Fighter Shmups

I’ve been looking at some Fighter-Shmup videos lately. I don’t play them myself but they look cool and are pretty fun to watch. I don’t know if you’d classify them as mostly Fighter or mostly Shmup. But, I wouldn’t call then VS-Shmups because that’s more like split screen vertical scrollers, IMO.

Japanese AoSX (Acceleration of Suguri):

misc AoSX vid: [media=youtube]85CO3xxRIoQ[/media]

More Japanese AoSX:

Japanese Senko no Ronde:
misc Ronde vid: [media=youtube]mDZY4fgHaRU[/media]

Western Senko no Ronde, and AoSX:

Western AoSX (and IaMP, MBAC):

Senko no Ronde (and SF3, MBAC):

Senko no Ronde (and GGXX:AC):

Psychic Force:
^ This actually really reminds me of Dragon Ball Z gameplay.

DBZ Sparking Meteor:
^ Since I mentioned DBZ.

Speaking of the split screen vertical scrolling VS-Shmups. This is more like what I would call a VS-Shmup:

Twinkle Star Sprites:

PoFV (Touhou Kaeidzuka, Phantasmagoria of Flower View)

Kind of like Puzzle Fighter or Puyo Puyo split screen style.

Also there’s higher quality videos of AoSX and Senko on this page:

Suguri looks a hell of a lot better in higher quality (non-u2be quality), like this one here:

man what the hell is twinkle star sprites about lol?

Where can I play these games (besides SNR)

I know that there is some Suguri players on
So is probably a good place to start.

You can PM me if you want a download link or you can also ask on the IRC channel for it. I’m pretty sure Mizuumi has a web-based IRC client so it should be easy to connect and ask. If you need any help, please feel free to ask.

Psychic Force 1 and 2 were released for the PS1. And Psychic Force 2021 was released for the DC. I don’t know if there’s people that play it regularly.

DBZ Sparking Meteor is a relatively new game that is currently only in Arcades and for the Wii (players play on wifi using the Wii).

Twinkle Star Sprites, I have no idea if anyone still plays this seriously, I just used it as a reference for vertical split screen vs-shmups or whatever. It’s apparently been released for DC, PS2, and Saturn. So your best bet would probably be finding an emulation or iso.

PoFV… Unfortunately I have no idea on this one either but I do know people play this game.
Some preliminary information can be found here:
However, I have no idea where players gather to play.
I do know where to get it though, and where the patches are, and where the netplay client is so that it can be played online. But I really don’t know where to go to play it, and I don’t have much information on it, sadly.

look up change air blade

I can’t wait to play DBZ Tenkachi.

Looks like a lot of fun on WIFI

Thanks Woof, Change Air Blade looks pretty cool. More top-down vertical scrolling, but still pretty cool.

I randomly found this video of it [media=youtube]3XfpX2aQ9xM[/media]

Woo this seems like a fairly good Senko no Ronde match:

At first I was a little confused but I watched it again and kept my eyes focused on just one of the characters ships. Good movement, and pretty close match.

Hoho, I was looking at this one too, the first round is pretty rape: Twinkle Star Sprites japanese versus (8 files)

Found some Japanese AoSX replays thanks to some IaMP players, so now I have some Japan AoSX footage up on my youtube page in a playlist:

I added some more AoSX footage today;

Zone of The Enders 2nd Runner verses mode:

I’ve yet to see any direct feed footage so it’s hard to make out the action. It can get very fast. It’s generally accepted that Vic Viper is top tier, but there’s no tournament scene for this game so that’s just an assumption at the moment. It has an interesting strategy of stealing the screen. Since there is no split screen, the position of having the camera behind your back is in contest. Having the screen may be good or bad for you(if you have the screen then your actions are clear to both you and the opponent).

Video got taken down.

Change Air Blade = lolcano.

Another forum I visit ran an online tourney for this game, and we quickly figured out that the only competitive ships were #1 & 4. #4 has the absolute gayest boss attack, #1 has a very good boss attack and can actually survive on the bottom since it has the best shot or something. Or so we thought…

…because once we were down to top 4, one of the guys figured out a trick to launch MULTIPLE boss attacks at once, thereby making it impossible for anybody to survive on the bottom. Not surprisingly, we just canceled the tourney after that.

I would call it the HnK of competitive shmups, but that would be a huge insult to HnK.


Here’s another series that qualifies, Custom Robo. I had it on the GameCube and really enjoyed it. Too bad you had to go through the TERRIBLE story mode to unlock all the mechs and weapons.

I tried to find match vids but could only find matches of a DS installment which seems to hold up the gameplay I remember.


Interesting. That kind of looks like this, too:

(Virtua On 4, I think)

Heh, let me know if you ever want to give AoSX a try, RS. Or anything with a netplay, really.

The computer I was using to play you guys in Monster was my sister’s. It’ll be a good while until I get internet at my place(I’m typing from Sonichuman’s laptop).

But I’m really interested in playing that Psychic Force game. I don’t have a DC though.

Dunno if anyone is interested in AoSX, but I posted more casual vids on my page (see sig).

I’ve noticed that it’s actually really fun to watch. It’s about as fun to watch as it is to actually play which is surprising.

Guess you’ll have to track down some one local who has a DC. Or hope some one finally emulates Naomi.

Some Gundam Seed Destiny game (I think it’s called Rengou vs ZAFT)

I don’t know much about this game, but reminds me a bit of Virtual on…

Tournament finals for Armored Core: Last Raven

EDIT: Bah, how can I have forgotten the genesis classic, Herzog Zwei!?

Pretty cool stuff man.

Update: also I uploaded some more AoSX footage to my page. Gunna be uploading more tomorrow.