Fighter's Edge stick: Mod-able?

Has anyone ever modded one of these before?

Pics? I can’t find any on google.

Link doesn’t work. Someone already linked that stick elsewhere and another said they saw a mod of it here, but no link to it. =\

Can’t say for sure.

Here’s the link:

Does anybody have any details? It’d make it worth while to just buy it for the box, since I suck at woodworking…

I have 2 of these sticks and let me say… they are a pain in the ass to mod. I gave up on mine. First you would need a dremel tool to cut off these button “holsters” so that a regular sanwa or seimitsu would fit. Secondly i had no idea how to even mount a sanwa joystick… would probably need to gorilla glue on an S mounting plate or something…

Can you post pics of the innards?

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here’s that stick sanwa modded:

and here’s the guy that modded it

Wow… i think i will try that.

That’s hot…

Hrmmm is that plexi over that or just a sticker?

Bummer… it’s all plastic? What are the screws on the top for then? Looks? I was totally hoping there was a metal plate on top.

from the pics it seems so… its all plastic underneath so the artwork on top might be just a sticker…

i dont know though just guessing…

Its all plastic, no metal top. Maybe its just me but the stick placement looks funny. I would have redrilled the hole and moved it over to the right more and up a little.

So exactly how hard is it to mod one of these? Looked around for a few guides and even did a search on here, but didn’t find anything (the SRK search didn’t work at all actually…:frowning: )

Looking into getting a pad and this one seems ok, since there’s like a 3 month wait for the MAS sticks if i’m not mistaken.

no real guide. If you never modded anything might be hard. Just takes some creativity. You most likely will need to dremel somethings, and drill to mount the stick. If you had a picture of the inside i could tell you what i would do to it.

i just posted about this stick as well, in my thread there is an inside pic, as well as the guy that did this one