Fighters Tournaments on Kaillera

Hi everyone, just like to say its great to see such a fantastic community, for these often underrated and under appreciated titles.

Lets get down to business,
At Arcade-kings we are big fans of many emulated games that can be played online via kaillera.

Tournaments we will be running soon?
At the moment we are taking sign-ups for Fatal Fury Special, **Samurai Shodown 2 **and Darkstalkers I. You can head straight to our sign-up pages here.

How will the Tournaments run?
Basically depending on the amount of entrants, tournament will run using double elimination knock out system (where you have to lose twice to be knocked out of the tournament instead of just once). or a round robin format (similar to the world cup). All you have to do is give your msn/email when you sign-up and you can arrange to your matches when its convienent to you (subject to time limits)

Who can enter?
Unfornuately i have to limit the entrants to european gamers only, others the games will be too laggy. Also to enter you must be registered on our forums, you cannot have someone else sign-up for you, as its required you post your match results

What other games Tournament will we be running?
We also take suggestions for tournament you would like to see. We do also run a monthly poll with various games from a certain year for which you can vote for.
This month its 1995, and the poll can be found here

We aren’t just restricted to fighting games, though, so feel free to suggest sports, shooters, or anyother game where a tournament is feasible.

**Any Questions, or queries? **
then please pm me, email me (, or head over to our forums. Or if IRC is your thing, then please go to QuakeNet server and join channel Arcade-kings

Thanks very much for time, and i hope to see alot of people sign-up, i know there are alot of great players here itching to get some competition.