Fighters you always wanted to learn

I just bought a dreamcast from this old white guy. The DC was dirt cheap and he even threw in a stack of 2d fighters, many of which I was too young to really appreciate the systems back then. Out of the ones Im listing (so no mentions of Project Justice and Mortal Kombat Gold), which 3 do you think would be worthwhile for me to invest time in?

Vampire Savior
Last Blade 2
King of Fighters 2002
King of Fighters 2000
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
Soul Calibur I
Garou: MOtW

Im leaning towards CvS2 and Jojo’s? Darkstalkers high-level match videos are very interesting to watch tho.

If it makes a difference, I have a fondness to systems with strong pressure and blockstrings and also flashy techniques.

What a deceptive topic title. I come in here expecting a discussion thread and instead find a “suggest _____ to me” thread.

Touche, salesman.

None of those games really have living scenes anymore in the US, so pick the ones that have the best online emulator communities or the ones you have the most fun with.

I’ve always wanted to learn SFIV. Sadly for me, no-one really plays the game and I realized that its engine was beyond my level of understanding.

You were baiting me, rite

Feel free to list whatever you always wanted to learn. I just changed the topic at the last minute from “I just bought a dreamcast from this old white man” it sounded too General Discussion.

I also dont care about the game having a flourishing scene.

Tech, I swear to god I played Soul Calibur earlier today, and that game still plays like a million dollars. I dont want to bait that one tool in here, but I mean man, Soul Calibur 1 really makes the other 3 games look embarrassing. I mean the controls in SC1 are rock-fucking-socking after all these years. Im never playing 4 again. Sober.

I would say Last Blade 2 and CVS2 for the same reason.

Vampire savior here too, haven’t really played that game.

HOLY SHIT THE ANSWER IS GAROU!!! That game is straight AMAZING! You want an offensive game well there ya go! Additionally, another offensive game is KoF2002. It has a custom combo system which is pretty damn sick and it’s just overall GREAT!

I’ve always wanted to learn JJBA. I think that I might be a bit too old to learn it, though.

out of those? vamp savior definitely that game is good

vampire savior and jojo’s hands down.

KoFs past 96 (esp. 98, 2k2UM and XI)

Played these casually, always wished there was more comp here where I lived so we could all level our game up.

I always wanted to learn Garou and Capcom Vs SNK 2, but never did.

Btw, you should invest your time in either of those two, me thinks.

Jojo’s is a blast to play, really fun game! Also CVS2 and Vamp sav are 2 great games. Sounds like you made a great deal man :).

Where in the Philippines are you located? There is a huge KOF scene here…

If the scene thing isn’t a problem then, I guess go for it. Nah, I was just messing with you; I know you know your stuff. Its exactly as you say, when you get down in SC1 it really makes it hard to go back to the other titles because its just so solid. I really don’t understand how they fucked the formula, but oh well. Its just impossible for me to even play 2 anymore because 1 is just way too good.

About VS, its not exactly the same as VS, its actually VC and you’ll have to import. I have a copy and actually they’re easier to procure now but you can just burn a copy too, if you’re into that as well. Anyway, yeah VC if you play with VS characters in VS mode mimics VS closely but they removed a few dash link combos and the advanced guard system is from VS2 and not VS - advanced guard is much more exact and harder to perform. But yeah, go for it. I’d also say project justice/RS2 as long as you don’t take it super seriously and its real fun. LB2 is not a perfect port from what I heard but I don’t know the exact differences. Well, actually I think LB2 sucks personally but that’s just me.

KOF02 for DC is the best port for OG02 as far as I’m concerned.

CVS2. Most well-rounded game. Tons of fun to be had. Garou would be my 2nd choice. Probably the best SNK game for someone new to them to start with. A lot of fun too. The KOF’s are good, but they’re kinda’ broken. Same with Last Blade 2, it is an incredible game to look at, and it’s fun, but it’s very broken. Vampire Savior is fun but it takes a long time to learn, if you’re into Marvel you may dig it because the combo system is the same. My 3rd choice would be Soul Calibur, which I think many here would agree is still the best 3D fighter.

MK Gold cuz you can do forward forward kick infinite with Sektor

Neo Geo Double Dragon after watching these old matches: [media=youtube]z-JA252Yc18[/media]

There is? Last time there were decent arcades in Greenhills (before it was renovated), everyone was playing Marvel. Then again, I stopped going to arcades for a few years except for Tekken and GG.