Fighters worth having on mame machine?

so far i got

street fighter 3: 3rd strike
kof 98
kof 2k2
ss5 special
vampire savior
xmen vs street fighter
marvel vs capcom

other suggestions plz.

super gem fighter
art of fighting series (maybe)
fatal fury series

Cyberbots is a good bit of fun.

Last Blade series
Samurai Shodown series

Mortal Kombat series
Waku Waku 7
Martial Masters (although it isn’t 100% perfect)

Just put in every Neo Game, CPS1/2/3, and that basically covers fighters you’ll need

Martial Masters is a must,
Daraku Tenshi the Fallen Angels,
Astra Superstars is lightweight fun,
Groove on Fight + the rest of the power instinct series,
Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku Matrimelee.
And I would give Layer section a go, its not to everyones taste though.

Is this legal?

Fighter’s History Dynamite!:pray:

Martial Masters? MAME emulates that correctly now? It was messed up all the way to 119.

If your computer is fast enough, be sure to get a Dreamcast emulator up and running.

Guilty Gear XX

I run all but GG & SFIII on Chankast and the rest on NullDC

If your hdd is big enough put all you can on there!

So I have SF3 and JoJo for MAME but I can’t play them. I’m using MAME vc-0.119.

Rayforce! :wonder:

I’d recommend either New Generation or 2nd Impact. If you’ve got several versions of II, you may as well add another III, ya know?

I’d recommend 2I over NG, as it’s what NG should’ve been. Either way, though, 3S only is kinda lame if you ask me.

thx, i got the basic idea of people’s tastes

i wanna keep it to 20 games though.

this can be closed.

I’d just shove as many games on there as possible. I mean, why not? I’d say fuck MAME and use nFBA instead though.

Killer Instinct
Primal Rage

Whatever you like really, look at the list and if you like it, find it…