Fightcade - Where do I go to orchestrate casual matches? (Garou + Last Blade 2)


As many of you know, fightcade is this wonderful program that lets you use ROM files for old arcade fighting games from the likes of Capcom, SNK, etc. and play online with the ever so reliable rollback netcode. Unfortunately, some of the games I enjoy most on there, such as Garou and The Last Blade 2, have consistently small numbers of players on there even at peak hours, and those who are on usually are pros who often quit and leave you hanging if you don’t manage to take a single round in just two or three matches.

This leads me to turn to outside resources to reach out to others to possibly set up some casual matches and improve as a player. However, this brings to the problem that, simply, I have no idea where to go to make such connections. To the best of my knowledge, there are no designated areas on this site for either game or for fightcade in general (outside of Tech Talk and emulation threads).

Could anyone help me out and point to where I should look? Or, if anyone wants to talk directly on this thread about getting in some matches, that works too. I’m particularly interested in learning some intermediate/advance level techniques for LB2 because I absolutely adore the game and wish to up my skills for the upcoming rerelease for PS4/Vita next week. (Kinda new here so forgive me if I sound ignorant) :slight_smile:

Edit: Whoops, looks like there is an online matchmaking thread, did I already answer my own question?


Yeah. The computer online matchmaking section is probably your best bet, though it’s kinda dead.


Yeah, I got that vibe when I looked through. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to catch people when they’re online.


Hey!! Are you asking for someone to help you get good? If you’re new I’ll smoke you but I love teaching new players garou

I’m inexperienced in lb2 though, sorry


I’m down for some schooling in garou, I don’t really know what I’m doing lol I just play it like it’s Street Fighter. PM me