Fighting AGAINST Yun



Hello everyone,

Perhaps a strange thread and question to ask.

BUT I really struggle against competent Yun players. So my questions are basically as Yun what is a struggle for you? What is his weaknesses? (so I can capitalise on them)

What do you look for in terms of timing a divekick? what normals tend to beat them?

I’ll have more questions soon, thanks gents.


I use (with Yun) St.lp,,Cr.Hp,lk or ex upkicks(depends on the range). As for timing you aim at below the knee(or the feet) for the best results(+frames). Timing to land a hit depends on your opponents reaction best to mix up the timing so they don’t read you.

Neutral jump assist divekicks just like with rufus forwad jump works to mask jumping lp,mp, and mk. From my experience his low life and grab charaters are his only weakness.

This guide should help you more then I could


What character perspective are we talking from, it’d make it a bit easier to relate/give examples.


Would be best if you posted a replay so we can see what you mean and so people can time stamp where you went wrong. Hopefully the Yun hasn’t coined all his wins in.


I play Gen.

For those who want to know it’s actually games against the above poster Sceno. He’s very big headed about it.


Which version of sf4 are we talking about here? Ultra or ae2012, cause it will make a difference depending on which version we are talking about


It is Ultra, I’m going to see if I can get some games recorded later. I play as Gen.



He can’t make his reversal safe, his non ex reversal can be thrown and usually trades, and he’s very meter dependent.

Most of his offense has significant uppercut gaps, he doesn’t have a strong jump in besides divekick, he has low life and stun, and he doesn’t have a good crossup.

His best pokes are very punishable on whiff.

His options against focus aren’t the greatest. Focus can punish divekick.

In terms of punishing divekick with a normal, stand jab is good. You want something fast, highly active, and high hitting.