Fighting against Ryu spamming Fireballs & Dragon Punches

I was practicing against AI on hardest difficulty. It continuously spams fireballs & dragon punches. I take a lot of punishment from it, he can throw fireballs a bit faster than Akuma & when I try to Daemon Flip + Kick, he uses Dragon Punch most of the time. The only reason why I still matches against AI is that it is dumb & easy to trick it into U1. :smiley: So I need some help about that. Is there any way I can jump & combo without getting punished by shorukens ?

HCB+HP he’ll will stop spamming

But the problem is that Red Fireballs take some time to fire, which give enough time for the other player to jump & come near to you or simply hit you if your are a bit close. I usually use Daemon Flip Ex when Ryu fires fireball but still I sometimes get caught by nasty shoryuken. The main problem is that how fast shoryuken comes after a fireball in case you try to jump & attack.

Zone. When he throws a fireball jump over it & just before you land throw an air fireball. Depending on how far away he is from you use the whichever fireball suites. he will be forced to block. If he jumps you can dp,. If he focused you can sweep. Takes alota practice but once you have you zoning game good. It will elevate your game.

Thanks. That was helpful. I’ll try that.

Don’t play the A.I. It’s reaction time is unrealistic and does not compare to real players.

Mr Wude. You have a brilliant akuma bro. How do you play deejay? Coz vortex is pretty ineffective imo. Those slashers are s-tier.

There’s about a million correct answers for this. First is don’t play the AI to practice. You’ll just get frustrated.

Zoning is where you start. Who says you have to go over there? Obviously, he’s not trying to go near you.

A more advanced answer to your problem could start with the focus. Focus absorb and dash towards your opponent. If you’re quick enough, you can hit on his fireball recovery and go into lk.tatsu. Takes practice just like everything else.

The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t always have to jump over the fireball and try to punish. Ever tried neutral jumping and throwing air fireballs? In the meta-game of zoning, the most important thing is to not take damage. If you manage that, especially while hitting your opponent with some of your own fireballs, you’re winning.

Focus Advancing. Its your friend

sup ClxJames its been awhile snice i played you.