Fighting a denjin ryu

lately at the arcade i have been playin a denjin ryu and i am gettin owned. is there any way to avoid this. is parrying the only way around it or is there something else. i know of remys ex flash kick and uriens throw. are there any moves of chuns or ken that avoid this super. any help would be apritiated, thnx in advance.

Figure out what the denjin setup is, and avoid the set-up. Most good denjin players don’t activate the denjin until they have set it up.

Also, go to parry training class at 3rd Strike College of Martial Arts.

Chun li’s number 2 super will go right through it…
Also, if they are stupid enough to doit at point blank you can always just throw.
but honestly denjin really shouldnt be a problem…

There are a few setups where its annoying and hard to parry, but they are pretty easy to avoid… usually its pretty easy just to parry about be done with it. Just go practice parrying it on your dreamcast in training mode or for a little bit and you will never feat it again.

always tech roll.

do like akuma and teleport.

does doing a quick stand make the denjin easier to parry?

It gives him less time to charge the fireball and if you mess up the parry it’s less likely you’ll be stunned with only two or three hits. Plus, if it’s only two or three hits, you can probably parry and then block whatever low attack he has planned or tech his throw if he dashes in.