Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


How’s the netcode so far?

That’s going to be an important thing.


Watched Ketchup stream a bit. Looked OKAY. Its about what you would expect from people without a big budget or anything. So if you go in with that tempered enthusiasm, you’ll probably like it.


Got the demo!

Been playing mostly Skullo and Shirase. I thought the latter was a bit tricky at first but everything appears to be okay.

Uploading some game play videos later. Gotta go back to Somber Town.


Its pretty decent I played a few matches I only had one that wasn’t all that great.

Some shit I noticed about Hades:
It seems like it counters Garuda.
The requirement for activation is that you knock them down 10 times.
All of Garuda’s specials and supers outside of his qcbx2+P(Kienbu) super knocks down so if you’re trying to avoid them getting the armor you are missing out on damage
Using Kienbu isn’t that great on a standing opponent and it works better as a juggle.
Also Kienbu is unsafe as fuck even on hit so you have to back up during the last little bit to make it safe and you miss out on damage
When Hades gets activated that shit ignores all normals (including the chain combos). Only his sweep and MP+MK beat the super armor. B.HP and B.HK last hit only goes through super armor.
Hades also ignores Kienbu but at least its unscaled damage of course good luck getting all that damage.


Just a heads up that on the character select screen it gives you “Progressive” Controls as the default


also running and then crouching seems strong as hell since the momentum causes you to slide forward quite a bit and its pretty fast. Hopefully it gets toned down a bit.


Yeah this game isn’t very good.

Most notable being the netcode overall is pretty ass. If I eventually get matched with a player, at some point the game will lag.

Run up into low is pretty good, safe, and easy to apply. Easily chain into your medium into a combo. Everything feels minus outside of meaties.

Whatever card that makes you get infinite armor is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Some guy using Darun was just waiting for me to press a button to counter it with command grab. Eventually had to resort to throws or if I have bar, cancel into super quick time.

Card system overall reminds me of gems and that’s nit a good sign.

  1. its a limited beta thats meant to test the (obviously) mediocre code.
  2. gougi system is just a more imaginative Gem system from SFxT.
  3. Darun Mister is an asshole with a BS pelvic thrust infinite that i cant help but point and laugh at as well as cry.


Its literally day one of a beta version you irredemable scrub. We legit don’t know how to play this game and you’re already losing your shit?

For fuck’s sake, what the fuck is the point of SRK if I’m gonna be reading bullshit like this?


no demo in EU so far?
tried to download it from the PSN store website, doesn’t seem to work


Coming tomorrow apparently.


Online is terrible. The game needs GGPO if it’s going to survive.



I’m not well versed in the Street Fighter EX games. Anything from those games got carried over?


Woah man I’m calm. You hit me with the name calling maybe you’re the one that’s losing his shit? That or you’re just overly-sensitive?

Just noticed now a few posts up you were talking about how “lit” the game is gonna be. Hey we’re cool to have positive opinions, but if they’re negative I need to quit SRK, because god help me if an opinion differs from my own. Damn, I really understand how these forums work now bro, thanks.


Been having a blast with the game so far. Yes, super armor, infinite meter is annoying. Hopefully these will have a timer tied to them in the future. Online has been good mostly for me.

These developers are very active on their Facebook page. Be sure to leave feedback over there.


Whose playing Garuda?


Reportedly this game has 8 frames of input lag



I’m about to.


God bless the PS4.