Fighters Impact A any help?

Hi Guys
I played Fighters Impact A when I was 15 and started again with it 12 yerars later:wgrin: Still good. The problem is Im really trying hard to find a decent movelist for this game - there is one on the internet, but very incomplete. I tried to figure it out by myself, going through all those DP and QCF but still form time to time computer uses on me some things I have no idea how to do.
So anyway, I’ll be really thankfull for any tips/links/anything.
Sorry in advance if this is not the right place for this topic or wrong forum:) Friend told me if Im really trying to find something rare in fighting games - this is a place to ask.

I haven’t played it in a whille

but I remember a few moves back, back and 2 buttons (try mixing it up) it was the ball kick with the military girl
when someone is on the ground uf punch and kick or down and punch or kick
fdf and p is a shoulder ram and a grapple
hcf and hcb moves were plenty I’m sure

the freak guy has a combo pp, hold back ppp

Im mostly interested in Aikijutsu and piquan (which in this game looks more like baiji - there is even throw similar to VF Akira). The game has some interesting features, ie. when holding block+D,D you do a dash there is auto parry built in it etc. Aiki guys have d,d+PK and b,b+PK high and low reversals, most characters have some command throws etc. I also remember when I was younger form time to time I was able to pull out some special finishes by mashing:)
Bloodriot thanks for the military girl tips, couldnt find this groin kick:)
Its a pity that there is no decent FAQ.

yeah I love this game I wonder what it was like in the arcade playing compeditvely probably not too unbalanced?

oh yeah some moves were just two buttons
didn’t know about the dash thing… thnx ukyo

That biker dude don’t you think he acts and looks a lot like Jackson from Bloodsport?

The kung fu Style with asian girl was also pretty cool.
just FYI anyone else who is interested? This game runs in ZINC (emulator) flawlessly IIRC with the grafix on high on most decent ghetoware pcs, also runs in a PS1 emulator as does it’s sister game VS, ugh it’s awful VS the game, similar to FA but it’s liked somebody pooped all over it and messed up all the controls.