FightHUD Scoreboard manager with Challonge support


Hello everyone and greetings from Slovenian FGC,

As chairman of our little organization, I’d like to present the application we’ve developed to help us with streaming our events and tournaments we organize. It’s a scoreboard manager with Challonge support, so the participants’ names can be easily downloaded and selected from the drop-down menu instead of entered manually. The latter, at least for me, was quite a nuisance when I had to direct our broadcasts and 30 something participants were competing. We’ve also added the option to assign images for each player, which helps us when updating the flags, photos or team logos.

The app has other typical scoreboard functions and has just today reached version 1.01. It’s completely free and can be downloaded from our FGC’s website. If you do find it useful, we’ll of course be happy for any small donation you can fire our way.

We’ve also posted it on Open Broadcaster Software community forum.

Version 1.00 – 31.05.2016

  • Updating of 6 text and 2 image files
  • Download all Challonge tournaments and all participants from the selected tournament
  • All downloaded participants will appear in the drop-down menu for “Left Player” and “Right Player” fields
  • Image selection for left and right player
  • “Reset Score”, “Reset Payers” and “Switch Players” function
  • Download tournament bracket in “svg” format
  • Log

Version 1.01 - 06.06.2016

  • Added fields for “Left Commentator” and “Right Commentator”. The commentators’ names can also be selected in the drop-down menu from the participants list or can be entered manually.
  • Fixed bug when the application had to be restarted before new settings came into effect.
  • “Switch players” button now also switches flags - In the “Settings” tab, fields are now separated in 5 categories: Players Information, Match Info, Flags, Commentators and Challonge
  • Added option to Hide/Show Challonge API -
  • Logs are now saved in FightHUD.log file. The file is saved in the same location as the configuration file in Users/Current User/Documents

I’d be happy to hear if you have any suggestions, comments or critiques. Our FGC functions as a non-profit organization, so all our efforts are completely voluntary. We’ll continue to work on solutions to help facilitate organizing and broadcasting fighting game tournaments, since our goal is to reach a decently run and properly streamed events.