Fighting Against Blue Bar Opponents Online


I dont know if anyone is experiencing this but whenever i fight opponents with blue bars (full bar or 3 bars) it takes a very long time to load and it comes to a connection lost or a cancel match something like that.

I can never play with players who has full bars.
For me the Yellow bar is the best that i can play on.

so anyone having the same problems?


yeh mine to just loads and does nothing so i have to restart my ps3


Same here, quite annoying


I dont experience the same thing on X360.


Never experienced it because I’ve never seen a blue bar connection.


ditto, but this has happened to me against yellow bars.


Yes, I have encountered this problem quite a few times as well. I believe it is called LSOD (Loading Screen of Death), a term that I believe was coined by MGO_Count.


For me it happens all the time when i fight with blue bar players.

Anyway to fix it? or are we screwed untill they fix it?


Only happens to people with Blue bars for me. LSOD = Loading Screen of Death


Shit I only get yellow bars


That happens to me regardless of the bars