Fighter X Shooter Results - Fighter Side

Here are the results from Fighter X Shooter’s fighter side!


1.) EG.Floe
2.) Wolfkrone
3.) Scrimps
4.) Big Marcus
5.) TFA Chat de Thunder
5.) BP Amoco
7.) !! BAKA !!
7.) Derrick Legend

3rd Strike Online -

1.) EG.Floe
2.) !! BAKA !!
3.) China John
4.) Ghaleon

Mystery -

1.) EG.Floe
2.) TFA Chauncy TRU Talon
3.) !! BAKA !!
4.) Magic Top Hat
5.) Jayford
5.) Wolfkrone
7.) Rocksteady
7.) JSN

MK9 -

1.) 16-Bit
2.) Slips
3.) DPST Metal
4.) Dizzy
5.) Heroic Legacy
5.) J.Mendez
7.) Chaosphere
7.) EG.Floe

MvC3 -

1.) EG.Floe
2.) Limbo
3.) Zeus
4.) Heroic Legacy
5.) Big Marcus
5.) Rocksteady
7.) Tuboware
7.) Derrick Legend

SSF4 Auction -

1.) !! BAKA !! - $15 Fei Long
2.) Derrick Legend - $9 Juri
3.) Big Marcus - $11 T.Hawk
3.) Tones - $21 Rufus

MK9 Auction -

1.) DevilDigi - $10 Sheeva
2.) DPST Metal - $6 Kung Lao (wtf)
3.) Gummowned - $5 Reptile
3.) Heroic Legacy - $9 Nightwolf

MvC3 Auction -

1.) Zeus - $11 Dorm(b) Task (a) Dante (y)
2.) EG.Floe - $9 Wesker(a) Hulk(b) Arthur(a)
3.) Wandles - $11 Trish(a) X23(b) Chun(y)
3.) Gimmix - $10 Cap(a) Wolvie(a) Hulk(y)

Super Turbo -

1.) Cheezeface Immortal
2.) EG.Floe
3.) Ghaleon
4.) Nomrah
5.) ShiaLee
5.) Keits
7.) Miguel S.
7.) Derrick Legend

Super Turbo 2 v 2 -

1.) Keits / Immortal
2.) Munn3y / Shia Lee
3.) Ghaleon / Nomrah

SSF4AE Team War -

1.) Team Big Marcus (Big Marcus, BP Amoco, Limbo, Rocksteady, J Money, Tuboware, Phreakazoid, Houseface, Munn3y, Heroic Legacy, Webster, Rising Dragon, Loxe Aeon)
2.) Team EG.Floe (Floe, Scrimps, ReyArt, Chupa, Konkrete, Derrick Legend, Keits, Rice Picker, Hanson, Magnum, Shia Lee, Boeken, Poss)

I had a blast at this event. Thanks again for attending everybody, hope to see you all again soon!

It was fun :slight_smile: Thanks for everything and it was good to see you Evan (Minnwild) :rock:

It was nice to meet the Chicago People. :cool: Hope to see something like this again. :china:

Tones, you are the man, seriously.

Shooter/Sports side results…

Halo Reach 4v4

  1. Gospel Hour
  2. Str8 Rippin
  3. Prodigy
  4. Edge
  5. Gaming Generations
  6. LATE
  7. Team Tessaract
  8. Spams 4 Dinner
  9. Highly Evolved
  10. Hot n Bothered

Call of Duty Black Ops 4v4

  1. High Minded
  2. Fate
  3. Victory Without Sacrifice
  4. Death by Sorrow
  5. 7 Men Red
  6. Magnum
  7. GG

Madden 12

  1. Alex W
  2. Matt
  3. James JR
  4. RVNR
  5. Hero

Who did Floe use in SF4? Any vids?

Floe used Yang. The entire stream should be archived, and youtube versions will be along shortly.

This was a good tournament experience. Sad that more people couldn’t make it. Team WAR needs to be at every Keits run event forever.

Too much fun was had. Great tournament, great experience.

Super sad I couldn’t make this tourney. Glad to see the Purdue Mystery Game Illuminati is still repping top 8 though.

I had a great time, as did everyone else. Even though I didn’t do that great in the actual tourney, it was still a huge learning experience.

P.S. For the MvC3 Auction, it’s Zeus, not Zues :wink:

Had a great time! Got in some good 3rd strike learning and Team war was so Epic!

Thanks for having us out there, Adam/Evan. I wish we would have gotten to chill more but I know there’s not a lot of time for that while running an event :wink:

Thanks to Zenblaster for bringing his cabs for ST – it was great meeting new ST heads and the tourney comp was SUPER fierce. That’s what it’s all about, and it was great Brent got some last-minute practice before he goes to Japan to play ST on the US SBO team.

Good times!

hey it’s Brent :slight_smile:

thank you so much Mr. Keits and Evan the ring leader of Focus Fire. very nice event and i truly enjoyed myself. as the great Tom Brady and Tuboware have once said, great tournament great experience. :rofl:

even though i didn’t go greet them, it was very cool seeing some of the old Midway guys come out. i believe i noticed Hector Sanchez, Brian LeBaron, and Paulo Garcia, maybe others i didn’t recognize.

thanks a ton to Matt Zenblaster for bringing the ST setups along! it is truly the reason i came and the trip was totally worth it. i had a blast and i’m feeling ready and confident for next week full of ultimate practice which culminates with my big day on the 17th :tup: also was neat listening to your stories from your days as a game tester, something i always thought would have been neat to do. actually i still feel that way. haha.

was great meeting the local Chicago ST scene. i’m familiar w/ the HDR folks i guess. didn’t realize Chicago was so heavily divided over ST/HDR. anyway i do not remember names but there was the Blanka player, and Chun Li player, and the E. Honda player. good stuff from everyone. and for Wisconsin folks there was Shia Lee the Guile player and Mun3y X (spelling?) the Balrog player. good stuff!

big big thanks to Chris, Harmon, and John for being there to hang with the entire weekend! it really helped, no lie.

oh and very huge congrats to my longtime buddy and fellow Indiana player Scrimps/Scromps. he trains in Chicago but he truly lives in Indiana. we have a few rare great players around, folks just don’t know :badboy:

Big thanks to Keits, Evan, and crew for running a great tournament, I had a blast.

Glad we were able to get in so much ST, we were able to squeeze in singles and teams on 1 setup in one night. Great seeing such a young hungry ST scene in Chicago, keep it up guys, you’re all solid. And GGs to everyone I played.

A special shoutout to Matt (ZenBlaster) for bringing out the cabs to yet another tournament (it was really the only reason we came out.) Your dedication to the scene is amazing, see you at SB!

  • Harmon

GG’s to everybody that i played in ST, good turn out also im happy to see that many people playing casuals and joining the tourney. were bringing ST Back.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came to support us (and of course, to have a good time).

(Keits run and stream ST at UFGT8 next year :rock:)

[]good tournament
]good experiance

Some pics from the event…

Looks like a cool event. Good stuff. Crazy that fLoE got top eight in seven of the events, including first place in four of them! Congrats on that, Ari.

How many entrants were there?