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Me, He is so wacky


Allen seems OD. Justice Fist has its own unique juggle property, leading to some loops if he has meter.

Can we not propagate this myth. Especially when we’ve seen devs pull off games without that much delay.


Your opinion so far (normals,specials & super)?

In what way?


Hard to tell.

I’ve spent roughly five minutes in the training mode with him with no real match experience.
I am looking a bit deeper into him later on tonight. In fact, I will probably post a constructed opinion based on game play experience and on what others are doing with both Garudo and Shirase. I like both of those characters, the former because he is a quirky yet powerful looking beast.


Early impressions of FLEX (will call it this even with the title being different):

[] Reminder that bad connections often happen on PS4… someone made it felt the random staggers were fine and just kept trying to get offense like it was intentional to have lag.
] Darun Kairi Shirase and Allen seem really good, especially Darun (aka JUGGERNAUT DARUN).
[] Skullomania might be decent due to the Gougi system indirectly (in the past, he felt lacking in terms of solid tools and the system wasn’t a true benefit)
] Skullomania has an infinite:
[] Juggernaut seems way too strong from personal use. It’s literally a nightmare for someone that needs offense going. Sweeps, throws, and supers can counter the armor effect… but getting these out and limiting the tools outside of it is a big concern. If I had to recommend a go-to gougi with cheap stuff, Juggernaut would be the way to go.
] The unblockable effect seems good online, and at first, it’s hard to get used to considering no BIG letters pop out similar to the EX2 series. It’s reactable outside of that since lightning effects and black backdrop does occur. Unable to test, but in past memory of the older EX games, unblockable overhead attacks is “never” a true meaty, and you can always jump it and I believe mash on wake-up. TLDR: Decent online, may be reactable offline.
[] Garuda feels… inconsistent? Idk what it is, but it feels like the spacing on Shuuga (qcf+punch) from strings or even a Low Forward xx Shuuga, can make it whiff. Some people online will end up hitting a button to it, but you can pretty much autopilot jump+toward upon reaction of the whiffed Shuuga, which can net you a full jump-in combo. If Garuda can potential super cancel (ideally flames super is best choice), it could hit, but reward is possibly minimal or sometimes even unsuccessful (whiffing). In older games, he used to be good with pressure utility (and dishing tons of chip), although with the spacing issue, it makes it troubling for this game. Sweep also isn’t special cancellable at all, not on hit or block (similar to EX2+ apparently).
] Onto the sweep cancels… I noticed Allen’s sweep is special cancellable ONLY on block, but not on hit.
[*] Had lots of things going with Allen overall. There is an easy loop that can be done (idk if that’s the same as @d3v 's post, and I can’t see it since it gives me a content is not available error)… but essentially, you can do any BNB xx qcfqcf+kick, Justice Fist (Reverse DP) xx qcfqcf+kick… repeat… It’s endable with Jab DP if the opponent has an escape Gougi skill (which will outright punish Justice Fist or qcfqcf+kick super on hit).


@Weeaboo some of his moves are goofy looking. The excessive spinning…when I whiff a dp it makes me chuckle even if i’m gonna pay for it. He is a bad ass character though, really digging the updated look.

Also, it seems like he has the easiest super cancel string.


Damn, we already have salt in a beta?


He calls you are scrub…

Even though you tore his ass to pieces. I will never under the logic behind this.


Score was 2-0 in my favor. The funny thing was, he used Allen… and I think he did even more DPs/DP xx Supers. I think I only did 2 wake-up DPs with Garuda?

He had a habit of doing DPs while I was crossing up, so I just took advantage of it.

Allen = Paul Phoenix players?


That reminds me. There was a Skullomania player who kept trying to DP me… at the mid range (with the follow up no less) even after getting punished multiple times (admittedly, half of the punishes I used at the time were not optimal in the slightest because I still trying to get used to the chain system again. Coincidently I was playing the same character myself).


Online play has been good for me. Don’t forget to manually select your character then change controls to ‘classic’. Using Kairi and wondered why my moves weren’t coming out.


I sound like a broken record repeating this over and over, but…
This has nothing to do with the ps4.
It is a problem with how the UE4 works, the inbuild input reader of UE4 is the one that induces this problem, not the fucking console.
Now, if you do your own input reader module like ASW and NRS does then you wouldn’t have this kind of problems.

There are plenty of games out there that use the UE4 that don’t have this problem since they also build their own tools, the same for other games that use other engines.

The minimum theoretical input delay that you would ever see is 3f, 1f for the control, 1 for the console and 1 for the tv/monitor.
But usually the norm is that you have like 3.X, since you can’t really count fractions of a frame you round it to 4, which is considered the golden number.
If you have it between 4 and 5 is considered great, 6 is ok and anything from 7 onwards is considered bad.

Now, the good nes are that UE4 recently got a new release that fixes the problem and reduces the input delay around to 5 and 6.
The only thing is that is up to the devs to repackage their game on the newer build of UE4 to take advantage of it.


I went 51-12 today. Only beaten by Juggernaut Darun’s. Juggernaut-Darun is a monster


Allen corner combo loop. EDIT: Only works on big characters.

Sorry for the trash can quality:

EDIT: Actually something better that’s universal. On max bars, it’s more damaging to do: (running) Low Strong, St.Forward xx Justice Fist xx qcfqcfkick… repeat. HOWEVER, you will not be able to get the 4th super due to this, but there is a way around this. Do St.Short - Low Strong, St.Forward on the 3rd rep, you will gain enough meter for a 4th super.

Loop is as followed (potentially universal):

Justice Fist xx Triple Break, WR Low Strong, St.Forward xx Justice Fist xx Triple Break, WR Low Strong, St.Forward xx Justice Fist xx Triple Break, WR St.Short - Low Strong, St.Forward xx Justice Fist xx Triple Break, Justice Fist.


Man this “Everyone is Armor Ralf” Gem is fuckin dumb… and it doesn’t even have a hard requirement.
Having to just throw and sweep for a whole match blows lol.


A lot of it is weird, but yes, I find this one the weirdest decision, nor do I know a reason why anyone would NOT use it. It either needs to be a timer activation, or it just shouldn’t be a thing at all. It pretty much mitigates a lot of the tools for use once it’s active, and with the extensive time, it’s pretty scary.


Haven’t been able to get any matches yet, however I did watch streams by Biscuits, Jiyuna, Valle and Ketchup, so some impressions

The Good:

  • game looks really damn fun. Yeah it’s a bit on the wacky/broken side, but it’s still fun, not balls-to-the-wall kusoge like Hokuto no Ken
  • the graphics are great. Both the stages and the character models look very nice. The hit/projectile particles also add flavor to the overall visuals
  • the presentation is top notch. Pretty much the entirety of the UI is nice and easy too look at and use
  • the game loads SUPER fast. Both offline and online. The rematches are also rather quick. This is quite a breath of fresh air compared to nearly every other fighting game on the market, especially when you compare this to the “heavier” SFV and T7
  • the music is classic Arika style, which means it’s nothing short of amazing. Honestly FEXL itself just screams 90’s, and not in a bad sense of the word
  • there seems to be no input leniency, so if you fuck up your execution - you gon die
  • Shirase looks gorgeous
  • The animations are MOSTLY okay, though there are a few jarring examples like Kairi’s “Imma push you into the ground” throw
  • Being able to switch characters on the fly in Training Mode is great, though I wish you could also do this with the Gougi setup. Perhaps that’s a feature to be added later?
  • The netplay seems great based on the matches I’ve seen, no noticeable lagspikes or anything of the like. Of course I don’t know if it’s input delay or rollback, but so far so good

The Bad:

  • The physics get a little too crazy sometimes. The most notable examples are Skullo’s scarf and Garuda’s armor
  • I assume this is WIP, but the character voices are inconsistent. Pretty much everybody except for Snider seems to have new voicework, while Snider’s is clearly straight from the EX games
  • The Gougi sets are imbalanced, with Juggernaut clearly being the best selection. It’s like Mahvel’s infinity stones
  • The hit sound effects are terrible. At this point I guess we can only wait and see if they get updated for the full release sometime next year
  • Snider is top tier for no apparent reason, dude just shits out damage and can do so from anywhere on the screen, especially thanks to the one-two-three kicks super juggle
  • The gravity needs adjustments. Characters just float in the air like they weigh nothing and fall to the ground very slowly
  • The jumps are also very floaty, which kinda “slows” the game down when you try to approach the opponent with jumping attacks

The “Fix this before release”:

  • The gougi need a global nerf. Some of them seem abusable and too strong, especially infinite meter, super armor, and invisibility on dash
  • Garuda has a 3-hit infinite, this obviously needs to be patched out


Any listing of “fix before release” needs to include input delay.


Training mode also needs to let you switch between classic and progressive on the fly. I realize most people won’t want to use progressive, and it won’t see serious competitive play, but I was interested in tinkering with it and couldn’t understand why nothing was coming out – especially because you can switch in the command list, which I thought would actually switch it.

I’d sort of like to see Hokuto return as a separate character from Shirase/Bloody Hokuto, with differentiated movesets, but if they aren’t going to do that I hope they at least give us the Hokuto skin as an option – she’s been totally redesigned since the last trailer we saw, and while it’s a good design I’d like to have both.

Wish Pullum and Blair were in this beta. Using Skullo mostly and having fun with him at least.


Isn’t that already the case. I was under the impression that Hokuto and Shirase were separate characters here.