process Explorer, run it as Administrator, and then 1) Suspend winlogon.exe, 2) Kill dwm.exe. This actually stops the DWM, with the side effect that you get an ugly black bar on the side of your screen. On the plus side FBA feels a lot more responsive, on par with running on XP.


well windows 10 is out… anyone try it out yet to see if it fixes any issues? I hvant bothered to dl it yet myself, since just getting my controller to work on windows 8 was a pain in the ass, let alone playing online =x


I run mine on Windows 7


Who keeps hacking FightCade


Finally registered moments ago. I’ll be at HSF2 and SSF2X.


LOL, he’s baaaaack…



Would be cool if pof enabled cheats online so that we can use Gill and Shin Gouki in 3S. Never seen anyone use Shin Gouki in a competitive matchup on 3S. Also, this would enable Shin Gouki for ST as well


pof should ban Jion


Bet if we get this on FightCade then everyone will play this:


Out of all the lobbies Super Turbo is the least salty. Thank god because I’m shit.


pof should allow the world warrior hack and enable cheats to use Gill in 3S. Would be interesting to see what happens if Gill is playable along with Shin Gouki online


is fightcade currently down? i can’t seem to log in.


Quick Fightcade question.

I’m using the Mac client, and I received my first challenge last night; but my P1 button mappings did not work. I attempted to map the buttons to the P2 side, but nothing happened during the match.

  1. How do I map my joystick inputs in the event I end up on the 2P side?
  2. Is there a quick custom input reset?

Thanks, and maybe we’ll cross paths some day. I’m just a bit weary since it’s been years.


Pof working on integrating a newer FBA

Hopefully this fixes the issues a lot of us have with newer Windows versions


Yeah, I see you hiding there in the corner of that tweet, Eternal Champions. Thinking I wouldn’t notice.

I can’t believe I’m hitting the lab in Eternal Champions, of all games, in the year 2016. I’mma main Slash when this drops, he’s got some long-ass buttons.


pof should allow the world warrior hack and enable cheats to use Gill in 3S. Would be interesting to see what happens if Gill is playable along with Shin Gouki online


has anyone ever found a way to make fightcade work better on windows 8? Ive tried playing again and i dunno i guess i thought maybe something might change but its the same reason i quit playing years ago. Fightcade just lags and drops a shitload for me all the time. Anyone ever find out some kinda settings to fix this? I never really had that much of a problem wtih GGPO, and on vista before this. Thanks


Fightcade, much like GGPO, is running an emulator designed to work with Windows XP. So if you’re not on XP, you’re not on an optimal setup, and each subsequent OS type has made it more and more finnicky to work with this outdated emulator.

It’s a known problem by Pof, the developer, and he’s working on a way to be able to update the emulator for modern use on Windows 7 and up OS. It’s a fairly complex problem trying to update old technologies with modern software/hardware, and it not something as simple as a dropdown box.