Fighter's History Dynamite thread

This thread is for disscussing Fighter’s History Dynamite (aka Karnov’s Revenge)
So what’s your take on the Data East made fighter. I find it to be pretty fun and genarally solid. I’ll be poping in and out to to post info for the characters

EDIT: I take it all back. Game sucks

Tops is Karnov, followed by Lee and others in A Class…I got the tiers in my thread first page of the older one already…

Do you want them??

I posted a combo video in Fighting Game discussion.I’ll be more than happy to post it up for you guys.This game brings back a lot of memories.It came out in 1994 when Darkstalkers,Super SSF2 Turbo & King Of Fighters 94 all came out.I mainly used Mizoguchi & the Tae Kwan Do chick with big legs.I didn’t know a thing about combos back then but I do remember performing one with Miz that involved his super fireball & it took off almost 60% of an opponents lifebar.

We will be having a tournament for this coming soon and more casuals so stay tuned!!

Here is the combo video


I thought ray was better than lee by alot? He just deals with Karnov soo much better than Lee does, plus he has great easy to get into combos.

Don’t forget the karnov warp glitch…
Charge b,df+k~hp (thats kara cancel the charge kick into the slide)

Primary use is to follow after a fireball, for crazy hard to block cross up shennanigans.


umm yeah this game is great, I wish I had people to play it against it’s one of my favorites by far.

If I remember correctly the fireball becomes unblockable when the glitch happens. I think both Lee and Ray are pretty even actually. They have good combo potential and both can deal with Karnov as well.

I just can’t see Ray being so high in this game…I can deal with him MUCH easier than say Lee or Jean. I play Zazie,Marstorious,Mizo,and Matlock.

I thought the only reason lee did good against karnov was because he can TOD him or something? I don’t quite remember. I didn’t know about the fireball becoming unblocakble though. Thats pretty cool.

I also think that Ray and Lee are pretty even…I agree…

well after many years I finaly can play this game occasionaly as my brother apperently umm got a copy to… say… Umm… anyway…

Anyway I cant play that much so, a couple noob questions. Whats the timeing on mizoguchis hurricane kick links. I feel like I almost get them more when I mash then when I try and time it. So my question is it acctualy easier then im thinking? Also whats a good BB with him, right now im doing something to hurricane kick then ethier link duck p/k, to stand hp shoryuken something to that extent. Obviously he has combo video shit but in general thats what im useing. Though I do know that super shoryuken links after hurricane kick, so acctualy is that a better bread and butter assumeing you time it? Just hurricane kick link super shoryuken. Will that do more damage then lk, hp, shoryuken?

Anyway yea I cant play that much, so im being lazy and n00bish I guess… Anyway thanks…

More or less posting just to bump this thread. shrug

Hey I’ll play some casuals with you guys, but it’s been a LONG time since I last played so don’t expect much. Games with me would be more for fun than for competition.
So if any one wants to go a couple than just hit me up.

I play Marstorius and I just recently got into the game so hit me up on messengers if you wanna go a few rounds.

It’s an awesome game, I got into playing it a bit more awhile back and uploaded some matches I had over Thanksgiving with a buddy on Kaillera p2p. He pretty much got me into this game, otherwise I might of passed it up and stuck with just RB2.

Here’s my channel

This game is a major spam fest with about as much strategy has Pong, but it’s surprisingly fun. Ray, Mizoguchi, and Lee are my favorites. I’m trying to learn Yung Mie and Zazie a bit, I played DynamoWolf at a few rounds and he just floored me with both of them. Plus Yung Mie has those monsterius thighs going on like Chunners, so bonus points for her.

Eh, definitely not a spam fest, and an interesting game…

I just play Lee right now and look for low HP -> hop punch combos. Try to link stuff from the big fireball thing and fail miserably. I’ll be down for some games if anyone’s interested. =)


I use Yungmie, Feilin, Ryoko, Mastorius and Mizoguchi. Up for a game anytime.

Marsotorius is an interesting counter character to Lee and others believe it or not!

i would say the tiers now look more like this

s: karnov, ray
a: zazie, jean, marstorious
b: samchay, lee, mizoguchi, clown
c: ryoko, matlock, yungmie
d: feilin

this is in the aftermath of the INH dvd, the mikado vids, and a ton of casuals with east coast players.
it’s also based a lot more on matchup specifics. for instance samchay is really good at keeping marstorious out, but all marstorious needs is like two good setpieces to win the match because of his insane damage. so he just edges him out tierwise.

I believe that tier list is very accurate…esp since have seen Marsotorius counter people Like Lee with EASE.