Fighting Commander 3 for Fei Long players

Ok, I got mine today and i think I’m the first to accurately rate this controller vs. the Saturn one. This is mostly as how it feels to a Fei player in SSF4 or SF4.

  1. Directional pad. Godamn is this thing a beauty. Forget the Saturn directional pad, this one kills it. You can actually FEEL every direction you press, if you mess up chicken wing motion you will feel it! Same with rekka. It’s at a perfect height. Not so high that it’s a chore to press but just enough so that you can feel it on your thumb. The saturn directional pad in comparrison is ambigious. Because it isn’t a cross hair but a circular raised pad, it feels smooth to press but you can never tell if you are more to the side or up and down. The directional pad itself on the FC3 is rounded so you don’t get blisters and you get a smooth feel for circular motions.

  2. 6 Face buttons. These things are also much better than the Saturn pad. The big advantage is that they are all smooth top as opposed to smooth for the bottom 3 and raised for the top 3 on the Saturn. Also, the buttons are big. One problem i had with the Saturn pad was the punch buttons being small so that I didn’t feel if I had press them or if my finger hit the wrong button until I see the results on screen. FADC without remapping is much easier on this pad because of the level buttons (FADC or throwing on a Saturn pad is hard in comparrison) because of the raised punch button which usually gets hit first. One complaint people have levied against this pad at first glance is that the 2 far right buttons, the ones we normally map as hard punch and hard kick are both R buttons (right shoulder buttons) instead of 1 L button and 1 R button (this was my biggest concern) but…

  3. Contour. This is where the above complaint is rendered moot. You see, the contour of the controller to the hand is in such a way that when you go for an R shoulder button (not the face but the actuall shoulder) your hand rests perfectly on either the 2 lower punches (square and triangle) or 2 lower kicks (x and circle) so you are essentially manually pressing all 3 buttons but it feels natural to do so. You’re not gonna miss mapping 3 punch and 3 kick. Also of note, pressing 2 punches or 2 kicks manually for ex moves becomes much more natural as a result as well. Basically when doing 3 punch you would be hitting square+triangle+r1 (on the shoulder) and it feels right. For 3 kicks you will be hitting x+circle+r2 (on the shoulder).

  4. Free to remap L buttons to something else. You won’t want nor need to map the 3 punches or kicks anymore. 1 problem with the standard layout of mapping 1 L button and 1R button on the face is that you would usually map your ultra (either 3 punch or 3 kick) to the remaining right shoulder button. This causes muscle confusion when you switch ultras or characters. Don’t get that as much with the current layout. Also, this effectively eliminates the awkwardness of hitting L buttons for any specials with directional inputs.

  5. All buttons have tactile feel. They click, not hard and not too mushy. You can feel when you press a button but it feels good to do so. Like popping bubble wrap only a bit easier but with a good “pop” sensation.

  6. It has turbo. Not really a plus. Turbo is cheating to me and it’s not quite fast enough for 1 frame links (specifically CW > cl.HP)

  7. USB - can probably hook it to a PC and other consoles that accept USB inputs haven’t tried but since it is USB, no need to sync or shit like with wireless standard PS3 pad.

  8. Material - Still too early to say but the plastic and weight somehow reminds me of logitec stuff.

I hate to say it to fellow pad players (mainly because it’s gonna cost ya) out there but for SF 6 button layout games, we have a new champion. The Saturn pad has been dethroned at long last. At first glance on paper, the seemingly wrong way of mapping both R buttons to the face is a big detractor BUT when you throw in the contour, it is not an issue. This makes you free to remap FA and throw instead on the L shoulders which have the added benefit of better dash control during FADC than having to press the 2 middle attack buttons, not that it is hard with this controller (vs. the saturn pad).

Added bonus is i can use this for shmups with turbo.

Questions? Comments? post below.

I don’t have a problem with the (genuine) Saturn pad’s buttons. FA or throw always work for me (and feel natural).

But I think with the cross-shaped dpad of this Fighting Commander 3 (and even the Dualshock’s) dashing is easier. While it works good on the Saturn pad it’s still possible to screw up the dashing part in FADCs.

Your explanation about how to press 3P and 3K makes sense.

Nice review. Let’s see how durable this pad is.

I like my MC fightpad but I may take a gander at this bad boy.

I didn’t think i had a problem with the Saturn pad either till I met the directional pad on this. It’s almost like an epiphany of sorts.

As for durability, I’ll give you a heads up after I’ve played it for a good month or 2.

For L buttons, I still like to map a single 3P to the L shoulder but for the second L button, I’m a bit conflicted on if I should map FA or throw. As i said before, FA seems easier on this pad so I’m tempted to map throw if just for teching throws.

As i get used to it though, I may no longer need to map 3 punch to an L shoulder and map FA and throw to both of them.

Ordered one today. Is yours still fine? And do you still have 3P mapped to an L-trigger?

Mine still works great. The dpad has been “broken in” although it was already very smooth new.

I’ve mapped both P X3 and K X3 to the L triggers although I don’t really need the K X3 to the second L trigger, I feel safer with it when I’m in the heat of battle and my hands numb.

Notice however, I do have small hands even for an Asian. The mapping on the controller is a little big for me but someone with bigger hands might have an easier time.

Really, the d-pad makes this controller. I can’t go back to a saturn pad after this. It really is that good.

Thanks, glad to read that (especially since I have rather big hands).

or maybe you can try to play with stick and play anywhere since its universal… especially since the arcade version is coming out this winter… get ready fei players!!

just curious but do any of u guys have trouble doing FA on the pad? no matter which pad i use i always have trouble

Hey guys,

Just wanted to follow up with this, as Ryan (Inthul), Gummowned and I thought it was a good idea.

Pad players don’t get much respect these days due to the popularity of the joystick, but arguably since Inthul has shown how fierce he is with one, things are changing. At EVO, he asked if I could help him get a Hori FC pad’s dual modded and buttons remapped so ultras were much easier to perform. With SRK Gummowned’s help, we got it done.

The dual mod is a custom job using XBOX360 PCBs from a TE or SE joystick. Gummowned - I believe - is the first to do this with the FC. Problem is that TE and SE PCBs are hard to get, and chimp boards won’t work. If someone can correct me on that, I’m all ears.

That said, however, I’m working with Gummowned on a program to get some PCBs and offer a pad purchase and modding service over at This is for a dual mod with L1 & R1 buttons mapped for PPP & KKK. Inthul’s really happy with the pad, and used it at GVN’s Summer Jam this weekend. You might’ve seen it on the stream.

Pricing it TBD, but will be reasonable given the import pad, parts and labor for it. If anyone’s interested, either PM me or reply here. Thanks!

Sounds good - but if you mod that pad then why still map anything to an L-trigger at all? There are 6 face buttons and 2 R-triggers.

Why not make R1 PPP and R2 KKK?

edit: Like the user CrucialThreads did:

im considering switching from DS3 to an FC but the thing im concerned about is:

  1. Are you guys still able to Plink on pad just as well as you could on the DS3? (For those of you who are curios, yes i do plink with pad to do the CW>st.Hp or CW>st.Lp … etc combos)
  2. How Durable are these pads in comparison to MadCatz fightpad which from what i have read, break down within weeks-months.

cool, id be interested if the price is reasonable. Drop a pm or something if you can. Thanks.

  1. Plinking is YMMV depending on your hand size vs. the buttons. For me it’s difficult. My hands are small. Others might have ginormous fingers. That said, it is much more difficult to plink on pad over using a joystick even if you’re used to it.

  2. Durability. This thing is quite durable. Pick up a logitech controller and you’ll find it’s similar plastic. Heavier than a standard DS 3 that’s for sure.

I’m absurdly interested in this. Given how many fighter games are on the 360, it blows my mind that there isn’t an alternative for the pad warriors.

Though I’m a little confused on the remapping buttons. Like you’d change the two face buttons to be L2 and R2 so they can become the heavy attacks?

No, when we mean remapping, we mean re-soldering the wires to match different face buttons. That is exchange the signal each button sends for a different button.

Oh no, I understand that. What I mean is would L1 get Square, Triangle and R1 cables all soldered to it making it a physical “PPP” single button regardless of game? Or would the R1 on the face of the controller get its wiring changed with the L2?

Let me try a better explanation. I get the controller, I map the face buttons to the standard set up (top three buttons punches, bottom three buttons are kicks, light-med-heavy) without assigning a PPP or KKK input to any button using in-game menu. What attacks would come out as I hit the shoulder buttons?

Factory settings:
L1: Unassigned
L2: Unassigned
R1: Heavy Punch
R2: Heavy Kick

L1: Unassigned
L2: Heavy Punch
R1: Unassigned
R2: Heavy Kick


I am strongly interested in purchasing one if you do happen to make the mod again. Ryan was speaking about this controller for weeks. Every time we played he mentioned it was being made for him and he even has post about it on his FB page. I as a pad player and Fei user am looking to purchase this controller. I have a MC for Xbox/PS3 and I am really starting to dislike them. I was only able to use my MC for the PS3 for like 5 min and the USB went out! I really didn?t like the feel as the battery back was different from the Xbox one.

I also hate the Xbox one as well. After a few rounds my dumb begins to stick to the Dpad making motions harder to execute. I was looking to purchase this controller due to his advice and now reading that you are going to make more I will for sure purchase one. I can purchase the controller and send it to you or whatever way you want. I am looking to enter tournament play now and I want to have a controller that I feel confident and comfortable with. Get back to me please.

Wont work that way. The controller has 2 sets of R1/R2 one set is on the face and the other is on the right shoulder side. The mod would make the 2 right shoulder buttons L1/L2 instead. So you could map PPP & KKK making the U2 much more easy to use on reaction. I truly want this controller as my MC for xbox is ok its starting to frustrate me. I just purchased a PS3 MC fightpad and its already dead. USB problems

after a few modifications, mainly cardboard inserts like from a business card under each face button, D-pad and behind the mother board behind the D-pad and face buttons. The control is GOLDEN!!! Commands come out like a charm. I was for a little while upset that I spent so much money on this controller and it didnt respond well. After a few test and the changes I mentioned I can link now link any combo together with ease. And trust me my thumb was screaming bloody pain trying to break in the D-pad. Th problem with the controller is that there is to much space between the rubber and the mother board. I felt I had to press to hard to get a input and it felt as if I was playing with a negative edge all the time. I couldnt even do the simple rekka link cr.lp>crlp>stdlp>crlp>rekka for my life. Now with the cardboard I can do it at will again. I now love this controller. Wait not really 100% love yet, I still have to mod the triggers so I can have my U1&U2 on the right shoulder button and then send out to get dual modded. Then it will be 100% love