Fighter's Bingo - Help me work this out

So… this is something I’ve been wanting to try. There are still some details I need to work out, but the basics are all here. Here’s how I have Fighter’s Bingo set up right now:

The format begins with a traditional single or double elimination tournament bracket. All match-ups are decided by the typical best of two out of three games. But here’s where things get different.

With each match-up, the drum is rolled for a number. Each number corresponds to a card on the big board. On the back of each card is the title of one out of at most 70 different games. The game on the card is the game played in the match-up. This format continues until the end of the tournament. What this means is that a lot of different games are played, which in turn means that a competitor’s chances are not only determined by their gaming skill, but also their knowledge of the last 25 years of gaming history.

The selection of games covers five generations of consoles. To keep the equipment needs simple, only five different consoles are used: The NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, and the PS3. On the board there are at least five cards labeled “Spin Again,” their function should be self-evident.

There are a few other ideas that I’m throwing around, but I’m not sure if I should include them. Such as:

Allowing players to buy a “spin again” by adding to the pot. However, they *must *accept the new result.

The final match could be determined by the best of two out of three match-ups, meaning that the championship could be decided by three different games.

A side game can be run using standard bingo cards and rules for another prize separate from the pot.

Naturally, I want to figure out the best way to go about this before I inflict it upon the world. So, thoughts and suggestions?

Here’s a shot of what’s set up right now.

This would be both crazy, annoying, Stupid, but kind of awesome.
Try not to have so many duplicates of games. Like I see you have GGX,GGX2 and GGAC. Try to just have the Key/Popular games of each series.

Well, game selection is one of the easier problems I have. Like you said, with a long-running series (5+ titles) I could use the first game, the latest game, and perhaps a memorable title in the middle. And I can always pick up other games. That’s not too much of an issue.

The systems should be SNES, Dreamcast, PS1-3. Dreamcast makes for a much better choice than the NES. If possible it would be better to also toss out the PS1 (all it’s good games got better ports on the PS2) and have a Neo MVS/AES to get those fighters.