Fighter's History Dynamite thread


FS, there is no way u can tell me that u think miz and samchay are in the same tier =[
aka my list is better ^______________^


Samchay is a more solid all around character than mizo. Mizo in terms of all around game play I think is weaker than samchay. but mizo has random factor of high dizzy, and potentially big combo. But samchay I think is a more solid all around character I think if that makes sense. If he had a big combo himself I dont think it would even be a debate but thing is think about it this way if move samchay down. Then he is like close to matlock and clown and he is deff better than them so…

Plus samchay has good fireball compared to mizo and in this game having a good fireball allows you to bullshit vs weaker characters I think.

So basically samchay strong overall design of character, but no bull shit really in teh game. You can spam knee to an extent but the risk reward isnt high. Doesnt have a lot of bullshit in a game with a lot of bullshit no big combos.
Mizoguchi a lot of shitty moves overall compared to many other characters around his level or higher. But high dizzy rate, lots of chipp, and big potential combos.


well i would say that you downplay miz…he has an insane punch dp and has safe chip (multi) with blue kicks. samchay has a good fireball and ok normals. like u said the damage isnt there for him, out of the corner… and i think his DP is aweful (for the chars above him) and unreliable.
also i would note that thats why i think the break down is
miz, THEN under him yummy and sam, THEN under them matlock. after that it doesnt matter really. but comparing how samchay does to matlock and then also putting clown in the same statement is just a joke. clown is aweful, matlock is actually playable (just ask MOV =PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP)


try i tried to play fight cade for the first time in maybe 6 months recently. Completely unplayable still. has anyone gotten this to work correctly on windows 8 yet? its ridiculous . Guess ill try again at the end of the year or maybe when windows 10 comes out lol


noc bbh karnov at evo?


Saturn ver. has game mode option. Overseas and Japanese. Any idea?


For this summer I think to made sprite rips :slight_smile:


…so there is a discord group now it seems.


havnt played really in like a couple years but I DLed fightcade again so im gonna try giving it a go, kinda had the itch to play games again. I signed on today and saw like 10 people in the karnov room, pretty surprising.


Holy fuck lots of people playing when ever ive checked well… at least relatively speaking… Kinda makes me want to go get a controller again to try to play a little more seriously


can I get a link to discord group?


has anyone ever found a way to make fightcade work better on windows 8? Ive tried playing again and i dunno i guess i thought maybe something might change but its the same reason i quit playing years ago. Fightcade just lags and drops a shitload for me all the time. Anyone ever find out some kinda settings to fix this? I never really had that much of a problem wtih GGPO, and on vista before this. Thanks


Went to a friend’s house the other weekend, played some fighting games against my friends and I got the itch to play Karnov’s again. I’m on Fightcade right now, but there’s only one dude from South Korea and the lag is pretty bad against him (he seems to know his Mars, though).


random info, that I never even heard till now although it makes sense thinking about it. I just always thought maybe my timing was off…

Apparently second player when comboing the first player you dont get pushed away as far, even though its very very slight. I guess obvious examples being mizoguchis loops with stand kick(still work with other buttons, but if you are aiming for dizzy spots this is important) actually dont work from certain distances if you are first player, and his HP dp can wiff when you are first player, but not as second.

Tons of other examples but ya, very minutely you get pushed back less as second player allowing for easier, or combos that are not possible period. Go figure.


Interesting find. I wonder if there are any more 1P vs 2P side differences in the game?


most are for player one and are for cross ups in the corner. You can pass over the opponents body, or certain attacks will cross up if you are player one but not player 2.

#1039 example


This game def needs a revival!
I will have to look for that discord.
Also im usually free on the weekend if you wanna grab some matches


this tread needs to be archived somehow. there is too much information in it on the game.


Yeah, there is a ton of info here. This is currently one of my favorite fighters to play with friends or on fc.
There is an active discord for FHD/Karnovs.
Feel free to hmu up on the discord for some matches or pm here.

Username: MountainDewFKR