Fighter's Console: PS3 or 360?

I’m planning on buying a new console to play more fighting games. I already have my collection set up for the ps2 [SF:AC, SF:AA, CvS2, KoF XI, GGXX:AC]. Seeing as though the latest fighters will be taken on the next-gen consoles, I needed an opinion as to which console I should get to keep up w/ today’s fighters? I already have a Wii, and Brawl isn’t enough. I’m HUGE as far as online-fighters go, w/ me being stationed @ Alaska and all…

get a PS3! yes I’m a fanboy

360 cuz HD Remix will come out a day sooner or sum shit.

PS2 is the best, with PS3 being close because of its backwards-compatibility. Wii, no thanks, and 360 has huge backwards-compatibility problems (try playing the Xbox MvC2 on it and see what happens).

The PS3 is region free, so you can import Battle Fantasia now without waiting too long if a US release ever gets distributed. BlazBlue is supposed to get released later, it will probably be the same case as Battle Fantasia.

Also does Tekken matter to you? If yes, then you might have to consider PS3 for upcoming Tekken 6.

On the 360 I have played VF5 and SF2HF online.
VF5 on 360 is pretty sweet, get befriended with some folks from and you are set.

hes new in the market, meaning he needs a new ps3 more than likely. current ps3 has no BC anymore. and even so, the ps3 bc has lag issues, on any setup

I’m not much of a tekken player, but I’m a fan of VF. I didn’t know that PS3 was region-free. So can I play my import PS1/PS2 games on it? The 360 has XBOX live, which is great for the new Street Fighters, but I haven’t heard much about the Playstation Network.

There are 80GB Metal Gear bundles, which still have 90% BC.

Rumor is they’re going to implement a software solution for the 40GB model eventually as well.

No, you can’t. PS3 games are region-free because they are on Blu-ray (or download), but DVDs and CDs are still restricted by their region locks, which were implemented long before PS3 was even engineered.

However, PS1 games downloaded from PSN are region-free. It’s just that the CDs themselves are not.

really? heh i definitely wasnt aware of that. even so, isnt it just software anyway? hardware bc was only on the first gen models iirc?

From what I understand, the old 60 and 20 models have the complete PS2 I/O and EE. The 80 only has one of the parts and has to supplement it with software (although the 60 and 20 use software anyway for upscaling and stuff). The 40 has neither, so they would have to implement more software.

PS3 is region free only for PS3 games. Sorry if I was not specific.


Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3 does not have Online and is not patchable. The 360 version of VF5 was released 8 months after the Ps3 one. VF5 on 360 has online mode and it is patchable.

360 Backwards compatability problems aside, Why would you even play MvC2 Xbox version when that version is vastly inferior?

Exactly. However, is an option.

poor wii no votes :lol:

ps3 is the correct answer

how can a console be the fighter’s choice when it can’t even start up? fuck the 360 and the RRoD. I borrowed a 360 from someone and the stupid thing red ringed on me when I didn’t even play it for more than like 3 hours a week. All my friends’ 360s have red ringed as well, every single one. fuck that console. :annoy:

Yeah! that’s why.:rofl:… I swapped change PSone pcb to wii pcb in the stick “Neo Geo Stick 2 for Wii”. Neo Geo 2 stick is ps2!:wink:

I made build my custom joystick. I put Wii pcb from Neo Geo 2 stick in custom joystick.

I vote PS3.

PS2 & PS3 here.

IMHO Xbox live is overrated for what it does.

Both have have patched for the games and both have good online communities. Its more of a what kinda games do you like kinda decision.

PS3, the region free thing is nice. I imported Battle Fantasia and play some of the dudes on here occasionally, I’m sure there will be other games coming to Japan first, or only as well.

Try to snag a 80gb MGS4 bundle, hear they are supposed to have a new shipment during the first week of July.

Ps3 because:

  • Controller adapters and availabilty of ps2 sticks

  • Hd + linux = emu’s. You can do the math on that one.

  • No RRoD.

/No fanboyism