Fighting back foward characters

Ok when i play my friend or just about everyone else its always the same boring Capcom teams.Bison,blanka sagat,guile,honda.
Boring!!I seem to be the only person who picks from the Snk side im my area.

Well my only problem is Honda.My personal experience and opinion is a well played honda can shut down kyo easily.Which is rather :lame: cause Blanka gives me little trouble once i get my timing and pressure on.

Main Problem vs honda is starting the pressure.I cant jump in becuase his Down up short and meduim ass flop is invincible.I can start poking my way in for the same reason.When i roll in i get 360ed back out.I cant seem to find the timing to dp the butt flop.

Im always trading hits with honda and always take more dmg.His standing fierce is just a bitch to try to get around.

My friend is always changing up his tactics.I can punish him only when he misses a down up with c.fierce qcf+fierce rekka chains but then he wont do it again.I keep ending up going hit for hit.:bluu:

I win 2 out of 5 vs honda.:mad:I play C or K groove kyo r2

does he roll cancel the head butt? if not, jump in, press down and fp. it’ll usually trade but you’ll get a knockdown eventually. once that happens, just mix it up and keep the pressure on. i hate to say it, but i think honda can own kyo when he’s played well.

We both dont roll cancel.His back forward head but is the least of my troubles.I just jump back and down fierce him but on the wake up its either super,ass flop or grab.So getting close to him without trading is a real problem.

Hey random what part of miami fl?Cause im in hollywood.

It’s generally not a good idea to jump in on Honda at all, regardless of whether he uses RC or not. LP headbutt has 5 frames total body invincibility and an additional 7 frames upper body invincibilty after that. When Honda’s charged and properly times his anti-air LP headbutt, Kyo jumping d.HP loses every time.

Are you friends with Flash Metroid? That kid is funny… :lol:

want to beat honda…JD,,, combo galore

I quit playing K because of stupid mofos like blanka and honda, N or P, you’ll have an easier time.

to kcxj: flash lives right down the street from me. me and him play a couple times a week over at his house or the arcade. how do you know flash?

to vigilante: i live in kendall. long ways from hollywood. but, if you’re ever interested in playing, just let me know. i’m always trying to get a scene for cvs together here. who do you normally play with (actaul people)? better yet, where do you even play?

jumping in on honda is dangerous, but doable. especially with jd. kyo is just nasty. i’m willing to eat 2 or 3 anti airs just to get a knockdown. once you’re in, it isn’t easy to get kyo out. and more than likely, you’ll land at least one grab if you’re smooth. or if you’re really smooth, one of the sweet death combos that can be connected off of medium punch. the main thing is getting in.

as for staying in, you have to make sure to stay just out of his grab super range. it can be tempting to just plop right on top of him and baby sit, but it’s dumb. just be glad it has pretty crappy range. i’d basically wait for him to begin his standing up animation to mount an attack. since you don’t have to worry about a rc headbutt, you can punish attempts to retaliate. it has to be a controlled rush. basically, you want to keep him in kyo’s range. and definately short jump on his big ass with down and fp! that is just good kyo playing in general.

i’m not sure, but does kyo’s jumping lk cross up on honda? i’m just thinking it could be used to take away his charge. i’m not really sure though. anybody know?

I found this out vs the computer today, Kyo’s beats everything honda does thats not RC’ed.

random super here:

i think it depends on the range.

if we are talking about k-kyo here…i don’t know why we are talking…how does honda stop kyo from just walking in on him?:lol: i guess rc slaps do but even then he has to use a or a to cover it.

jumping in on honda is never dangerous, in some grooves it is pointless because honda will win every time, but it isn’t dangerous, he doesnt’ have something that is going to just take ur life away sumtin crazy. and since we are talking k-groove, if he uses anything but s.fp and a lp headbutt to keep you out he is stupid, he might should just stand there and try and throw you when you land after he has made you jd his AA’s a couple times.

basically, honda’s worse fear is a k-groover…especially one that can combo like kyo