Fighter X: Coco of snk-capcom's story

Hey folks. Bear with me for this extra bit of lunacy…

This all started when Coco of snk-capcom asked me to give his story Fighter X a Fan Fiction treatment(He’s under some dillusion I actually know how to write… :rofl:). Anyway, snk-capcom just went down much earlier than it was supposed to and I have no way of contacting Coco or checking out all of the stuff, story elements, character designs, character sprites and story elements he had all ready worked out (still not sure if the Coco or the Cocco of SRK are one in the same…) anywho I did say that I would start writing the Fic at this Weekend, I hate to go back on my word. For right now consider this a one shot deal until I somehow manage to get in touch with Coco. (If anyone knows him please help out). The only characters of his that I’m touching is Shinji, and an old master who’s name and appearance I’ve already forgotten. All the stuff that revolves around Shinji is mostly stuff he layed out, I’m just telling it my way. Any edits or this fic’s canncellation/continuation are all up to Coco.

As Coco layed out, this is supposed to become an epic story the likes of Dragon Ball Z. On my side, all I can say is there will be plenty of humor and violence, so even if this only goes one chapter it should be a fun ride. Or just something else to provide more evidence on how I should stop writing. :smile:


Chapter 1: (And possibly the only Chapter… :confused: ) “The Only Good Politician Might Be a Dead Politician!”

Our story takes place in the near future in a place called Harada City. People all over the world who are down and out and can’t find work anywhere eventually come here. Corporations that own car factories, sewing factories, bottling companies and many other companies that require manual labor set up shop here and pay people next to nothing, but there is work for everybody. Most of the housing in this city is made up of government owned projects that are in bad condition and people living in trailer parks, some people have managed to secretly sleep at their jobs or schools, some people sleep in the subways. With the Global Economy being in the terrible condition that it’s in, the world has turned a blind eye to all of the events occuring in Harada City.

Obviously with people earning next to nothing crime is on the rise. In Harada City survival depends on which Gang you join or are affiliated with especially for the young folk, otherwise you’re worm food.

And for those who refuse to join of Gang of sorts, they have no other choice but to study Martial Arts. In this chaotic town where learning Martial Arts could mean life or death, the Art form is on an amazing rise, the likes of the old days of the Shaolin Temple, Ninjas and Samurais. Many of the Martial Arts practitioners tend to live in the Dojos they train in for extra protection.

It was minutes before Julian was about to give his speech. He was campaigning to become the next Mayor of Harada City. He awaited in his van as his black hair had started to have silver streaks and his face looked like he hadn’t slept in a month. The usually slim man had put on a few extra pounds. His best friend Dean who was a tall blonde muscular man and the head of Security stepped in the van to speak to his old pal. Dean was wearing sunglasses and an ear piece so he could communicate with the police and the rest of the Security detail.

DEAN: We’re ready for your speech sir. You don’t look so hot. It’s not too late to call this off.
JULIAN: Why? Because of the death threat?
DEAN: You didn’t just recieve any old death threat. Ikidomari said she was going to kill you. As usual she has alerted the police that she will kill you during this speech. She never fails at assassinating her target. Even the FBI has given up trying to arrest her. She uses two of those one inch rectangular razor blades made of some sort of inpenetrable steel attached to strings that come out of her sleeves. Doesn’t leave behind a nice looking corpse. Are you sure…
JULIAN: I admit I have lost quit a bit of sleep over this but it is something I have to do. The crime and corruption that has occured in this city under Mayor McWheeze has to end. I assume this Ikidomari will also murder as many members of Security detail as she can. It’s all right if you want to head on home, I won’t hold it against you. You have a wife and two kids to consider.
DEAN: (After a brief pause.) You remember when we were kids and we road our Bikes through Deadman’s Curve?
JULIAN: Ha! Ha! That part of the Bicycle path in the park was only for pros! Man, did we get cut up badly after we crashed off a ramp.
DEAN: Yeah, those were good times. Remember what happened next?
JULIAN: …Yes. Both of our index fingers were bleeding and we joined them together. From that day on, we became blood brothers and we promised never to seperate. I’ve never told anyone that embarassing story.
DEAN: Me niether, it’s our secret. Ya see. Looks like your stuck with me for life.

Julian and Dean left the van and made there way threw the crowd as quickly as possible. There were police everywhere including snipers on rooftops of nearby buildings they had abandoned for this day and police helicopters with gun turrets just waiting for Ikidomari to appear. Sadly most of the police of Harada City were fat and out of shape given the many situations in this town they had to turn a blind eye to, but they did want to nail this out of town assassin and took her announcing her murder to them beforehand as a slap to their chubby faces.

As Julian and Dean made their way to the podium, two overweight cops were heard speaking. Their bulletproof vests couldn’t even fit right on their fat bodies for crying out loud.

COP 1: Doinky Donuts gotta new flavor. New Jersey Creme!
COP 2: Oink! Oink! Let’s go!
COP 1: Nah, we got orders to stay put. Don’t worry, I got some weed I took from some no name punk and we can blaze up later.
COP 2: Oink! Oink! Pass it to the left!

Julian stepped up to the podium and began to speak to the one hundred concerned citizens who wanted a change in this town. Dean noticed a woman wearing a trench coat, fedora, dark shades and a scarf. She went in her trench coat to pull something out. Dean yelled, “THAT WOMAN IN THE BACK! FREEZE!” and all the police turned to face her. As Dean had his arm stretched out a one inch rectangular razor blade came out of his sleeve and slit Julian’s throat!

The lady with the trenchcoat was the first to scream as she pulled out the handkerchief she was reaching for. Then someone else yelled out “JULIAN IS DEAD!” and the police turned around to see him bleeding from his neck gasping for life. “How… how did you…”

DEAN: Heh. Know yor sappy blood brother tale? After I killed Dean and his entire family, it was a simple matter of stealing his memories. You can have his face back if you want.

And true enough, Ikidomari removed the mask she made of Dean’s actual face and threw it at Julian as he died. Next she removed the chip placed in the roof of her mouth to make her sound like Dean. She took off the rest of her costume to reveal her true self. She was a very shaply woman wearing a black tie along with a man’s tuxedo. She had a long ponytail on the back of her hair that went down to the back of her knees. Ikidomari’s hair was purple with light blue streaks. Her sunglasses ressembled a black boomerang. She had a serious expression on her face from this point on.

COP 2: She’s hot! You think she’d wanna go smoke some trees with us, Oink! Oink!
COP 1: Focus! We have to take this killer out so we can get oursleves a promotion and all the philly blunts we can roll!

Without warning the police opened fire on Ikidomari along with the snipers on the roof and the helicopters with gun turrets. It was all for naught. Using her Ki and excellent fighting ability Ikidomari used both of the razor blades of an inpenetrable alloy she had attached to threads in her sleeves, flung them wildly and managed to deflect every single bullet, making all of the bullets go straight into the foreheads of anyone who shot her, including the snipers and helicopter pilots, sending the choppers crashing down and exploding. The rest of the securtty detail from behind the stage tried to grab her with stun guns and mace but with her two threaded blades she chopped them all up into mincemeat. And that was not all. Ikidomari’s orders were to kill everybody, so her threaded blades stretched far and wide and killed everyone in the crowd chopping them all up into little pieces, and she killed everyone and everything. And I mean everyone and everything! This included pigeons and squirrels who got decapitated. Ikidomari noticed an ant hill and she took extra care to go up to the ant hill, bend down and take the razor blades by hand and individually chop the insects up like a chef with two ginzu knives! She left no one alive!

After her killing spree she removed this costume, - yes, this was also a costume - to reveal her true self! Her outfit was made of some highly advanced technology she could control by thought and very few movements, for she was actually a twelve year old girl! She looked like a typical Black Haired Asian child with two ponytails on either side and was wearing a Sunday dress. She also managed to pull out a small Basketball from out of the outfit. She ran along bouncing the ball singing, “I bounce I bounce the ball! I bounce I bounce the ball! I bouncey bouncey bouncey bouncey bouncey bounce the ball!”

NEXT UP: Well, there’s going to be another chapter since I write too much. We’ll get to meet Shinji, the main character in this story. Seeya in a few.

Chapter 2: “Punks Lay Down and Get Beat Down!”

Elsewhere in Harada City Shinji, a young twelve year old Urasian kid wearing a backpack made his way down the street in a rather cheery mood. “Wait 'till the Tsunamis get to check out what I stole for them. Man, I’m I gonna get a lot of street cred!” thought Shinji to himself. Shinji looked like an average kid except he had three large black spikes of hair sticking out of his head, in typical Anime/Manga style. Shinji was headed towards Kajino Alley, a dead end street where the four head members of the Tsunamis hung out and handled most of their business.

The leader of the Tsunamamis was a man that went by the name of Bling Bling. He was an overweight African America male who wore an insane amount of jewlery. He had four gold rings with diamonds on every finger, golden watches all over his arms tailer made to extend even the higher portions of his arms, all of his teeth were solid gold and had a diamond in each one, he had multiple peircings of gold rings on his ears, eyelids and nostrils and plenty of gold chains around his neck including a mini golden granfather clock. When he wasn’t busy running things he sat around thinking of ways he could get more Bling on his body.

Next was Freestyle who was in charge of all the finances. Freestyle was a teenager of Chinese descent who wanted to become a Rapper but had one strike against him. He had zero point zero Rhyming Skills. Freestyle only spoke in Rhymes and usually busted out a Microphone out of his pocket when he began to Rap.

Spaz Backwards wasn’t really in charge of anything, but every good Gang needs at least one good psycopath to strike fear in people’s hearts. Spaz Backwards has killed more people than anyone in the Tsunamis. Spaz wore his cap, shirt and pants backwards. This young Latino Male never faced anybody as his glasses had mini rear view mirrors attached to their sides so he could see behind him, and his accuracy for shooting backwards was 110%. He even spoke backwards. Let’s just say Spaz took the whole Kriss Kross Movement a bit too far…

Lastly was Ripped. Ripped was a huge eight foot African American who was so built and continued to obtain muscle mass on a daily basis, as his clothes were always ripped. He was the true leader of the Gang and if anyone thought the other three were jokes by their appearance they would have to answer to Ripped. Only very few actually knew Ripped was the true leader who made all of the final decisions. Bling Bling was more like a figure head since Ripped had no people skills. Even now Ripped was working out, lifting mini dumbells.

All four of them were in Kajino Alley talking to a Latino teenager named Apurado.

BLING BLING: Look here chump. This is Tsunami territory. We don’t need no Kensatsugawas in our turf!
APURADO: Look, our Gang the Kensatsugawas don’t want no beef. We just want to set up shop here in Harada City. If you give us some of your turf we can help each other out. We have a lot of chapters in Everwood, Beverly Hills 90210, The OC, Smallville and a bunch of other rough and tough Ghetos.
FREESTYLE: Yo this kid is representing dangerous towns with that kind of pull the Tsunamis can really get down and take the crown from them Bloods and Crypts Clowns!
SPAZ BACKWARDS: Business do should we maybe.
RIPPED: Sounds good. We’re listening.

(Shinji enters the scene.)

SHINJI: Yo, yo, yo, yogurt! Where my frogs at?
BLING BLING: 'Scuse us Apurado. We got some bu’ness with the little punk. Yo Shinji, did you make the drop off?
SHINJI: Yeah, we exchanged bookbags. (Shinji took off his bookbag and gave it to Bling Bling. The Tsunamis often used little kids to deliver their drugs in exchange for money in backpacks because if the kids got arrested they couldn’t do any real time.) When are you gonna tell me what’s inside the bookbags I’m carrying?
BLING BLING: Don’t worry about that little man and don’t go peaking inside. That’s grown folks bu’ness. Here’s 100 bucks. You steal anything good for us?
SHINJI: (He took the 100 Dollar Bill and stuffed it in his sock.) You bet. I got you a Porsche! I stole the keys off of this lady! (He handed a pair of keys that had a Porsche insignia to Bling Bling.)
BLING BLING: Phat! You did good my man! Where’s the ride?
SHINJI: Um, I don’t know, I just stole the keys from some lady.
BLING BLING: And where was this lady?
SHINJI: Oh in that big Mall just outside of town!
BLING BLING: You dumb Ass! There’s about a hundred cars parked over there daily! Now we gotta go over there and try every single car!
SHINJI: Well… um… I stole the keys last week and I’m just remembering it now!

The four members of the Tsunamis started to beat Shinji down and stomp on him. It was done lightly and not very harsh as they usually beat up on Shinji whenever he made another one of his dumb Ass theiving attempts. Apurado laughed “Ha! Ha! What a dork!” and joined them and stomped on Shinji once. As soon as he did that the four Tsunamis stopped hitting Shinji.

RIPPED: Shinji is our whooping boy and is under our protection. No one hurts Shinji except for us.
FREESTYLE: This Kensatsugawa punk trying to act like he’s cool but he comes into our turf and he doesn’t know the rules it’s time for the Tsunamis to take his Ass to school 'cuz him beating on Shinji is just not cool!
SPAZ BACKWARDS: Freestyle twice, cool said you. Ass Apurado’s kick let’s!

And then the four beat the crap out of Apurado and even held him up so Shinji could get a few punches in! Shinji punched his stomach and hurt his hand in the process yelling “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” giving the Tsunamis a good laugh. They tossed Apurado out of Kajino Alley and he warned “You bastards are gonna pay for this!” as he ran off.

Later Shinji was on his way to the pawn shop as he pulled out a golden pocket watch from inside his jacket. “I couldn’t give Bling Bling this 'cuz he wouldn’t give me much money for it, too bad he didn’t like the keys. I hate to lie to my friends but us orphans gotta look out for ourselves.”

As he was walking he bumped into Apurado who was surrounded be ten other Kensatsugawa Gang members. They were no their way to battle the Tsunamis when by luck they ran into Shinji.

APURADO: So you were holding out on your crew! Stupid punk, because of you we have to go to war with the Tsunamis! Get’em!

Apurado took his watch and the ten Gang Members proceeded to beat the crap out of him. This wasn’t like when the Tsunamis gave him a light pounding, this was serious and they were trying to beat Shinji to death.

As one of the thugs was about to stomp on him with his razor sharped Baseball kleets, something odd happened. Shinji’s eyes rolled back in his head.

On the other side of town a young 26 year old Martial Arts Master named Jin was singing his heart out at a Karaoke Bar. He thought he knew everything about everything so whenever he sang he never looked up at the written lyrics singing with his eyes closed and pissing everybody off. So there he was making a mockery of the Tom Jones classic, “It’s not unusual for someone to love your stupid butt! It’s not unusual especially if she’s a dumb slut!” He was getting booed and people where throwing crumbled up napkins at him. But suddenly he stopped. “That… strong presence! A great Fighting Spirit has now awakened!” Jin ran out of the Bar and people began to clap only because he finally stopped singing.

Shinji stopped the thug’s foot with one of his own, pushed the guy up so high he flew up to a fire escape and slammed against the black bars with such tremendous force and speed that the bars broke and six of them cut right through the thug killing him instantly! Some of the Gang Members after seeing this backed off but Apurado charged Shinji. In one motion Shinji stepped on Apurado’s knee making it bend in the opposite direction! He then snapped his arm at the elbow which also bent the wrong way, followed by him twisting his head off in a 360 motion, dipped into his pocket taking the golden pocket watch back and stuffing it in his jacket as he cricled around Apurado’s body in one motion and all this took two seconds! The next person who approached Shinji got his heart torn out! This vicousness continued as Shinji made short work of his opponents.

After just wrapping up her kill of Julian, Ikidomari was passing by bouncing her ball still singing, “I bounce I bounce the ball! I bounce I bounce the ball! I bouncey bouncey bouncey…” Suddenly she stopped and let the ball roll away. She took on a very serious expression as she witnessed Shinji brutally murder all of his assailants tearing them limb from limb.

Shinji yelled like a maniac still with his eyes rolled back in his head. He charged at Ikidomari a few feet above the ground almost seeming to fly. Ikidomari’s Red Aura that suddenly surrounded her body attacked the boy and made him stop dead in his tracks inches away from her.

It has been said that some powerful Samurais had Ki so strong they could disarm foes without swinging their blades, mentally controlling their enemies to lay down their arms. This is exactly what Ikidomari was doing, but it was on a whole other level because this attack instantly brainwashed Shinji and he was hers to command. Shinji kneeled down before her and began to kiss her feet! He kissed her right shoe three times and her left foot three times, but then he seriously started to make out and tongued down her left foot! It looked like Ikidomari’s brainwashing has uncovered Shinji’s unbeknownst to him foot fetish! She began to blush for the first time in her life as she patted Shinji on the head so he could stop. The two twelve year olds walked off, the girl with her usual cold blooded killer look and the boy with eyes still rolled back in his head.

Fifteen Minutes later Jin got there and only saw the corpses. “I am too late. Wait a minute, I feel another pressence was here. Could it be, Ikidomari?”

Next Up: Um… Will there be another chapter? I dunno. All depends on me finding Coco since the rest of the story is heavily based on what he had set up, as was this chapter for the most part only I added Ikidomari as he had a group of assasins in his version. So, let’s see what happens. For me, it was a fun exercise writting something where I didn’t have to deal with the rich histories of Capcom and Marvel and could just go all out. I hope you enjoyed reading this little tale. :karate:

Hey sano, it’s me. I haven’t read it yet but I will when soon. I’m also a member on these boards.

Well I just read what you’ve done, and I’ve gotta say it was great! You really did make it quite funny. I know it must have been hard for you with S-C going down. So I’ll just tell you the things that need changing.

The old master actually isn’t old. He is only about 26 and his name is Jin . But this fact doesn’t really change anything, I like what you did with him, singing karaoke.

Another minor thing is the use of real cities, I don’t think I’ll have any real city names in the story. But again, this is only a minor quip.

Ikidomari is an excellent character. I’m gonna make some concept images of her real soon.

Overall, I’m impressed. It’s great. If you want to continue I will be happy to give you all the details for you to continue ( character sketches, more rough story outlines etc ), but if you don’t thats cool too. I appreciate what you’ve done because you didn’t have to do it.
Thanx man!

Glad I have your approval, that’s a sigh of relief! (sano wipes the sweat off his forehead…) I’ll edit Jin’s info in the fic. As far as Harada City, I just wanted to have a fictional town where everything took place is all like Gotham City, it makes for a fun story I think.

Is it possible for you to put all the stuff you put up on snk-capcom, artwork and sprites, story info here? Yeah, I want to draw Ikidomari too, so we can both do something I guess. :smile:

And oh yeah, I have no problem continuing it’s just that on my current schedule I can only do about one chapter a month along with my other fic that I also update monthly. I plan to at least go up to teen Shinji vs. Patient Zero, we’ll see where the story goes and what happens. :slight_smile:

Ah, I managed to save everything you wrote at snk-capcom but I thought I tossed it out already(wish I would of realized that I still had these print outs when I wrote the fic, oooh…) Anyway, here’s what COCO/coco_j wrote. Obviosly I don’t have his character art but I at least have the text. Hooray for my pakrat ways!

"Hey guys,

This is a comic I’ve been working on (slowly) for a few years. That’s embarassing to admit because I haven’t gotten very far.

I’m just gonna throw up some of my concepts and ideas, and if any of you guys are interested in helping…

The working title I have is Fighter X. It is the story of an orphan (yes it’s somewhat cliched) named Shinji. I would describe it as a mix between any fighting game, anime, and kung fu movie.

I plan for it to be more epic than DBZ and much longer. So I am going to need lots of stories/sagas and heaps of characters.

The main story will also consist of many other side stories that all intertwine…

===Character Profiles===

Name: Shinji
Age: Starts off as 17
Eye colour: BLUE
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5’8
Weight: 80kg
Ethnicity/Nationality: Eurasian

A cheerful street kid who loves to fight, Shinji is a natural martial artist. He has unlimited potential which comes at a price, as it always threatens to corrupt him. He is also a ladies man, and he has a huge appetite. His fighting style is agile, unpredictable yet clumsy.

Name: Touji
Age: 17
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Blonde

Touji’s grandfather was a respected fighter, and a great family man. When he lost a deathmatch Touji’s father was devistated. This led him away from the path of the warrior, and into the culinary world. Against his family’s will, Touji sets out to become a great fighter like his grandfather. He is kicked out of home and begins to wander. He eventually joins the Dragon Art clan where he becomes great friends with Shinji. While Touji wishes he could be free like Shinji, Shinji envies Touji for actually having a family. While fighting is the way for Touji, he is a gifted chef, and has a passion for cooking."

  • To be continued soon.

Continuing -

"Name: Patient ( Andy Cho )
Age: 17 (21)
Fighting Style: Rage
Height: 5’11
Weight: 68kg
Ethnicity: Chinese
Eye colour: Unknown
Hair colour: Black

Story: The “Patient” was a rich handsome college student. He was incredibly smart, talented and an impressive fighter, because of this he would get bored easily. He would often go to the poor area of his town and attack gangs there. After many losses, the gangs hired 4 assasins, they kindnapped and murdered his girlfriend and then captured Shinji, who was out of control. They used him to destroy Andy. He barely survived and awakes 4 years later from a coma. Not sure of who he is all he can think about is getting revenge. His injuries are horrendous, and he is permanently disfigured. He escapes from the hospital and sets out to find the one who did this to him.

Name: Pastel
Age: 64
Fighting Style: 5 style fist Kung Fu
Height: 6’
Weight: 90kg
Ethnicity: African
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Grey

Story: Pastel is a legendary Kung Fu Master, who is rivals with his friend Gordon, a legendary Karateka. Unlike Gordon, Pastel settled down a bit, marrying a Japanese woman and having children(Ferris and Noemblu). He now senses a disturbing surge in Gordon’s power and enters Xi’s tournament to investigate.

Name: Gordon
Age: 70
Fighting Style: Tengu Ryu Karate
Height: 6’
Weight: 83kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye colour: Dunno
Hair colour: White

Story: Gordon was a fighter and adventurer in his youth. He travelled the world with his best friend Pastel. When the two parted ways Gordon met a strange old man, who tought him a rare but powerful martial art, Tengu Ryu. After learning this, Gordon obsessivly seeked greater power. Although obsessed with power, Gordon had a child with a Chinese woman. Now at the age of 70, Gordon’s power is increasing magnificently and it is starting to corrupt him…

Name: Kensuke
Age: 17
Fighting Style: Karate
Height: 5’9
Weight: 71kg

Story: Kensuke is the son of a famous warrior and wants to gain the same respect and recognition as his father. He trains furiously and has a friendly rivalry with fellow school member Shinji. Kensuke’s sisters both have crushes on Shinji which infuriates him.

(This is simplified)
-----1st Saga-----
A young boy walks the streets alone. His name is Shinji and he is an orphan. Harrassed by the local gang, he hands over the useless things he has stolen. He gets a beating and is given just enough cash to survive.

Though Shinji was a good thief, he was always viewed as trash by the gang because he was never able to steal anything they could use. At least that’s what they thought. However, at the very least they treated him as member of the community in the sense they’d carry the phrase “Beating up Shinji’s a waste of time since all he ever has is junk”, and they would beat up whoever beat up Shinji, just as a way of reminding the community that Shinji was theirs exclusively. At the age of 12, members of a newly formed gang attack Shinji. They realise he has good things and when they find out he’s hiding stuff they take the beating too far. Filled with rage, something was triggered inside of this boy, something sinister yet so right. A great power had been unlocked and Shinji used it to completely destroy these men.

Jin the master of the fighting discipline “Dragon Arts”, was nearby, and sensed the Ki of Shinji. He watched in awe and also horror as this young boy slaughtered 3 men with so much ease. Keeping a low profile he watched the boy possessed by his own power wander off and into more trouble. A group of contract killers had found Shinji. Treating him like a stray animal they captured him. Jin was unable to follow.

Later the assassins unleashed the kid onto their target, Andy Cho. They watched as Shinji destroyed Andy, and when they considered him dead, they knocked out Shinji, took him away and threw him into the gutter.

News of Shinji’s amazing fight reaches the head of the gang. He begins an extensive search to find the kid who they thought was useless. The search is fruitless, and Shinji cannot be found anywhere within the city. Taking a huge risk, the brother and sister masters Jin and Shizu decide to train the boy. Shinji is a natural and becomes a faveourite pupil. Shinji idolises Jin and has a crush on Shizu. He becomes good friends with fellow pupil Touji and develops a friendly rivalry with Kensuke.

Shinji’s training at the Dragon Arts dojo lasts 4 years. At the age of 16, he is having an affair with Shizu. One day a the pupils are sent out into the mountains. After a week of training they return to an empty dojo. After some time all the students disperse. Shinji and Touji decide to go back to the city they used to call home.

Upon return the gang “recruits” the two. They join just for the fighting and they have no idea of what to do. During this time they get into many fights with the other gangs, and slowly build up a fierce reputation.

After some time stories circulate about a lone fighter, taking out countless gang members with ease. Shinji and Touji are excited and hope to fight this guy. Shinji gets his wish when out of nowhere a derranged hospital escapee attacks him.

Getting his ass kicked, Shinji is held up by the freak in bandages. “…you did this to …me.” The freak then removes the bandages to reveal a severely disfugured face. Shinji tells him that he didn’t do it, because he honestly can’t remember. As he cries, the hospital “Patient” senses his sincerety and remembers how Shinji was out of control… just like he himself is now. Realising killing Shinji would make him just as bad, the Patient - Andy Cho, lets him go.

The two decide to track down the assasins to get revenge. Touji decides to join them. After lots of fighting and stuff they eventually get sweet revenge. Andy then leaves to try and start a new life.

—2nd Saga—
This saga involves a tournament held by a woman named Xi.

And her attempt to lure out her derranged father Gordon so that she may kill him.

Shinji and Touki meet a kung fu master named Pastel, who decides to teach them. He is the rival of Gordon, a fighter and adventurer who in his old age got too powerful and became insane. During the tournament Shinji fights his rival Kensuke, Pastel will fight his old friend Gordon and won’t be able to give it his all. Gordon is then killed by Ferris, the son of Pastel, and is given Gordon’s power, making him go crazy as well. Since Pastel won’t fight his son, Shinji intervenes and gets his ass kicked, until his rage kicks in. He beats the shit out of Ferris and nearly kills him before coming to his senses. That is the story so far…"

I’ll scan some more pics and put up the links tonight sano. Thanx

Miracoulosly, snk-capcom came back… WHAT THE???

Anyway, you can go here to check out Coco’s drawings of the characters.

As for me, I’m working on a drawing of Ikidomari, I already drew her adult ‘costume’, it’s super rough so I have to clean it up. And I hope to update the fic fairly soon…

Chapter 3: “The Roof! The Roof! The Roof Is Under Fire!”

Andy Cho, a young man of Chinese decent was riding his Scooter (non electric) down one of the streets of Harada City with his fiance Abandonada following behind on foot. Andy looked like a typical Asian kid with a short black mop top haircut. He was wearing his blazer and vest from Harvard University that the Alumni wore for student meetings and functions. He wore thick glasses that had window glass for visors since his eyesight was 20/20, he just felt the glasses made him look smarter. As he pushed his scooter along with one foot not going very fast since his girlfriend was with him, his back was straight and his chin was held up high; along with his closed eyes he gave off the impression that his dirty underwear did not stink. IE he thought he was better than everybody else.

Abandonada walked behind him a few feet and it was the most hard core slouched over pimped out gangsta walk you could imagine this side of popular Harada City Rapper 23 Cent. She was a Latino girl who’s skin color had a natural tan. She also had long brown hair. She was the type of girl you knew would look hot if you could somehow manage to get her out of her tomboy apparell and into a dress. Her baggy pants had one leg rolled up and they hung very low so you could see her striped boxer shorts. her long sleeved collared shirt had both sleeves rolled up and only the top button fastened, exposing a T-Shirt that read YA MAMA! She also had a bandana that covered the top of her head but her long brown hair still came out from under it. She was dressed in a style you might call, gangsta overkill. She did however wear a gold chain that had the engagment ring Andy gave her about a year ago right before his departure to Harvard, along with her long hair those were the only visably femanine aspects about her. That and you could tell she was quite shaply underneath her oversized clothes.

She and Andy have been dating for three years. On the surface, it seemed like a classic case of opposites attracting each other. After a whirlwind romance of two years Andy had gotten excepted to Harvard University, and that was when he proposed to Abandonada. Harvard and Harada City were very far apart indeed but Andy never cheated on his fiance and neither did she. On weekends whenever he was free he would hop on a plane to visit his girlfriend and he also came back to his hometown for another reason…

ABANDONADA: Aye yo Cho! Ridin’ around lookin’ for some more suckas to beat up on?
ANDY CHO: Why yes my dear Abandonada. I do so get bored with my Academic life at Harvard scoring triple A pluses in every class without studying in all of my subjects. Every so often I do feel the need to visit my old stomping grounds to not only visit my beautiful Aztec Goddess but to engage in some fisticuffs.
ABANDONADA: I’m feelin’ you on that Phat Cho. But you can’t go too far. Remember five years ago when you killed that sucka, what’s his name, Viosnody?
ANDY CHO: Now, now my dear Atomic Fireball Gumdrop of love. I merely put the poor chap into a coma. I’ve studied his medical record intensly as the man who will one day rise to be the greatest brain surgeon of this generation. If he would of struggled and simply had the will to live he could of pulled himself out of that coma easy peasy. I suspect growing up in this Area and ahving a horrible name like Viosnody was not enough to guide him away from the Grim Reaper’s cold embrace.
ABANDONADA: HA! HA! HA! Yeah, you tell’em Bazooka Cho! Tha’s why you my man! you be keepin’ it real yo. REPRE-ZHE-ZHE-ZHE-ZHEEENT!

Elsewhere on the roof of an Apartment building joined by the core four Tsunamis Spaz Backwards was holding a thug named Pigeon upside down by his foot ready to drop him to his death. Pigeon was a really short street thug, about 4’3 who always had the latest scoop on whatever was going down in Harada City. He was usually dressed in all brown which was a neutral color to wear in Harada City, it meant you had no real gang affiliation but had enough connections to gangs that no one could really mess with you unless they were a gang leader or really high up. Not that everybody in Harada City wore colors, it was a bit outdated in the town but some clung to it. The idea of wearing the color brown to represent neutrilaty originated from Switzerland which was still in the near future of our tale a neutral country, and the brown stood for their famous chocolate obviously. Pigeon’s race was undetermined, he was one of those kids you couldn’t really tell where he was from combined with his strange accent. He had white skin, brown eyes and red hair. He also had the worst luck, if you couldn’t tell by his first appearance in this story.

As Spaz Backwards held Pigeon behind his back - remember, Spaz is always backwards, in this case he was facing his crew Freestyle, Bling Bling and Ripped - they continued to question the poor guy.

BLING BLING: For the last time. Where is Shinji?
PIGEON: (Crying like a little girl and yelling) LOOK! I TOLD YOU! I SAW HIM GO INSIDE THE OLD ABANDONED SEWING FACTORY WITH A GIRL AROUND HIS AGE AND HE NEVER CAME OUT! (Pigeon then started to take a leak and since he was upside down and his mouth was wide open he drank his own piss.)
RIPPED: Hmmmmm.
SPAZ BACKWARDS: Said has else everybody what that’s.
BLING BLING: Damn, again with that story! Our soldiers covered that place from top to bottom and found nothin’. Who are you covering for fool? All because Shinji got a hold of a chainsaw or somethin’ and killed a bunch of Kensatsugawas somehow, we’ve been having a gang war with them for the last month! Where the Hell is that lil’ punk?
FREESTYLE: Yo, someone out there knows the truth! I say we find and beat it out of them until they are black and blue!

In the building across from them, a convertible car bursted out of the staircase that led to the roof! The nine thugs inside the car yelled “KENSATSUGAWA!” as they opened gunfire on the four Tsunamis! Rooftop drive-by killings were suprisingly very common in Harada City.

Spaz Backwards tossed Pigeon at the rival gang and his body took some of the gunfire. Next Pigeon went falling down to his death! It looked like he was going to go splat in an open manhole, but two movers were moving a huge queen sized mattress bed and walked over it, covering the manhole.

PIGEON: (Thought to himself) Ah, none of the bullets hit any of my vitals, if I land on this soft cushy bed I could be home free, a trip to the hospital and I’ll be good to go!

But the Harada City Alligator flushed down the toilet years ago that grew up to eat people leaped out of the manhole, ripped through the bed and swallowed Pigeon whole like a Dolphin catching a fish at Seaworld! The Gator went back through the hole in the bed and back into the sewer!

The four Tsunamis ran and leaped about ten feet onto the other roof that was behind him. The Kensatsugawa’s car had the ability to jump via springs that came out of the four wheels as it leaped to the building the Tsunamis were standing on and then followed them to the next building while still firing! While both Spaz backwards and the convertible were midair during the ten foot leap, Spaz pulled out a grenade from his pocket and tossed it behind him. The explosion destroyed the car and took out five gang members! He didn’t go unscathed as he got shot in the back of his left shoulder blade. He landed on the roof apparently lifeless.

Four of the gang members escaped the explosion by leaping thirty feet into the air and continued firing at the Tsunamis. Bling Bling pulled out two golden nine millimeter pistols and killed one of the gangbangers. Ripped with his six shooter pistol managed to shoot two of them in the head. Spaz, their best shooter was down but the two of them managed to hold their own. Freestyle on the other hand wasn’t much for carrying guns and his body got riddled with bullets. He did have one defense however. The microphone he was always carrying and rhyning into housed one large six inch bullet that fired from it’s bottom. With it he shot the last remaining Kensatsugawa in the heart. Sadly it wasn’t before the thug managed to shoot Freestyle in the mouth sending him down.

Ripped went over to attend Spaz as Bling Bling went to Freestyle’s side. Ripped lifted up Spaz and carried him with his very powerful arms.

RIPPED: Spaz! Are you okay?
SPAZ BACKWARDS: Freestyle…how’s… okay…I’m?

Bling Bling kneeled down by Freestyle’s side and held his hand.

BLING BLING: Freestyle! Hang in there man! We’re gonna get you help! You gonna be okay!

And that was his last rhyme.

Bling Bling: (Crying insanely as he held on to his murdered friend.) NOOOOOOOO! BRING BACK FREEEEEESTYLE!"

Ripped became furious. While he was still carrying Spaz Backwards his body became engulfed with his light blue Aura. Seven huge waterlike twisters of his light blue Ki randomly broke through and rose form from the roof they were stanidng on and reached the heavens. For Ripped was a very powerful Martial Artist in his own right and his power was the very reason the gang was named the Tsunamis.


Next Up: Andy Cho encounters Ripped and there’s gonna be some fighting! That’s all I can say for now. Catch ya later!

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Chapter 4: “Abandonada All Hope! Part I”

Ripped and Bling Bling stood by on the street as two ambulances arrive to carry away their friends Freestyle and Spaz Backwards on stretchers. The sheet is tossed over Freestyle’s head, there’s nothing else they can do for him. There are several other ambulances there to pick up the remains of the Kensatsugawa members too. In this town police nor anybody stops by to ask any questions in situations like this, Harada City is crooked to it’s core.

As soon as the ambulances drive off Andy Cho pulls up on his scooter with his girlfriend Abandonada walking behind him. He steps off of his ‘wheels’, rolls up his sleeves and approaches the two Tsunami gang members.

ANDY CHO: Why good heavens, if it is not Ripped and Bling Bling, your reputation precedes you both. I am quite sure that you have heard of the legendary undefeated Harada City fighter named Andy Cho. I challenge both of you to a duel. Let our fists decide who is the strongest of us all, for I by far have a superior intellect than you two hooligans, I dare say.
ABANDONADA: Yeah suckas! You know how this throwdown is gonna go down! Cho is gonna beat yo’ Ass like you stole somethin’! You betta recognize fools!

Freestyle’s death and Spaz Backwards’ gunshot wound upset the two tremendously. They wanted to drive over to the hospital to make sure Spaz was okay. Both failed to make eye contact with Cho or Abandonada as they walked away.

BLING BLING: Now… is not the time.

ANDY CHO: Oh, do spare me. You do not expect me to believe that you are grieving over your fallen comrads. Street urchins like yourselves are far used to brothers in arms crossing over to the other side, it is common for gutter trash such as you two. I am merely giving you ruffians a way to release your anger, by golly I am doing you a favor.


Bling Bling unleashed hit two golden pistols and started shooting at Andy Cho! Andy leaped up in the air via a massive front flip and landed in between both of Bling Bling’s extended arms that were firing at him. Cho struck both of Bling Bling’s wrists with open palm strikes with such force that it made him drop both of his firearms! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as Bling Bling struck Cho’s chest with two open palm strikes! Andy went skidding about ten feet away. Next Bling Bling put both hands on his knees as he slammed both arched legs on either side of his body one by one; the classic Sumo Stance.

The Harvard student rose to his feet and wiped the small amount of blood that was trickling from his nose off of his face. Cho was very intrigued. Ripped stopped walking away and finally turned to see Bling Bling and Cho’s fight. Abandonada was staring at her boyfriend’s battle with very keen interest, rarely blinking.

ANDY CHO: Ah, I was hoping to see your Sumo Style in action Bling Bling! Seems that all you do nowadays is shoot at people, it’s rather dull. Bullets are no match for my Martial Arts prowess but let us see if your body can succeed where technology has failed!
BLING BLING: It’s the last thing you gonna see too, ya damn nerd!

The Tsunami Sumo practitioner leaped about thirty feet into the air. With his massive body he came raining down on the top of Cho’s head with a vicous elbow. So tremendous was the blow that it made a huge hole in the street as both fell down into the sewer! The Harada City Alligator was swimming by and the two combatants fell right on top of him! The Alligator vomited out Pigeon who he swallowed whole earlier on. Pigeon covered in goo yelled for help as he was lost in the speedy riverlike rapid waters of the city’s sewers. It just wasn’t his day. The Alligator died on impact as it’s boken ribs puntured one of his lungs. One Urban legend, the Sewer Gator in Harada City down but there are about 10 more Urban Legends in this town left to go…

Bling Bling lifted up Andy Cho and slammed his face into the wall. Next he held him underwater, pinched his nose hard and grabbed his throat forcing him to drink a huge chunk of polluted H20. Bling Bling focused a barage of punches to Cho’s neck and chest forcing him to drown. From above the Earth began to rumble as it seemed like the young intellectual was getting the life beat out of him. Then suddenly all became silent.

RIPPED: It’s over. Go home.
ABANDONADA: (Let out a smile). Nah, not yet.

Bling Bling flew out of the hole in the ground with various black and blue marks all over his body! He landed on the sidewalk unconscious. Cho arose as well, stood before Ripped as he assumed his fighting stance. His body began to radiate with white energy.

ANDY CHO: Cheers, such a strong opponent! I was quite surprised that I had to use about 45% of my true strength to subdue him! I believe it is time you and I have a go at it Mister Ripped!
ABANDONADA: Yeah boy! Tha’s what I’m talking about! Bling Bling ain’t a thing compared to my honey boo’s Dragon Wing!

RIPPED: …Dragon Wing. A powerful Ki based style of Karate. Legend has it that the Dragon’s wings fly between the two tempermants of the Dragon, Rage and Righteousness. If you ever fall off the path of righteousness you will be engulfed in Rage and become a great threat to this world. I know Jin didn’t teach you this style. Been engaging in extra curricular activities?
ANDY CHO: Why I must say, the always rather silent Ripped has done his homework, I am quite shocked indeed!
RIPPED: As the 148th succesor of the Tsunami style it is my job to know.
ANDY CHO: I see, and in the end you are nothing but Yakuza trash like every other practitioner of your art. It is quite saddening, really. It appears that I will have to break a few of your limbs to stop an 149th succesor from coming into fruition.
RIPPED: … We do what they have too to survive out here. None of us are stupid enough to practise a forbidden style. I’m taking you down before you give into Rage.
ANDY CHO: Oh spare me. I am the greatest Martial Artist ever known. It matters not what style I adopt, I will always fight on the path of righteosness, such as handing down the beatings you gang bangers so richly deserve.

Ripped raised his fists up in the air as his body was surrounded by his light blue Ki. He had committed many sins in his lifetime but he was sure of one thing alone. Cho was dabbling with something he did not fully comprehend. If he ever gave into Rage the world as we know it would be in terrible danger. It was Ripped’s duty as a Martial Artist to stop Cho here and now.

NEXT UP: Ripped vs. Cho! More Asssasins, more deaths, more bad fan fic writing from yours truly of course! Take it easy!

Chapter 5: “Abandonada All Hope! Part II”

Three triplets who were known as The Delinquents were making their way across the city, hopping from rooftop to rooftop. These three were from the same clan of Assassins that Ikidomari was from. The siblings were identical, all light skinned Caucasion with square jaws, brown eyes, black porcupine like spikey hair and were all very well built. All of them had cone shaped paper hats on their heads that read “DUNCE” vertically. But the rest of the clothing each member of The Delinquents wore was radically different.

The first one was known as Paper. He was expertly trained in a Martial Art based on Origami, the art of Japanese paper folding. However with his training a piece of paper was a deadly weapon. He had four paper straws filled with spitballs sticking out of the top portion of his teeth, like one would house toothpicks, this is why he was always smiling. He also had a paper airplane above his right ear where one might normally place a pencil. He had no shirt, but his upper body was filled with deep papercut scars, a result of his training. His pants consisted of sheets of loose leaf paper tied together by a paper string, there were so many sheets that you could not see any of his flesh underneath. His shoes were made out of folded up peices of paper too.

The next brother was known as Chalkboard. His clothing consisted of small magazine sized Chalkboards tied around his body, from head to toe. Unlike Paper you could see portions of Chalkboard’s flesh underneath the chalkboards at any given time, depending on how he moves. Above his left ear was a pack of Multi Colored Chalk. Both of his hands had chalkboard erasers tied to his palms. His nails were about two feet long each. Chalkboard had created his own Martial Art Style that he used for killing, and he has been very effective thus far.

The last and strongest memeber of the Delinquents was called Shiv. He had two straps that went across his chest like an X and housed a series of large daggers. He was wearing sandals and had large baggy jeans with deep pockets. In his pockets he had shards of multicolored church like glass, extremely sharped spoons, and razor blades stuck at the ends of toothbrushes. As a young boy he had an intense facination with slicing things open with whatever he could find. In the Military he has been trained in the use of weapons and also Ninjitsu, but most of his killing style was created by himself with his own extensive research.

Suffice it to say all three brothers were born under a bad star. They loved killing and couldn’t get enough of it. Perfect candidates for the Assassin’s Clan. They were headed towards their next assignment.

Andy Cho and Ripped began their epic street fight. Cho attempted to use the same maneuver that he defeated Bling Bling with. He held out his fingers as if his hands were claws and yelled “DRAGON CLAW!” He atteacked Rip with hundreds of claw strikes at an incredibly fast speed. Ripped on the other hand blocked every single blow with his elbows! As huge and muscular as Ripped was this was no easy feet but he was able to quickly swing the upper portion of his body so his elbows could strike everyone of Cho’s open palmed claw strikes! With all of the nerve endings in a person’s hands, such powerful elbow strikes could knock a person out cold but not someone as strong as Cho. However as a side effect of these pressure points being struck his arms fell down and became useless after way too many blows. Just with his Ki alone the Harvard student was able to lift his seemingly lifeless arms to his sides like a child pretending to be an airplane taking flight. “DRAGON FLIGHT!” he screamed as he spun around and struck Ripped in the chest knocking him down hard!

With this move Cho continued to raise up from the ground as if he was caught in a twister. His right arm left a spiral like residue of white energy, a red one from his left, for these were the two extremes of Ki used for Dragon Wing, white represented righteousness while red represented rage.

When Cho was about 17 feet in the air Ripped struck the ground directly beneath him. A huge light blue twister of Ripped’s Ki went up towards Cho, canceling out his Ki residue. Before the twister could touch Andy he created a large sphere of Ki that blocked the attack, the sphere had waves of both white and red energy. But Ripped rode up through the energy of his own Ki attack, entered Cho’s Sphere and kicked him in the back of the head! Andy went falling down to the street at a 7:00 angle so hard that he even bounced five feet in the air before landing again!

Abandonada’s boyfriend focused enough of his Ki into his arms so he could move them freely once again. Ripped who was now on the ground standing before him began dodging everyone of Cho’s punches and kicks. Much like his Martial Art Style Tsunami indicates, he moved as gracefully as water while dodging all of the attacks, moving left, right, forward, or backward, whatever he needed to move to avoid the blows. It almost seemed like Ripped was dancing. But as harsh as a ten foot wave crashing against the shoreline was his attack as he struck Cho with 10 powerful punches! Being the fighting genious that he was, Cho managed to strike both of the Tsunami practicioner’s elbows with his knees, for all the blows Cho delivered before had done massive damage! While it is next to impossible to break elbows since they are some of the strongest bones in anyone’s body, all of Cho’s strikes were enough so his arms became disjointed, his forearms bent the way they are not supposed to! Ripped yelled in agony as Cho delivered a powerful thrust kick to his stomach! Ripped landed on a Mailbox and utterly demolished it with envelopes flying everywhere!

Ripped rose to his feet, staggering. Light blue energy surrounded his forearms as he too was able to use his Ki to fix them up. He held up his arms ready to continue the fight. Andy Cho raised up his fists too, but then he started coughing! Andy Cho fell to one knee and threw up a huge amount of blood! He got up to his feet and spat out one of his wisdom teeth that Ripped had knocked out. Andy smiled for Ripped was the strongest opponent he had ever faced, and he was enjoying himself to no end. Ripped on the other hand could not look any more serious. Having felt the power of Dragon Wing himself he felt more than ever that Andy was playing with something that was very dangerous and that he did not understand what he was messing around with.

Suddenly Shiv seemingly fell from heaven, place one arm around Adanbonada’s mouth and another around her body so she couldn’t move her arms! She tried to yell but she couldn’t.

SHIV: Heh heh heh! You two deserve each other! Don’t mind if I take care of your little girlfriend from now on eh, Cho!

Shiv began running away with Abandonada in tow. Andy followed yelling “ABANDONADAAAA!” Ripped was curious so he followed as well. After running about five blocks Shiv finally ran into a dead end back alley. His back was against the wall of the dead end while Paper and Chalkboard were at both of his sides. Andy and Ripped came upon the scene seconds later.

SHIV: Heh heh heh! Someone hired us to take care of you. Someone still mad about you killing Viosnody. But they don’t want us to kill you. They want you to feel the pain of losing a loved one.

Even with Cho’s godlike speed there was nothing he could do. Shiv quickly took out one of the knives strapped to his chest and stabbed Abandonada just beneath her breasts. Blood began to spray out of her body like a fountain, almost covering Cho’s entire self with red blood. Shiv finally took his hand away from her mouth as she yelled “CHOOOOOOOOOOO!” Her eyes were filled with tears just before she closed them and ceased all movement.

At that moment, rage had finally taken over Cho’s body. Red Ki was circling his body and a long with the blood he was soaked in, it made his entire body take on a shade of crimson red. This is what Ripped was most worried about, but he had a soft spot for women getting murdered in cold blood, so he would fight alongside Cho, but just for now.


Both Andy and Ripped ran in the direction of the Delinquents. Chalkboard banged his two erasers together and created a huge cloud of white smoke for temporary camoflauge! Paper fired spitballs at Ripped, and so powerfull were his spitball attacks that they knocked Ripped down! The Delinquents leaped 50 feet up in the air. While midair Shiv tossed Abandonada’s body just above his as he created a huge sphere of orange Ki around her body, that soon eclipsed every thing in an orange light! Cho only caught a glimpse of Abandonada’s body being seemingly burned alive before the powerful light blinded him! Next he saw her clothing all burned up falling to the ground housing a skeleton! He managed to catch the skeleton as he roared. “ABANDONAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAA!!!”

After placing Abandonada’s remains on the ground gently Cho still engulfed in Rage leaped up about 100 feet in the air after his opponents! All three of them were hopping from roof to roof trying to get away. Ripped once again created a Twister and rode it upwards to follow along. After leaping over a few rooftops Paper finally stood to face Ripped.

PAPER: The name is Paper! Beware my deadly Looseleafs of death!

True indeed, he began throwing sheets of looseleaf paper from his pants like Shuriken at Ripped, causing massive cuts all over his body! The Gang Leader went flying away until his back landed on a Water Tower that was on top of the building they were on.

PAPER: HEH HEH HEH! Now My Spitballs will come at you with the speed of flying bullets! This is what happens when you don’t mind your own business! Mess with The Paper and you get Papercuts!
RIPPED: Hmmm. Just how much water can spitballs take anyway?

As spitballs began flying at Ripped, he kicked a hole in the water tower. With his eyes closed he raised two fingers in front of his face and concentrated as he was able to control the water that came out of the tower! This huge amount of H2O stopped the spitballs dead in their tracks, crashed into Paper and washed him off the building as he fell to his death, screaming for his dear life!

Chalkboard stood before Andy Cho as Shiv continued to run away.

CHALKBOARD: Heh heh heh! The name is Chalkboard! See if you can withstand my screeching sounds of death!

With his long fingernails he began scratching on all of the chalkboards of his body! This sent purple rings of energy derectly at Cho! Andy’s ears began to bleed, but he didn’t stop moving forward, almost in a monster like fashion. “ABANDONADA! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” He yelled as red rings of energy struck Chalkboard! Cho’s wailing was even greater than Chalkboard’s screeching! Chalkboard yelled in agony as streams of blood began flying out of both of his ears and he died as well!

Finally, Cho had caught up to Shiv who stood up to face him.

SHIV: Heh, all this for some broad that’s not even worth it! Our assignment is done, but if you want Shiv to put you out of your misery than so be it!

Shiv began throwing knives at Cho but when they got within five feet of him they melted! He also began throwing all of the sharp objects in his pockets at Cho but they melted as well! “I’LL KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!!!” screamed the young Martial Artist as for the first time in his life Shiv felt fear! Cho ran up to Shiv and placed one hand on his face. His red energy destroyed Shiv as he was reduced to ashes while yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Cho’s body finally stopped radiating with red energy. He fell to his knees and began crying tremendously.

ANDY CHO: Abandonada… I… never loved anyone else… in my entire… life… I… CAN NOT GO ON!

Andy Cho ran and was about to commit suicide, leaping off of the building he was standing on, but ripped caught him by the back of his Harvard vest before he fell, punched him in the stomach with his free hand and tossed him back on the rooftop.

After a long pause, Ripped began to speak.

RIPPED: …Now do you see how dangerous Dragon Wing is if you give into Rage? I should of just let you kill your dumb Ass but there’s been enough death today. Maybe next time someone tells you “Know is not the time” you’ll understand. If I EVER hear of you using Dragon Wing again you’re gonna wish you jumped off of this building!

Ripped walked away as Andy Cho remained on the floor curled up like a ball crying his eyes out.

NEXT UP: Shinji and Ikidomari return! See you in thirty!

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Chapter 6: “Kids in the Training Hall!”

Shinji and Ikidomari stood in a large rectangular white room staring at each other from opposite sides with their backs to the walls. There was a huge glass on one side of the room where various scientists with notepads were jotting everything down, including a few sitting in front of computer screens as if they were studying the two like laboratory mice. The two twelve year olds, Shinji and Ikidomari gazed at each other with deadly serious ghastly expressions.

Within seconds the two ran up to each other with such blinding speed they seemed to almost teleport to the center of the room. Rather than exchanging notes in class like most children their age they were trading punches, kicks, chops, headbutts, elbow and knee strikes with remarkable speed and intensity! But neither was able to harm the other as both managed to block and dodge every single blow. The opposing Ki between these two advesaries was so great that they managed to float above the ground about five feet, while still trading blows as if they were standing on the ground! It was a beautiful site to see, like watching two profesional dancers tango across a ballroom, except for the fact that if any of these blows made contact it could very well result in death.

Still midair Shinji finally lucked out and landed a karate chop on Ikidomari’s left knee! She quickly spun around and kicked Shinji in the face! The yound boy went flying back towards the wall he was standing in front of and slammed against it falling to the ground. Shinji was knocked out! Ikidomari floated back to the ground remaining as cold and emotionless as ever.

Suddenly she felt a slight pain in her left knee. She noticed that it had a very small paper cut, at the same spot that Shinji had struck her. Still with her usual blank stare she touched her wound with two fingers and gazed at her own blood. Even though as an assassin she has killed many she hasn’t seen her own blood in years.

Later that night Ikidomari and Shinji were in a room that had two beds that were apart from each other, much like a bedroom shared by a brother and sister. They seemed like two normal kids, lying on the floor and drawing with crayons on sheets of paper layed out all over the place. They were the only children in the entire training facility and Shinji was the closest thing Ikidomari had to a friend. Most of the adults were deathly afraid of her, including her instructers and caretakers.

They drew pictures that were typical of children their age and respective genders. Ikidomari drew rainbows, flowers, and bunny rabbits while Shinji drew houses, airplanes, tanks and firetrucks. It was 9:59 PM and the lights were about to be shut down in the facility. Shinji stood up and handed a drawing to Ikidomari. Then he went to his bed, pulled the covers over himself and went to sleep.

The young asian girl rose up and took a look at the image. Her eyebrows raised slightly and her pupils shrank just a little, it was so subtle you might even miss it if you weren’t paying attention. She felt fear in her heart for the first time in a long time. Without raising her head to look at it she thought of the camera on the wall that was always trained on the two for surveilance. Since the camera was at Shinji’s back there was a chance the camera might of seen the image, or it might of missed it entirely. Ikidomari folded the image, went to her bed and pulled the covers over herself. The little green light on the camera turned off and the lights were also shut down. She crumbled up the piece of paper Shinji had given her and ate swallowed it, she didn’t want anyone to see this image since she knew it could result in Shinji’s death, and she had grown quite fond of him.

Next Up: Hey sorry for the extra long delay updating the fic this time, got kind of cought up with other things. What the image is that Shinji handed to Ikidomari isn’t that much of a shocker/cliffhanger but I wanted to break this up into 2 chapters since the following chapter deals with different characters. The next chapter should be up next weekend. You’ll meet the leaders of the Assassins Guild that employs Ikidomari and used to employ the Delinquents. Well you’ll kind of meet them, these guys have to keep their secret identities and all. While this chapter is kind of serious the one coming up next will be just a tad on the goofy side. Check back next week!