Fighter's History Dynamite (Karnovs Revenge) and Breaker's Revenge @ Evo2k9

This year I’m going to be running Fighter’s History Dynamite (Karnov’s Revenge) and Breaker’s Revenge at Evo.


We will be playing on nFBA emulators with USB tweeked to the highest setting to ensure NO LAG AT ALL. Also please supply your own converters and sticks/pads, I’m not a Goodwill station.

Depending on what I have to work with the schedule may look like this:

2 stations, one for each both start at 4 pm
1 station FHD will start first at 4 pm (higher priority!) then Breaker’s will start around 6.


Fighter’s History Dynamite
GGPO NFBA Emulator or Neo Geo setup or Sega Saturn setup w/ converters.
Double Elimination game.
2 point match, 2 games, standard time.

Breaker’s Revenge
GGPO NFBA Emulator
Double Elimination game.
2 point match, 2 games, standard time.
Boss is not allowed in tournament play.

Dark Geese?
Soul Requiem

Steve Harrison
Dark Geese?
Mr Jared
Soul Requiem


stay hungry

i’ll be there for karnovs!

on bbh’s neogeo setup, does it only accept the default ABCD setup?

if so, i’ll have to switch from my weird DABC config from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be at EVO also. Should I bring my USB converter are you providing converters? I can bring FHD with my console MVS setup but people will probably hate the neogeo sticks. I only have 1 converter that lets you use your PSX pad/stick on it also. I need to get another converter hopefully before EVO. We can also try running on the Saturn version if you guys are down since it lets you change the button layout also pretty easy. I can get 2 converters for that so we can use PSX pad/stick. I could also bring an xbox setup for it I have converters for that already. Can run both breakers and FHD on it.

um I don’t have an actual “setup” at the moment (i.e. a Supergun), just the PCB and the MVS cartridges. sounds like Noc has things better covered, but I’ll bring my carts anyway (although I’m not 100% confirmed to go yet)

Okay, we’ll figure it out when Evo comes a bit closer. I can not provide converters, as people will have to supply them themselves if it is PC.

Breakers is a broke ass game with how you can mash out of block stun into super… I think that alone makes it not worth a side tourney. Though doing cool full stun or near full stun combos is tight. I like the games combo system and general pace, I hate mashing out of block stun.

Karnov’s on the other hand is awesome, its like super turbo on crack.

maybe you should watch some tutorial on how to play: [media=youtube]kz6nCjTMeiE[/media]

Breakering can be baited an there are many un-breakerable combo

Nocturnal: I’ll leave Sega Saturn as a maybe for FHD. We’ll see when it comes closer.

I want in on this shit

I would take time to argue how it doesn’t make it any less stupid, I already knew things can and can’t be broken, but whatever, I’ll just leave it with I think that the game shouldn’t hurt you for trying to do the biggest combo you can in a punishment situation, if I want to do crossup lk, st.rh, st.rh,, st.rh xx dp with saizo I should be allowed to not get supered/dp’d in between something that does combo.

I’m still thinking on entry fee. Also more FHD carts the better, but we need as many setups to run them!

I’m also thinking of giving 1st place to FHD champion a special prize added to their winnings from the pot!

dont ban baihu he owns

ill beat anyone @ breakers

i might sign up for karnov, let the battle for 2nd place begin.

if i make it to evo world i will deff play in this

I think it would be easier running the touranment on an emu since the problem with the neogeo setup is people can’t config their buttons. It doesn’t really matter to me if we play it on emu/AES/MVS/Saturn as long as people are cool with what you have to play on. I think there should be a vote for what people think would be the best setup for EVO. What do you all think? Oh yea also is Ox allowed in the tournament :^)? j/k.

If I go I’m in for fhd. Haven’t played it in 4eva but I never played any one good so I guess this will be more for experience

i’d vote for emu, since we all mostly play on it anyway and for the ease of button config. but i’ll play on anything

I’m totally leaning towards Emus for both games. I really wish a ps2 port or something was made for these games, but knowing console ports they’d probably suck.

I’ll bring 2 converters with me then in case one decides to not work.