"Fighter's Choice" Arcade Stick for Playstation (what a joke)

Okay, this thing was an impulse buy as I was leaving from picking up some old PS1 pads at the local used games shop, and although someone else has modded one, this thing is a piece of junk made up to look like an HRAP. Here’s one that someone else modded:

In that picture it looks okay, but what you need to realize is that those metal plates, well…aren’t. The screws go down into sockets that hold NOTHING. They are there to simply fake you into believing there are metal plates. It’s one piece of molded plastic, and the case is actually quite flimsy. The only reason it holds together at all is because under the buttons there are plastic “towers” that hold the thing upright, and the joystick itself (piece of junk it is) has a thick plastic base that doubles as a support strut.

The button situation is easily resolved, in fact I took care of that yesterday. Joystick is going to be the larger issue. The joystick hole is MASSIVE, and there’s just nothing there to both support a JLF, AND support the pressure of your hand against the case. What I’m thinking of doing is routing out a wooden support, mounting the stick into that piece of wood, then glue the wood into the case, making that support thick enough that it goes top-to-bottom inside the case, thus providing support. The benefit here is that if I bottom-mount into the wood, I can bondo the joystick hole down to a sane size, and perhaps mask off the “metal panels” and paint them. I’ve already removed the buttons upper-right - I guess I could have kept them, but…no. :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much have to re-paint the “plates” because I chews up the plasic in one of the holes while I was widening it out. I’ll bondo in the far-right holes, and for art I’ll hit up the local sign shop for some laminate artwork that I can stick on I think. I can’t think of any good way to put plexi on the thing. I suppose I could screw a sheet on, then put it in a clamp sideways and try taking a flush-trim bit to the plexi, but wow that would be some acrobatics…

So…here’s the one I have:

I would go ahead and try to scrap that top metal piece altogether and cut a piece of plexi and put it on top of the old plate.

I think the best thing to do for a joystick is screw the idea of a JLF and go with an ls32. At least like that you could dremel the old mounting posts and mount the stick flush to the case.

There is no “top metal piece”…

I bought one of these one Ebay as well. When I opened it up, I wanted to fucking punch myself in the face.

this thing is horrible and yes the pictures did mislead me into thinking the top was metal as well.

I took out the buttons and the stick but I’m probably gonna toss this POS.

Omg who are u telling? Did the same thing thinkin I would be able to mod it out later. The buttons looked easy enough from the outside. Then I checked out the insides omg did I want to scream. What made me more mad was that it tooke me like a whole 2 weeks to get it, because the seller was being a ass. I just chucked the damn thing in my closet. looking at the insides figured I’d do the same putting some wood over the massive stick hole(damn thing is nearly 2inchese in diameter) so I set it as a later project. I got to see a tuturial for whoever modded this damn thing.

I just realized that one of the plastic “ribs” runs right through where I need to seat the wood block too. Gah, what a piece of junk. I have one last option I hadn’t though of before. Hit up the hardware store for a think piece of aluminum sheeting, cut to side and close up the hole from underneath (glue or otherwise, probably glue), then once that sets up, bondo over it along with the 3 top holes and 2 far right. Sand the top smooth - should at least give me a sane working surface. should then be able to go back and drill a normal joystick hole into place, and I should be able to flush-bolt on the JLF using nuts as shims, and running the bolt through both the plastic and the sheet metal. In fact, if I use thick enough sheet metal, I might not have to shim it at all.

When I do that, I’ll want to use extra-long bolts, and make sure they run all the way down to the bottom of the stick, and then I can put some plastic end-caps on those to help stabilize the stick, or again, put a block of wood in the bottom.

The more I think on this, the more I think going to a local metal shop and having them cut a piece of sheet metal to the proper shape would fix this right up. :\ Or plexi for that matter.

LOL. Baited. I bought one of these back in 2000 (I believe) just because I thought it had potential to have the JPN controls feel. Boy was I wrong. Oh well, it now sits with my collection and won’t see the light of day.

hahaha. I just made a stick out of stuff from my recycling bin and its burlier than this :]

Thanks for the heads up bc this DOES look like a poor man’s hrap

I have to finish putting my bathroom together and get some housecleaning done, along with finishing the 2 sticks I have in the pipe (spoken for - christmas gifts), then I can do this one. I think I’ve decided how to handle it. I may take 10 mins today to trim away the platic that’s in my way so I can get to gluing. :slight_smile:

who makes that stick?

Toy 200. ie, no one that’s still in business.

i wonder why

I recently got one of these shit boxes… I’m gonna mod it out for the hell of it. I think it’ll be pretty decent when it’s done. I’ve already cleaned up the pcb and dremeled out the plastic bits around the stick and buttons. I’ll post it up when im done. Considering I think these can sometimes be had for under $10 bucks… it might turn out to be a pretty decent case imo.