Fighters Megamix

Anyone remember this game for the Saturn?

Man those were good times, I still remember playing as the Daytona Hornet while taking on a slab of meat. Sega should really make a sequel to this, but of course make the roster even bigger. And unlike other wacky fighters, this one had a tight engine, considering that it supported a VF2.1 engine with some stuff thrown in from VF3 at the time.

Oh yeah was Pepsiman in the Japanese version? I know he was in the Japanese version of FV, but I remember reading about him also being in FMM.

I made a thread fwe days ago about the soundtrack…I only got the short/cutted versions though.

Anyway, I loved this game on the Saturn. And yes, Pepsiman was in the Japanese version, I never knew what he was doing in there, but never bothered using him. That game was pretty fun, I think music made each match alot better. I use to use uhh whats his name, Raxal? The guy with the Guitar. Really want to see them make a sequal for this, but what I want to know most is was this game tournament worthy? Were there Teirs, glitches, whatsoever?

My import Saturn burnt out the other month, therefore I can’t play it anymore. =*[

Tourney worthy, I dunno, but the game was a helluva lot of fun though. :tup:

I want Janet to be in another fighting game. :frowning:

I really liked how they combined the VF and FV engines in the game, too bad FV2 wasn’t that great, but that’s another story.

and dont forget Kuma-chan. that bear rocked.

Yes the Kuma before Kuma.

Makes you wonder if Namco stole that idea eh.

All about Kids Akira. There was just something dope about a tiny SD Akira screaming and punching people on the ground.

And the Amingo before Amingo was that giant mexican bean, well not really, but still it’s kinda similar. :smiley:

All I know is that for some reason the Daytona Car reigned supreme over all.

I’m pretty sure the Daytona Hornet had a move where it could run people over, I’m pretty sure it did, and its stage was like the smallest ever, and it was walled in too in one of the Daytona racetracks. lol

rent a hero and janet had to be top teir. they both had super damaging projectile attacks. Just breaks teh game. as i recall hornet had very small amount of range but once you did his move where he breaks off all his armor and becomes just a car fram he get super fast and a bunch of ura bahn esque special moves.

There might be a chance to see a remake of Fighter’s Megamix. Seeing as how Sega made Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 on the PS2, it might be possible.

I just got my Saturn this past week…I take it I should buy this as well?

what? when did vf 2 and fighting vipers come to the ps2?

and makuma, hell yeah you should cop fighter’s megamix.

The Sega Ages series, which is a series of remakes, upgrades, or ports of Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast games. Japan only of course.

Whoa whoa whoa are u serious? Holy shit link us to a shop that carries them!

I heard about VF2 a while ago, but Fighting Vipers?

damn i don’t have my ps2 modded and wouldn’t get it modded just to play that. i’d be better off getting a saturn with fighters megamix.

Not just those, Planet Harriers (I think), Dragon Force, Altered Beast, After Burner, etc… Just go on any import game shop for them.

Oh I heard Sega half assed the VF2 port, or something better read up on it before buying it.

EDIT: It’s Space Harrier, Planet Harriers was some model 3 or naomi or hikaru arcade game by Sega lol.

anyone know where i can get vids of fighters megamix? i want to relive the nostalgia. pics also plz.

also lemme get this straight. there was an EXTRA character in the japanese version? who is pepsiman. cuz i’m going to order the game asap and just want to know which version to get.