Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


That trailer is from months ago, before Bloody Shirase was revealed. I think Hokuto is gone for good

Oh and this too, yeah. Question is does Arika have enough staff to move to a newer UE version with reduced input lag? Namco basically figured it out in less than a month. I don’t expect Arika to be as fast with the input delay reduction

Speaking of Progressive - Darun with progressive control scheme is OP. Dude can do 360 and 720s at will

#342 Depending on the gougi you use you might not get that 4th super. But with the damage up boosters, you still might do more damage anyway. Will need to test in the center and against smaller characters.



I wanna say they’re just testing ideas out, coz honestly it’s effectiveness is like having a crazy v-trigger/Infinity storm active for the whole match once you get it.
They wanna see how players can exploit these mechanics and then decide to keep/discard them and what adjustments to have. Darun with Armor or Allen with infinite meter are nuts right now.

It’s hilarious to me that the hit sounds are the same as the EX games, it’s goofy but it tickles my nostalgia bone so I don’t mind it.
It still needs some work, the physics especially… the way everyone floats and jumps reminds me of tekken 2/3 and super old games, which just looks wrong in a 2018 game lol. Lots of unnecessary air time all around.

I see the potential though and it’s fun right now, if they manage to fix these few things and maybe get rollback netcode the game will be golden.
My real gripe with the beta is I never really used any of the characters in it but it’s fun exploring them, hopefully they’ll add a character or 2 by the end of it.


Could still be optimized. Hard attack to lead off. Adding a light attack in the juggle.


I’m fine with stuff feeling like the older games (which is part of the point of this). I mean, this time at least, we actually see how far up they get launched. If they were to tighten up the launch physics, I’d want them more for tightening the timing of combos - some feel like there’s too much leeway to miss certain juggles, either too early or too late.

That said, I’m more concerned about damage, and how some characters seem to just vomit damage, while others barely go past 50, even after spending a number of bars.


yeah Garuda’s air super and Duran’s air throw seem either glitched or just supposed to be insanely damaging for no reason, there’s a few more but these are the ones I can recall atm.


I’m assuming the overall cheapness (damage etc.) is the reason why they went for 3 out of 5 rounds, aware of how strong some characters could be, along with the Gougi System. They could also just balance the overall strength to a lower degree, but then they would probably change it to 2 out of 3.

idk. Game was weird for me at first (primarily due to the Gougi System… the chain and run stuff I can relate since I played something similar [a MUGEN game that had the same style of neutral]), could definitely get some refinement here and there… but overall, a pretty fun game.


Its more fun than SF5.

So far all the kinks, there’s somwthing kinda great about the ridiculelessness of it.


While I’m usually open to stuff feeling cheap early on, after playing a set vs a guy I know from another city I realised. He’s a decent player but I typically win if we play on or offline in whatever game… All of a sudden this guy has Darun + Jugg and I’m struggling to keep up.

When he has armor up, all logic in terms of approaching a match gets thrown out the window, he’s free to attack regardless of being punishable and I’m restricted from making a positive move. Throws and sweeps aren’t really doing shit in comparison to eating 60%. So my only real choice is to use Jugg as well. Also, I was wondering how I was getting hit with command throws in non-buffer situations, turns out he’s using Progressive which simplifies inputs looool. Too bad since Shirase is actually a fun design, but using and playing against Hades completely drains the fun out of the game.


Im running Shirase Aggro and I fought suveral juggernauts. and I they don’t get the chance to use it because im doing mostly reset, and argoo plethoral of damage buff make my combos hurt. once I got opponent life to 80% is when i can be all combo crazy because good confirms leads to alot of damage.


Couple of things they need to work on:
-online needs a lot of work. The game needs some sort of rollback if it’s going to survive online. Old style input delay is just unacceptable.

-they need to fix the native input delay. You can feel it as soon as your in training mode.

-chain combos need to work in a similar fashion to fighting layer. These A1 chain combos are no bueno.


Migrating to a newer version of UE4 is as easy as opening the project into the newer build and compile it again.
It will only be difficult if you have a lot of stuff that is coded by you and by some reason is not compatible with the newer version, which is usually very unlikely to happen.


The real problem Ougi is Miracle with Overload.
since you can’t really work around its activation unless kill foe quick enough.


Played it a bit in training and while i can’t say anything about the gameplay yet, man this game is rough.


This game is super fun but it is straight up a tribute to the kusoge of the mid-late 90s. Animations and sound bites are recycled from 20 years ago, numerous characters have easy infinites and 100% combos, Gougi are as broken as Capsules.


Loving the fact that the themes are straight from EX2’s Arcade version.


I wonder what was the reason behind not allowing standing heavy attacks to be special cancelable? :confused:

Edit: Never mind…


just downloaded it a few mins ago,
what’s these power ups for on the bottom screen? do these act like SFxT gems or how do they work?


Yea they’re essentially SFxT gems, meet some requirements to activate them. There’s a menu for it that shows exactly what they do. It’ll be listed in the main menu.