Fighting Balrog

My buddy plays a mean Balrog, and is the only character I really have a problem against. Any tips on fighting Balrogs?

Hey, just made a HUGE post about fighting Balrog in one of the Stickied threads. Of course, I would say something like, “This should belong in the MATCH-UPS THREAD, so post there instead!!” But – hahahaha – I’d be a total hypocrite because I’m gonna link you a post about fighting Balrog that’s not in the match-ups thread. Lol! So I can’t talk. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

  • James

james its not like u have some vids aswell? it would help me HUGELY for that

Sadly, I don’t have many videos of myself playing out there, but here is a clip from the Cicada tourney this past month where I did manage to defeat Keno’s Balrog, and Keno can very well be called the best Balrog player in SoCal. So I think I got lucky in a lot of places. :slight_smile:

It’s after UltraDavid fights Keno first. So my match starts at 5:25. Then you can watch me hang with Mike Ross for 2 rounds and then get SLAUGHTERED. :slight_smile:

  • James

If i can chime in…the thing about the tactics that james has mentioned its like this…

Each tactic hes mentioned in that post is kind of situational no one video can highlight how to handle balrog. To punish most of his rush punches you have to be extremely reactive, as well as know what strength punch is coming at you - at what distance. Mix in Ex versions now you have a pot load of specials with very specific counters for most of them.

Now there is a proper way of rushing down a rog that a video could show you but you’d have to have a really good rog to fight against to see how he should/would/could respond…9 times out of 10…that well equipped rog is going to make the matchup seem hopeless regardless. Each of those tactics are things you need to take into account JUST FOR A FIGHTING CHANCE. thats how bad the matchup is IMO.

Wong says Hondas worse…Ive played cammy Longer then him, his execution is 1000x better But i disagree. Rog is unstoppable in the right hands vs cammy. Honda…Not so much

Impressive! Very smart play, I like it. I wish I could play 10% like you… Just out of curiosity, why no Ultra @ 8:29? Pity you ate Honda’s super, but nice matches.

Was that when I did Focus into Back Dash? 1) I wasn’t ready and didn’t think it was gonna connect. 2) I also didn’t think it would have been worth it. It was a low level Ultra, and after connecting from a Focus, it already drops to 70% damage. I thought saving it for an Ultra later against a Rush or if I manage to land a Focus later to kill him would have been better. Seeing as how I lost that Round, I NOW think it was a mistake, but that’s what I was thinking at the time. :slight_smile:

And I do really like what Rellmane said. It really DOES make a huge difference on who you are fighting. So definitely, you have to adjust based on your opponent.

  • James

That’s it. I never knew of that damage drop. I try to land Ultra (even low level) whenever I can, because there might not be another opportunity.

Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated.
-Sun Tzu

QFT. Once you find out what’s your opponent style, defeating him is much easier.

Sometimes I try to change my playstyle. I play 1st round defensively and safely, and 2nd round offensively and risky. One time, my opponent was so stunned by that change he couldn’t even mash DP…

That was a really amazing match. I gotta train up for a tournament soon, and I’m definitely going to use that clip as a reference. Thanks!

James finally saw your Match at that tourney… The problem was your approach on honda… you cant footsie that guy. Also i saw no double dives on him (dive to tkcs). You could have also baited out more splashes out of ross too. When you was walking up to him trying to get off Mk’s i was so scared for you.

When you fight honda your positioning should always be just out of sweep distance or further, I almost never walk into his realm like i would do with rog

You didnt get destroyed at all you just got caught by that super and lost momentum… Dive kick the shit out of Honda…Delay the timings, MAKE him want to AA splash you but be ready THEN ULTRA!!!

  • calms down

You did good though lol…More delayed dives on honda tho

Also On Switching up styles on Balrog…yes IMO thats the best thing to do, you have to think Gen Mode when fighting him. the whole match has to be on big gimmic fest

ah yeh very ggs vs the rog, its a lot forward/backward i see. although that rog wasnt an hardcore camper, i think its harder vs those

as for honda game, u can punish blocked missle with sa same way u punish blanka balls but u gotta be faster, and not sure but i think u can sa on blocked multihands special but wouldnt bet on this

Unlike blanka you can’t punish a lp headbutt on block last I knew. I could be wrong though, I know Bison most certainly can’t punish it.

cant punish lp or mp…mp looks like hp dont let it fool u

EX and Jab headbutts can only be punished by Supers.

Strong Headbutts can be punished by Supers or Ultras.

Fierce Headbutts can be punished by Supers, Ultras, and Roundhouse Drill.

LEARN IT. REMEMBER IT. :slight_smile:

  • James

Just to add to the HP headbutt. You can punish it with MK SA. It is better to punish it with MK than HK, because 1 hit HK SA <<< 1 hit MK SA… Every little damage against E.Honda helps…

i dunno… mk is too slow i believe u have to be at a certain situational distance

James, can you please write something similar for Zangeifs Matchup… i honestly cant dream to win against good Zangeifs who are familiar with the cammy matchup…


much appreciated :china:

On block with hp headbutt, I know I have done a > hk SA before. On block honda is always close enough because he always just hits and lands on the spot for recovery.