Fighters Megamix

How close are the ports? Are they arcade perfect? Sega didn’t “improve” them did they? (like how they “improved” Golden Axe etc. by making them 3d and gay?)

If they are Model 2 perfect I will buy them tonight. I have a Sega Saturn PS2 controller, I will party like it’s 1995.

Sega needs to get on a Virtua Fighter 1 and 3 Sega Ages too.

I remember this game as well. One of my favorites. The intro kicked all ass, the music kicked all ass, being able to switch between the VF and FV fighting engine kicked ass, playing as different characters from other Sega games kicked ass, being able to use VF3 moves in the game before VF3 came out kicked ass and all around the game kicked ass. The graphics were pretty craptacular compared to VF2 on Saturn, but with all everything they had in the game it’s not surprising, but the gameplay kicked ass. I miss my Saturn but I had good times with the system. Hopefully whenever VF5 comes to console (loooooong time I’m thinking),maybe AM2 will give us all the VFs, FV and FM like Namco did with T5. I also hope for another Fighters Megamix since it’s my favorite VS. game ever, but I doubt it will happen.

AM2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all fighting game companies.

i agree with that. fm is one of the best games ever IMHO as far as just all around fun. the best vs game? dunno but its top 3, has to be. it is just a tight game and i liked the graphics back then, but then again you know it was the mid 90s lol.

VF2 is like 97.8 percent perfect or some shit like that gameplay wise, they said it was a bit faster than the arcade version (kinda like the original Saturn port), and while you can finally see Shun’s raft stage dance in the sea, the game’s overall graphics was like muddied up or something and aren’t as clean as the Model 2 game, which makes no sense, chalk this up to laziness of Sega. VF2 has VF2 and VF2.1 (the arcade revision) in it.

Fighting Vipers on the other hand from what I heard is arcade perfect, it didn’t get fucked over like VF2. Heh funny how they can port VF4 and VF4EVO with no problems, but VF2 gives them stupid problems.

And there is no Fighters Megamix for PS2 as of now, just to make sure for people who get confused.

Fighters Megamix was pretty dope, still is, but in my eyes having arcade perfect ports of Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 >>>>>>>> Megamix.

The question is are they arcade perfect? (noone anwered my other post yet).

While were at it do you guys remember Last Bronx? Fuck, that game had the tightest conversion on Saturn, fucking Red Eye was the shit anyone else remember this? I had this and MegaMix (and Panzer Saga, Burning Rangers, Ark the Shining (or something) on day one. The dude at the EB said I was the most hardcore gamer he knew and I was only like 14 at the time heh.

As much as I am hardcore into Capcom, along w/ 3s and Alpha 2 AM2 fighters are up there with my all time fav’s.

So did AM2 or another Sega in-house team do the port? I’m guessing it was another team. I heard to the PS2 version was pretty musch ass. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe Model 2 > PS2. :razzy:

I heard it was pretty tough to port Model 2 and 3 games to console. Yu Suzuki was a big critic of the Saturn back in the day.

That is very dissapointing about VF2. I guess the Model 2 board is too powerful for the PS2 to handle, heh. DAMN! How could they fuck it up! Muddy graphics? Back in the day VF2 was like some of the cleanest and brightest graphics…damn. Even the saturn is bold and bright and colorful. Hmm.

I just checked Play-Asia the game is 20 bucks brand new. So shit why not get it. Quick question though, my PS2 isn’t modded are there any easy solutions for PS2 modding like a boot disc I can buy or something? I really don’t have the money to get my system modded right now (esp for 1 game).

I almost picked up Last Bronx but I ended up passing on it tho’. Don’t remember why since I used to be a Sega fanboy, but oh well.

There’s an article on the PS2 VF2, gameplay wise it’s fine, and graphics aren’t too bad, it’s just that it’s really fucking disappointing that we still dont’ have a 100% perfect port of VF2 (Saturn has less polys, and the backgrounds became 2D, and we lost the raft stage :().

For the import playing on your PS2. There’s a few ways playing without the mod chip.

Like the flip top method with the loader, and the slide card and loader, don’t ask me more about them, since I don’t use them, I only know from other people about them.

Man that’s a bummer. I would’ve imported it too if it was. I miss the VF2 soundtrack especially the Chicago stage. Hopefully VF2 will be a selectable game in the next home conversion of VF and arcade perfect as well.

The Saturn did nice ports of Last Bronx, Virtua Fighter 2, the Virtua Cop’s, and Sega Rally, but other ports were either shit (Daytona, Virtual On) or sorta ok (Manx TT, Sega Touring Car). VF2 on the Saturn is still beautiful, you don’t see many High res 60 FPS games from the 32-bit era. But Model 3 ports on Saturn? No fucking way.

The Model boards were just way too fucking advanced for their time. Virtua Fighter 3 and Scud Race came out in 1996 for fucks sakes. IMO I don’t see the DC or PS2 doing perfect ports of the more graphically crazy Model 3 games, like Daytona 2 or L.A. MachineGunners. Xbox or GC sure but hell, those systems came out in 2001.

Hmm so there isn’t something I can buy at say EB that will let me play imports? Or a boot disc of sorts like what they had for DC?


before kuma?

wasnt kuma in tekken 1, 2 years before FM?

:slight_smile: namco!

I used to play this game years ago.

Rentahero and that Virtua Cop chick is broken

Fighting Vipers, as well as FMG, were both excellent brawlers back in their prime (both are still heavily played on the Saturn to this day). However, due to FV2’s poor arcade performance (& mediocre DC port) chances are, there will never be a FVs 3.

Not exactly true-- Sega released a compilation of the PS2 Sega Ages games in the US called “Sega Classics Collection.” I picked it up and love it (especially since it has an awesome version of Virtua Racing that’s way better than the Saturn version that Time Warner made, and it has a strangely addictive remake of Space Harrier on it). It’s also a very good buy for $20.

Now, I say that there may be a chance for more releases because the US compilation is missing a few games that did get Sega Ages PS2 releases in Japan (namely, Afterburner). So there is a possiblity that Sega USA may release a 2nd compilation with more Ages games (including the Phantasy Star remakes, VF2 and Fighting Vipers). Hell, I think VF2 and Fighting Vipers alone may be worth $20.

And don’t give up hope on ports of the Model 3 games-- if the PS3 is as good as everyone says it is, I think it won’t be a problem porting or even emulating Model 3 games like Daytona USA 2 and others. Hell, Sega programmers made a demo version of Super GT (Scud Race in Japan) for the Dreamcast (a private build, never released to the public), so we know it’s possible. Then there’s the Model 3 version of VirtualOn:Oratorio Tangram and its fairly well done DC port (at least IMHO). And geez, there are some games on the PS2 and Xbox that look as good or better than some model 3 games.

Fairly well done? Shit VOOT on DC is near arcade perfect. Actually, it’s a little cleaner than the arcade (they did comparison shots back in the day, better particle effects and brighter textures and colors). The only thing they fucked up was the reflective shadows on the public port stage (transparent floor public port is unlockable on DC Voot).

That game is reason #1 to own a DC and still one of the finest looking games visually IMO of this generation (Xbox and GC games included).

VOOT owns. Brilliant, brilliant game, and I’m lost as to why it never caught on in the same way as VF. I’ve played against tourney-level players and it’s up there with VF for technical depth (SYDVOC {} had loads of cool resources, but appears to have closed now… ;_;).

Someone mentioned Last Bronx; I was a fan of that one, too. You could move-retract (g-cancel) most of your moves, which led to crazy iaigeri/senbon style combos. Hella fun.

Megamix was pretty cool, but the okizeme game sucked without rising moves. I agree that Rentahero was pretty broken, and I recall the green duck from Sega fighter being broken, too - they could infinite OTG you with their projectiles, IIRC.

Janet wasn’t broken. She had the move set of Aoi from VF3, with the addition of a projectile. You could dodge that pretty easily and punish her, and she only got three shots before she had to reload, giving you a huge window to get in and kick her ass.

Again all hail the daytona hornet. :encore:

EDIT: Better pic.

Oh yeah here’s Kuma chan and Panda chan.