Fighting and Panty shots in the new fighting game Line Kill Spirits

In japan, child pornography isn’t half the thing it is here. Children being naked and having sex in manga is practically common.

ROFLMFAO if I had a nickel for every time I heard THAT one, I’d be one rich bitch.

Panty Combo Finish!!!

I think I’d probably only have 5 cents.

That’s a weird game, there. It’s a cool, innovative idea, that you need to put your opponent in a certain situation and do something to him/her to make the damage stick, but couldn’t they have picked something less, I don’t know, extremely freaky?

So you only play Mortal Kombat, then. Hope you enjoy that piece of crap. What are you doing in, by the way?

You haven’t seen the extent of fighting game potential until you’ve seen VIRTUAL RAPE TEARS.

Battle Raper is better than that shit.


Could be worse: they could kancho, THEN take photos…

Let’s all play Variable Geo.

:yawn: I completly forgot about the that…really. so the fighting games and the anime and maybe their flavored snacks.

hey don’t hate on the flavored snacks.

Mmm Pockeys. And Japan has the best chewing gums. Not sure why, but they just do.

Watches vid

There needs to be a furry version of this game… for obvious reasons.

They really do. I’m addicted to Black Black… it’s so minty it wakes my ass up pronto in the morning.

cancels download

I played it. The character that wears pants is broken as fuck.

Fuck yo’ Pocky. Hi-Chews FTW!


this game > any 2d game.

If strip fighter II for PC Engine had that feature…

then god help us