Fightcade with GGPO support

pof is currently working on it. He said no stuttering issues under Windows 10.

how do you fix the fullscreen shutter problem of fightcade @Dragonfave723 ?


thanks for the info man


this question probably was asked 100 of times. But I didn’t find an answer on the internet, don’t even know how to explain it properly. In onlines games I have some issues in full screen mode. The screen is “shaking(?)” when I switch to full screen mode. The games are impossible to play then. Got no issues in non-full screen mode, but a friend of mine even got this “shaking” even without full screen, when he plays online. I guess that this is a problem on the video settings.

Does anybody know what I am talking about and is able to provide a solution? When I start the game, there is a warning note that there maybe issues because the files (game and neo geo bios) were not detected 100% (or something like this). Both files are not broken and work fine. The game starts regularly when I close the message. And there are no problems when I fight the cpu in full screen. Just the online modus is making trouble.