Fighting and Panty shots in the new fighting game Line Kill Spirits

Take Rival School + DOA + Pokemon Snap and you get this.


It looks … umm … interesting.

:confused: …and they wonder why people never take these kinds of games seriously. Please keep those digitized fantasies to yourselves (to those who favor that kind of thing).

I just hope the games not broken. I guess this is the case where the length of the skirt determines the tiers.

LMFAO!!! Worst game ever.

why do we like the japenese again?

oh right the anime.

So I wonder how it will play. I’m guessing it will have a button to take photos that you press whenever a pantie shot is on the screen. By watching the video, you fight as normal and you health drops, but is left to regenerate, a bit like vampire saviour, untill your oponent takes a snap shot of your panties, perminantly getting rid of that region for regeneration. Even when your on your last pixel, a snap shot needs to be taken in order to kill you.

As dull as the fighting is, it seems a pretty fun fighter. I’d give it a whirl.

I’m for it.

short, short, panty shot~

The planet Japania? Bwhahahahahahahah!

Quote for funny …


Ran Hibiki from project justice would be god tier !!

If King was in this game she’d be top tier.

I’m all for wacky over-the-top ideas without a particularly solid moral center, but :tdown: to this.

Damn. Too many pedophiles making doujin games.

The game doesn’t seem that bizarre.

Granted, it all comes down to how it plays… but most doujin fighters are pretty disposable so you can’t expect much. At least this game is based on a original premise (instead of designed after particular anime/manga/game) and tries to do something different with the mechanics of the game. I would personally give the developers credit for being daunting.

Um… Battle Raper I & II are games developed by Illusion (specializes in 3D H-games). They’re basically hentai games with light fighting game elements. Granted, Illusion and 3D hentai scares me so I’m not gonna go into further detail. :confused:

Google away!

funny note: there’s no actual raping in Battle Raper 2:xeye:

more a-bombs

:clap: man that shit was funny as hell. This obviously is not meant to take seriously people. This is the shit you put in for like 30 minutes in your gaming session, just like when we play 4-player MvC1. I can imagine just playing this with a few friends with some drinks and just cracking up. Seems like a party game for fighting gamers.

you sound disappointed

more amused than disappointed.

W…T…F is WRONG with the perverts who made this game!!! Sick fucks. Man, those are little kids, for crying out loud.

uses the Sasami/Tsunami defense SHe’s really 1000’s of years old so it’s totally legal.