Fighters you always wanted to learn


Here are my picks:

Garou: MotW
Brutal: Paws of Fury
MvC2 (without Magneto)
Samurai Showdown
Naruto: Ninja Revolution
Golden Axe: The Duel

I got various reasons for all those different games.


Out of those I’d pick VS/CvS2/Garou. JJBA has always looked interesting to me but Garou sees a lot more play (maybe not on GGPO or w/e but I don’t have a PC so I never go on there anyway).


CvS2, nobody I know plays fighting games so the only competition I get is online.


What is this thread supposed to resolve? You have plenty of resources available to you but you’d rather just cry about a missed opportunity. Seriously, some of the games you people have mentioned are already online not to mention are on GGPO. It’s not like you can’t just get the rom for the game and read a couple of write ups, watch some match videos and play a few games with random people online.

But I digress. This is SRK we are talking about after all.


Well, there are times where you’d want to get competitive with one game, but simply don’t have the chance to either due certain factors such as the lack of a local competitive community or simply the fact that you’re too concentrated on another game and don’t want to have to drop that for another game.


Big deal. I want to grow my own mustard plants that make mustard seeds so I can make my own home made mustard but I don’t have a local community for that. Good thing there are mustard forums where I can talk about mustard though and get tips on how to grow the plants and how to make my own mustard, right?

You don’t even have to play a game competitively to learn it. Chances are your local community wont give a crap about whatever old game you want to learn and that’s why online is your best bet.


Did you know VS is on GGPO?

Yeah really for serious!

It’s funny because I haven’t seen any thread for it. Ever

Is the wolfman good?


the people saying they’d like to learn jojo’s I’m sure there’s people in the Jojo’s thread in strategy zone that would help you out, I’d help people out/teach some things but I can’t really play on GGPO atm.


I’ll take you up on that. Im really interested in Jojo’s now that ive seen some high level Mariah and (dude with the puppet) videos. They look awesome. He’s like the Carl Clover before there was a Carl Clover. Puppet Aegis reflector traps look godlike.

When you really think about it, VS really IS like Marvel. Especially with the tri jumps and blockstrings, thats a really good analysis. Didnt notice until you mentioned it.

Its looking like Jojos, VS and CvS2.

Im going to play Calibur I as well, but thats not a far stretch since the SC1 and 2 versions were the most true to the system before 3 and 4 started fucking things up tremendously. Im already good in SC.


mariah is real fun to use w/ the pendulum thing or whatev


great mariah vs iggy match. D’vo (the guy with the puppet) is also pretty interesting to learn. Kakyioin can set some interesting traps also.


I actually got a FG fan buddy of mine to play Jojo, so now I have a person to play with offline

It should be easy to get people interested in JJBA, even if you’re not familiar with the series there are plenty of cool-looking characters pulling stylish shit off


I’d honestly try them all for a bit. But I’m gonna say CvS2/VS/Garou. Then throw in KoF 02 after those 3.


Damn I need a DC stick/Usb converter to DC


Really? Because I’m sure emulator is much more efficient.


I could never get into JoJo, the hyper aggressive and insane supers reminds me of KOF on crack and ecstasy. Or simply MVC2.


I wanna play jojo.

what do I need.




Blaz Blue.

Game is so pretty. @_@


I was learning Jojos at one point but I gave up because I didn’t want too many games on my plate.