Fighter's Destiny: the Declassified Guide (N64)

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someone played Toy Fighter/Waffupu ?
Is like a sequel (same development team) but unfortunately it was not converted for console, is only on Naomi


Oh, interesting. Pity I can’t emulate Naomi well, or I’d try this out and see how it stacks up.

Here’s a very approximate health chart. Finding exact values was tricky when characters naturally regenerate at different speeds, but it’s better than nothing.

~125 HP = Bob/Ushi/Robert/Master/Joker
~120 HP = Leon/Tomahawk
~100 HP = Ryuji/Abdul/Ninja/Boro
~85 HP = Meiling/Valerie
~80 HP = Pierre

EDIT: Some noticeable changes occur in FD2. Kate (i.e. Boro) and Federico (i.e. Leon) have their health dropped somewhere between 85-100. Ziege (i.e. Tomahawk) has way more health than before.

Yeah, back in the N64 era, I had an official Nintendo Memory Pak. I had another 4 in 1 third party Memory pak, so I unlocked all the skills for all the characters on the small Memory Pak, which I can’t find now : ( I still have the 4 in 1, and there I have only Ryuji and Mei Ling saved with the red icon that would suggest that they have all the moves unlocked (I lost many skills for other characters on that one in order to unlock everything for the small MP). However, when I open the extra skill list with C buttons, there’s only 9 moves. I remember that Mei Ling can have a 6 B A (similar to 6 BB, but she does a quick slide after the 6B) which is not listed eventhough she has 9 moves on the list (the VS CPU gained one does not show in that list, and yes I have a star icon too). I saw CPU performing that move yesterday a couple of times when I played VS CPU mode 8and no, it’s not 6B followed by seperat input of 412 A). So I’m confused right now, are there 2 extra moves that can be unlocked in Win or Lose only, can save just one of them? Does the icon mean that you have every move unlocked, or is it just there to hint that she gained at least something in Win or Lose? I don’t remember that aspect after all those years and I would need a 2nd controller to test that. I had 2, but one of them is not working anymore after all those years (the one that came with the console)

Not just against Robert, feel free to try it out in VS Cpu/Survival. Unlike other characters, he can really parry kicks, no other character can parry any kick-based attack, and Leon does have different animation for kick-parrys than the ones used for punch-parrys, which other characters don’t have at all. You can see one of those animations here at 08:30 where Leon parries Meiling’s 2 6 B Instant Down move:

About the A+B command, I’m not entirely sure, but it seems that you can tech successful Counter attack moves by holding (maybe rapid press works too) A+B. usually, if counter attack hits successfully, you get visual indication and opponent gets KD-ed. But sometimes visual indications shows that it did connect correctly (small explosion-like effect with a special sound that comes with it), yet the defender barely manages to land on his feet and escapes a KD. I really need a second controller to test that, can’t really tell the CPU to attack with Counters : D
But after presuming that, I tried to button hold A+B after missed floaters/Instant downs, and I got hit by a successful Tomahawk counter, yet my character teched out, so I guess that it works. CPU gets to recover from a lot of counters on the highest difficulty.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one. I remember reading that in one old German magazine that gave a really high score for this game and had the game mentioned a few issues later after the review. They were amazed by the character cast at that time, so they asked the developers about Ushi/Emil and about Robert since those type of characters seemed as a really weird fit for a fighting game. Ushi/Emil was obvious, because they used her for Rodeo mode which was a fun mode to develop, since the player can quickly get either KD/Counter KD, thrown down, thrown out of the ring, yet he can survive a lot by avoiding the attacks and get lucky with running away in Piyori to survive some more. So a Rodeo name for the mode was a good fit and they developed a character just for that. Since it was a fully functioning character with all the animation and characteristic moves, they wanted to give the player the possibility to play as that character too.
The game didn’t have good marketing whatsoever, but in that magazine it had a combination of something like this:

and Question/Answer format.
Here, please read D-Dog’s description that can be found in the article from the link. It’s obvious that it’s something that did not any gamespot journalist write, so it seems more like something that people who were responsible for the game’s humble promotion, were sending to magazines and review sites which would publish that.
About this D-Dog description, you can see that it really is a Dennis Rodman inspired character, they had the humble backstory covered for the characters, but those things were never handled in the game itself, just like it was the case with first Fighter’s Destiny.
„D-Dog (United States) - D-Dog is a fresh basketball star who was banned from the sport for extreme unnecessary roughness. His most vicious moves include the “Blasphemy Chop,” the “Stomp,” and the dreaded “Hammer Knuckle.” D-Dog uses his height, speed, and power to slam-dunk his opponents.“

That magazine also had some text about the game written in the same manner. Unfortunately, I don’t have that magazine anymore. They even reviewed the sequel giving it a much lesser score, noting that it probably isn’t worth importing if you already have the first game (the sequel never got released in Europe)
And yeah, I’m in Europe, so I originally had the German version. I always liked the intro more in the German version, nicely selected terms, it somehow set up for a better fighting spirit tone.
I found out about the USA version being faster just recently, and I was able to test it out on my Everdrive 64. When you play the game, it really feels a lot different.

You can see a direct comparison of the two versions here (none of this videos belong to me):

Heh, localisation teams had a lot of freedom with the names it seems. I really like the German version’s names, especially Pablo which is much better fitting than Bob. Heidi is the best known Swiss name on the planet, but at least you could instantly tell that she’s female, unlike with Boro/Eyvokan. Nice found for early screen with Leon having an Italy flag. Explains the stage and Federico’s nationality probably being based on that. I wonder what nationality was first considered for Bob, since it’s kinda weird that he has a desert for his home court, I doubt that it was Brazil from the start.

I hate the voices in the sequel, they are terrible. Replacement characters are bad too, especially the annoying Adriana with those La La La shouts and that irritating dance. I wish they kept Valerie, I always liked her voice the best in the first game, especially her shouts/screams when performing Instant Down and Counter attacks. Beside her voice, Abdul, Pierre and Joker had really good and fitting voices IMO.
Abdul voice in the sequel is terrible though, maybe worst besides Adriana.
Makes a scene like this even more silly:

Regarding Fighter Destiny 2, does anyone have an Everdrive 64 save containing all moves for all the characters? I really don’t feel like playing Fighter’s arena, and I’ll probably show the game to some friends when showing them the first game, just for some variety to keep things fresh.

I did not know either that Toy Fighter was developed by the same team. Interesting, too bad that the Dreamcast version got canceled.

I actually meant to inquire about oddities like this. I was certain the red Initiate tag indicated unlocking every move, but in your post about Pierre you mention 5BBB6B–which I don’t have. I did get it in FD2, though, so I’m beginning to wonder if it’s possible to unlock every attack, or if one move gets lost in the shuffle somewhere.

I’ve tested other parries, like Valerie’s–hers does work on kicks, but the hitbox for it is so low that it’ll usually fail. I’ll run some more tests.
EDIT: I stand corrected. I could have sworn it worked on mids like Ninja or Master’s AB, but evidently I was mistaken. One wonders why Leon has such a good parry, of all characters.

I have struggled with Joker constantly slipping away from Counters in the past…I’ll test this too. If it’s true that’s pretty neat. I’ve found similarly strange situations from things like Adbul’s 466B, so it’s worth checking.
EDIT: It’s legit! Figures that Counters are the only thing you can tech. I don’t think it’s 100% consistent–for the life of me I can’t tech Tomahawk’s CH 28B–but this is a great find, obiiwan.
EDIT 2: The only ones I can’t tech are Tomahawk’s 28B, Ushi’s 66B, and Valerie’s 9B4B. Everything else seems fair game. This makes an interesting dynamic, since you’re placed into some pretty severe disadvantage after a tech (depending on the Counter’s recovery).
EDIT 3: Parries qualify as an “attack” concerning Counters, so if you accidentally parry a Counter you’re practically guaranteed to tech. Makes me wonder if that was intentional.

Good enough for me–from my research it seems like this game had a lot more coverage in Europe, so I’m willing to believe it. I’d have investigated further but my French isn’t up to snuff these days.

Indeed. I can’t help but think he was supposed to be American, and that they decided Tomahawk was enough. All his art assets indicate that his Player 2 outfit was to be his default–but maybe they switched his outfits for parity with the desert stage? There could be any number of reasons for that stage, though.

Frankly, I wouldn’t bother. Most characters gain, like, one new attack. Ziege’s Throw Reserve command dash (66A+B) is interesting, but otherwise I haven’t seen much of note.

Okay, updated the guide with the revised info on teching Counters and Leon’s parry. I think I’ve run dry on weird things to find for now, so I’ll try to get started on movelist overviews starting with Ryuji soon.

Ryuji’s movelist has been added to the guide.

I don’t consider Ryuji especially good, so I tried my best to stay objective. It’s really unusual that the game’s Ryu clone is so aggressive in such a patient, deliberate game, and I wouldn’t say it’s to his betterment. At least he’s got an infinite.

Abdul’s movelist has been added to the guide.

Abdul is a mixed bag, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and guaranteed unblockables from a safe mid is pretty sweet. He’s got a serious problem with dodging otherwise–he has very few mids–so it’s a good thing his 3B does what it does.

Pierre’s movelist has been added to the guide.

I’ve might’ve been selling this character short. He has a good throw game, is slippery in the right hands, and with smart use of Transform he can turn into a total beast. Still super frail and wimpy until then, though.

Leon’s movelist has been added to the guide.

This character is so good.

I’ll probably add a section all about health values after the movelists and combos are done–I still haven’t figured out a good way to determine the exact speeds and values of HP regeneration yet. I bring this up because Leon has a unique weakness not yet addressed: his health regen is awful. He has the same HP as Tomahawk, but he takes so much longer to heal. Combined with how Piyori works, Leon is probably the worst character to be dizzied with. Long health bar, poor recovery. Definitely doesn’t downplay his strengths, but alongside his craptastic Specials he definitely crashes and burns when it comes to all things Piyori.

I uploaded a game save of fighter destiny 2 with EVERYTHING unlocked on gameFAQs, but if that one doesnt work (it was renamed to work on a mempak) ask me for the save for use on an emulator.

Theres 8 moves per character to unlock (doesnt include the unlockable characters except for arcade mode’s boss)
Some of the move are extensions of existing moves, I say its a necessity to fully enjoy the game

I also tried to rush fighter’s arena trying to gain as little stats as possible. In fact, you dont really have to unlcok any move at all in fighters arena, just make sure to have your character complete it, and you can gain all your moves in the VS mode where you gamble unlockable moves.

You can unlock 7 moves in fighter’s arena, and the final move can be achieved in Vs “all or nothing” mode

Thanks for the up-and-up. The variable stats make me hesitant to call FD2 the competitive standard, though, even with the improved models and framerate.

Not disagreeing there, but I meant that–compared to FD’s Master Challenge–the moves earned in Fighter’s Arena are practically identical. D-Dog’s gained skills are the same as Bob’s except he unlocks 42B instead of starting with it. D-Dog’s only new attack is Las Vegas Free Fall (62A+B 369A+B), which is a fairly minor improvement when the stats muddy the water.

Oh yes, FD2 is practically a carbon copy. I usually played 2 just because some character designs are more interesting and detailed.

I did check one default character against its fighter’s arena version (with minimal levelling) and the differences are incredibly small, practically nonexistant. You really need to play that mode for a long time.

I guess one could make a gameshark code that give all moves without any stat alterations (that or giving everyone the same exact minimal stat increase)

Worth trying–Ninja’s alternate in FD2 does look pretty sweet.

Still, you might want to compare a character in both the regular and buffed versions before spend your time trying anything, as there might be no differences at all when the stats are so low (seems theres no increase at all unless the stats reach a certain amount)

BTW that guide looks awesome. Hope you publish it soon.

Will do once I’ve finished the guide. A few elements of FD2 still intrigue me.
EDIT: My characters sent through Fighter’s Arena actually deal less damage than vanilla counterparts–I assume you’re expected to go through the arena multiple times to bring stats to par with default versions of characters. If so, that’s quite annoying.

Tomahawk’s movelist has been added to the guide. Another awesome character. If you like Wolf or King he’s got the most bonkers Giant Swing of all time.

In other news, I can’t believe I never investigated the Sound Test for abandoned stuff before. Turns out there’s plenty! Every character, alongside their game clear clip, has a seemingly-unused laugh and a least one actual win quote. It seems like the characters were going to be a lot more talkative during development.

Speaking of development, in the Sound Test, the announcer is hilariously dubbed the “Fighting D.J.”, and he too has several unused exclamations (like the JPN version’s “Exploding!”). Strangely, it sounds like he recorded two different takes for each Special quote (“Crush down! TERMINATED!”, etc.), the second set basically identical(?), but they seemingly go unused. More strangely, this is in the JPN version too! Was the localization team that slavish in translating the JPN version, or are there more quotes in-game than what I’m noticing…?

*EDIT: Forgot the mention the foley effects for the stages–in the US version, any stage sound effect listed for a stage with no actual sounds in it (like [Highland 0], etc.) has some weird-sounding byte instead. In the JPN version, this is clearer–it’s someone speaking in Japanese, and the US clip is a snipped version of this quote. I don’t know Japanese, but it sounds like the guy says ‘da me’. Something to the effect of “no sound here”, maybe? It’s clearly some form of placeholder, at any rate.

The only unused stage effect I could find was the sound of laughter or shuffling tiles(?) for the Ninja Room. If it’s tiles, that would make a lot of sense.

EDIT II: It’s laughing, all right. I happened to turn the music off and it’s audible every once in a while. Who’s supposed to be laughing, I wonder…?*

Stats on fighter’s arena dont add from previous runs. What you get in one run is the only thing you’ll have. The key is to land very low numbers on the dice so you fight as much fights as possible, and play as good as possible to get an increase in your stats, also go for all the sherry panels, rank high on the Master fights, and pick the survival challenge at the end.

I think your characters might deal less damage because failing some fights decrease your stats (I think its the Sherry fights that do it).
You should just try with my save and see which ones have no changes. It took me the trough the span of 7 days to do fighter’s arena with everyone, and nobody should go trough that.

BTW i think “da me” in japanese is like saying “no” or “no way”

I’ll probably add a dedicated section on FD2 after the fact. Sounds like there’s a lot going on in the Arena.

Meiling’s movelist has been added to the guide. She’s pretty good if you don’t mind the absence of throws.

Yeah, that’s the only part I can make out. There’s more to it, but it’s all Greek to me.

Also noticed a quirk in the buffer when a round starts–you can hold down single inputs (like 5B, 3A+B, etc.) to do them on the first possible frame. It’s a bit like that first-attack glitch in MvC2.

Meiling is my favorite character in FD2, I never expected that but it happened, and shes really fun to play with. I really like her juggle combos.

Her autocombo special might be long but at least it keeps the opponent in place while the attack is happening, unlike leon/federico’s which is slow, short ranged and easy to dodge.

Valerie’s movelist has been added to the guide. She’s really strong character; her ledge game and number of delayable launchers/Counters is quite intimidating.

Bob’s movelist has been added to the guide. Bob is my main. Bob is cool.