Fighters Uncaged


Gentlemen, the future of video gaming is upon us. :coffee:

You always bring bad news, don’t you?

I must admit I wept.

THIS FOR EVO 2011!!!

But seriously that looks like crap…

At least the character designs look kinda nice.

The only question is, is there multiplayer? Also is there a limit to how many moves can be used at once consecutively? Though I am wondering why there aren’t any Asian or Pacific Islander looking type characters? I only see White, African American, and Albino.

v Are you retarded? Though I didn’t see any NPC fight back so go figure.

Game actually looks pretty good imo

But then again I’m looking at it as a beatemup and not an fg. Basically mocap boxing with feet.

obviously this isn’t a serious competitive game. it looks fun for what it is. i’d have a good time playing it for an hour or two and then never touch it again.

So, who should we blame for this?

It’s like somebody came in here, saw MahJawn’s fighting game idea and said “Hmm, I think he’s on to something.”

If I wanted to exercise while playing a videogame I’d play DDR.

DDR is the fitness game for chicks and this game will become the fitness game for guys. I’d rather play a boxing game for exercise rather than a dancing game TBH.

No thanks, we already have SF for natal.


No way a game like this would ever be a worthy fighting game. Might as well enjoy it for what it is.

Looks like more fun than Tekken VR.

Devastating combos! Shows a series of random hits with a maximum of a 2 hit combo with a 2 sec gap between the hits

no…it doesn’t

I’m calling it! I’ll be ranked high in this one! Thanks to my kickboxing classes, lol! Finally I will be a contender!! lol

Studied Tang Soo Do in the past so this game should be a breeze for me, right?

Piston Joe? Sounds like a Punch-Out reject.

I must’ve missed that Tekken. I guess it was that shitty. :coffee: