Fighters on


Well, I was wondering how many members who play competitive fighting games are registered on

(it isa WAYN network site much like myspace, open to all, that started as a student networking site at MIT)

I couldn’t find another thread like this anywhere else, so here goes:

I am on there, my name is ‘David Hanson’ and my ‘Networks’ are ‘London’ (UK) and (King’s College London’ (part of the University of Nottingham).

It would be good if people who have known me over the years from this site,, snkvscapcom, Mig’s MSF message board, Ranking other such sites could post on here, or add me or whatever, so we can link more easily for future games and meets.

Of course, people that don’t can also add their details here, and that is the main purpose of the thread- Name, networks. Pow.



Um…look for the shoryuken group on facebook.


It’s named “shoryuken dot com”



Thanks for the heads up and link guys. I have joined that group.

Facebook has changed- ANYONE can access it now, be it as part of a work, regional or educational network, or as part of NO network (just an e-mail address).

This thread is desingned for people who use facebook and who also play fighting games competitively, so we can be linked more asily- not just SRKers as a whole. Feel free to add or leave etc at will, peeps.