Fighters for TurboGrafx/PC Engine?

Hey guys, are there any recommended fighters for the PC Engine (known in America as the Turbografx)?

Also, how do the various SNK ports (Fatal Fury, World Heroes, etc) stack up when compared to their Sega Genesis and SNES ports?

Thanks in advance.

I guess the system wasn’t very well-known to members of this board, eh?

fighting street is hilarious. i think it’s supposed to be a port of sf2, but it’s like… they couldn’t get the rights to it or something? i’m not quite sure but it looks and plays like crap, and only slightly resembles sf2. samsho was ok, not as good as the neo geo port or genesis imo, but better than the snes one.

Fighting Street is SF1.

There were various arcade ports, A Ranma 1/2 fighting game, and Flash Hiders. None of which were any good really. The last Ranma fighting game for the SFC is better then the Turbo Ranma, and Battle Tycoon, which was a sequal to Flash Hiders for the SFC, was better then the original in every aspect. I think there were one or two more fighters on it, but generally they were all awful.

Let’s see, Street Fighter II Champion Edition for Japanese Hucard.
Then there’s Strip Fighter II, it’s hentai.

A guy at said that the TG16 ports of SNK games were second only to the Neo-Geo ports. But I think that guy is something of a TG-16 Fanboy (I don’t blame him, personally).

Oh, and another question: Can anyone recommend good sticks for the Super NES, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx? The only stick I’ve tried is Sega’s 6-Button joystick, and it sucks.

You deserve to be banned for not knowing Street Fighter 1.

how the hell did they play on 2-buttons?
wasnt TG only 16 so how was it better? & why did TG die? poor bonk! :sad:

What do you think those turbo switches were for?

I only owned Fighting Street, Ranma, and Strip Fighter when I owned a TurboDUO. Fighting games on that machine were a joke at best. Stay for the awesome shumps and adventure/action games!

I remeber they cam out with a 6 button pad because of Street Fighter 2. It was the worse port of Street Fighter 2 nexe to the Gameboy and the NES ones.

that is really sad too bad becasue the T-16 had some amazing games on it.

Edit: found it

Umm… They DID release six-button controllers for the system.

Actually, in Japan the PC Engine was the most popular of the 16-bit consoles. Hell, there’s actually a group of people who are STILL designing games for it!

He would be right. But in order to play them you need

either a Turbo Grafx/Duo with hucard adapter (adapter is expensive)
a PC-Engine/Duo (expensive)

the Arcade card pro (expensive)

a six button controller of some kind (comes with certain flavors of PC-Engine Duos)

and the games (expensive)

In the end, you’re paying a lot of money for old, wonky fighters that weren’t that great to begin with.

The PC-Engine was a fantastic machine for quirky Japanese games, shmups, and RPGs if you speak Japanese. The PC-Engine is not known for its fighting games by any means.

DragonSama: That pad is called the “Avenue 6 Pad”. There’s also a 3 button pad for the Duo version of “Forgotten Worlds”.
I hope to get myself another Duo soon. My copy of Akumajou Dracula X: Rondo of Blood is DYING to get played. It came in the mail several days after my first Duo blew out.

I’m skeptical of this. Source?

Actually, if you have a Duo you need the Arcade Card Duo. Just thought I would be nitpicky about that The Arcade Card Pro is for people who bought a PC Engine and the CD-ROM add-on (since the Duo had extra built-in RAM).

Depends. I’ve seen Garou Densetsu 2 going for as low as $10.



Definitely agree there–the PC Engine is God’s gift to gamers. Yes, on some libraries it’s weak, but what it has it has GOOD.

No wonder it was so popular in Japan.

It’s also the system that convinced me to learn Japanese.

I just watched this video. Thought I’d bump this thread for a heads up.

Here’s some 2 good TG/PCE fighters. Godzilla and another fighting game from the Tengai Makyo/Far East of Eden universe other than Kabuki Klash. Just try to get past the narrator’s voice.

No, it was second place to the Super Famicom. And the Megadrive (Genesis) was a distant 3rd to both of them.

yeah the 6 button pad is the nec avenue
there was also a godzilla fighting game for the cd part of the pc engine
i have a duo and still play y’s on it

a good super nes stick is the capcom fighter stick
its a traditional japanese balltop and sort of simmilar buttons
i got mine brand new 6 months ago for 20 bucks it works on snes and nes

I second that