Fighter101 Xmas "Fighting Game Music" Contest has given out many prizes during the last 2 years. With prepaid cards given at online tournaments to very well known members of the fighting game community, and also other regional forum contests. We are an established website with our video and articles being posted at several mayor gaming sites.

We have a new contest for this xmas and the winner gets to choose between a prepaid PSN or XBL card. Contest rules are on the link below:

LOL there are 4 songs out of those 10 that i just dont know but the clue to one of them is good enough to help me do some research.

The music’s not playing properly. Do I need to change browsers? I’m using Chrome.

I used IE and it worked fine. Just install quicktime if you have problems and try using FF or IE. Or email the guys at F101, they always answer to people when they report bugs or incorrect info in their tutorials.


Try to use IE or FF like monstalobsta said, and check if you have quicktime installed. If none of that works please send me an email to and we will find a way to solve your problem.

Thanks for participating and good luck with the contest.

I did my best to use fighting games tunes that are mostly from well known titles, but also a couple of sleeper hits to make things more interesting.

Remember guys, if you have any issues please send them to and we will assist you in 24 hours tops. This is legit and we want to give out prizes like this more often, just like we did last year. We want everyone from the countries allowed to get their chance to particiate, so just send us an email if you run into any problems.

This should be easy since I care more about ft music than the actual games these days. Ill give a shot when I’m on PC

Tracks 4,8 and 9 are killing me!

Remember to send your answers to the form linked below the tracks. Good luck!

I’m curious as to how many and which ones you’ve figured out.

Lots of people emailing me asking for more clues for a few of the songs, but remember that you still have a lot of time to submit.

fuck that site, tried it and the link to the contest redirects, ok-to-cancel windows, having to turn off safety features…I’m not trying if I gotta do that.

The contest link doesnt redirect, it simply takes you to a banner that you unlock to get to the contest. It’s a sponsor banner that we use to help pay the prepaid cards with. All the content at the site is and will always be 100% free. You’ll only see that banner at the contests.