Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


Of course a lot of stuff will be broken, this is an early beta and several characters aren’t even finished.

The game so far looks solid on a basic level. With a few easy tweaks on the system they will have a very good game.

First, they should zero horizontal speed when going for a crouch. Added gravity so combos aren’t as floaty would improve things a lot. Maybe add a juggle potential system as in old SF games just to be sure.

And finally the gougi buffs should be timed. Keep them silly and overpowered (fun), but make it so once you meet the conditions you have to manually activate the power-up, and have it run out once say, 5-10 seconds have passed. Maybe add the option to do a “gougi cancel” by activating mid-combo for a bar, now that there are no excels.

Those are the major things I would change. I’m confident they will sort things out, they have quite a bit of time to iron things out.


Have to say this game has nice original ideas but still feels underwhelming for some reason


I can find matches but 5-8 seconds into the match a connection error pops up and kicks me into the menu. I only had 3 full matches on 20 something.

Anyone has this?


Finding matches is a long process for me, haven’t been disconnected though.


I haven’t gotten any at all.


is it just me or does anyone else having trouble to do circle & SRK motions online?
in training mode there is no issue
I always set the controls to forward motions because of this


Check your controls when online. They don’t save when you go from Training to Online. Progressive is the default option. Been hitting everything I need to in this game, online and off, now it’s just a matter of Git Gud.


I have left matchmaking turned on for about three hours now. I have had five games. One of them resulted in a disconnect about 5 seconds into the match.


I just did, I set online ( searching for matches ) in main menu, then went into training mode and selected classic control, got another automatch yet the controls are still progressive
how do I not save when going to training mode? there is no safe option anyway

Edit: It worked once and then the controls went back to progressive when I searched for another automatch.


You have to go to ranked match from the main menu and set your character and classic control method from there. Doing it in training mode doesn’t seem to do anything.


Man this netcode is sporadic. The first day for the first few hours, it seemed like bliss. Now its quite the opposite.


Few pointers (I suppose advice with EX2+ insight…):

[] Some info on dealing with the Armor effect (once the Gougi skill is activated). If you know that the opponent is going to take the hit, and if your character has a cmd grab, you can cancel any attack you do into a cmd grab (preferably a punch starter), resulting a cmd grab combo. Certain type of normals should viably work, but the few things to avoid includes certain kick attacks as a starter (such as Low Short), since it likely pushes the axis box back, therefore causing a reelback effect with the hurtbox (affecting throws) as a result. This has potential for whiff punishing purposes via run cancel.
EDIT: It is risky in general… but can be rewarding (especially with some characters like Shirase). The safe auto-pilot way to handle this is just doing any throw while having momentum, or any attack - Sweep ender (Low Short - Low Forward - Sweep OR Low Short - Sweep as two examples).
] In clarifying the unblockable guard attack (once the Gougi is activated), even though the demo lacks record options for proper testing, it might still be similar to the SFEX2+ frame data in theory. Afaik, in most cases, the UB only has 1 active frame. However, SFEX2+ has a system that overrides the potential of meaty UB being such a hassle to deal with, and may likely be treated the same way in FLEX. To understand by how much, assuming it’s universal (through testing against Hokuto), the invincibility for the UB Guard Break in SFEX2+ lasts for 7 frames on wake-up… so no matter what action the person does on wake-up (such as an attack, jump, block, throw and more), it should counter the UB Guard Break in most cases if it fits within that threshold accordingly. If this invincibility rule applies to FLEX as well, then the same course of action on defense should apply.
[*] It also brings up another point, wake-up invincibility. Again, it is hard to factually test without the recording function/proper video analysis. In SFEX2+ for example, there is a total of 1 invincibility frame on wake-up. What that means is that it is “possible” for a 1-frame grab to counter even a meaty attack (grabs have 1 frame start-up in SFEX2+, unsure if it’s like that in SFEX3/FLEX, maybe @ShinjiGohan knows)… however it’s not a thing in most cases. Most normals in that game and even FLEX (like the first bullet states) has a reel effect that will push the axis box back, including the hurtbox that corresponds to throws. Here’s an example: Hokuto’s (and likely Shirase’s) St.Strong in the first few active frames has little/no reel back effect, and can be thrown on wake-up… but, Low Short and Low Strong does. Keep in mind though that it might not work in most cases when considering the new running cancel mechanic, which might push the hurtbox towards the opponent due to the forward momentum.


Harada seems to state otherwise.

But then again, they could have a lot of stuff coded specifically for Tekken.



Rough translation (English):


Desk already breaking the game, as usual


The latest patch really took a number on juggle combos. So example, Allen can no longer to proper juggles with Lights, or Strong attacks (only Forward, Heavy, and Roundhouse leaves the opponent in the air for juggles… and only Forward is cancellable to specials while also being able to super cancel or TC cancel like the other two attacks).

Also, shoutouts to LSP_PLS for ragequitting TWICE in a row against me. (Then again, no proof… but I find it happening twice in a row when in the lead very concerning)


sorry for the late reply, I just had some time today once again to play this game.
went into ranked mode and I don’t see any option there to set to controls to classic.
I even tried to press through all buttons in the hope I can do so, but no success

Edit: Ok, I just seen ISD doing that @ 8:40

but how the did he pop up the second menu like this? I can go on settings and it does show up the first menu where I can choose my character, gougi etc, but the second menu?

Edit 2: I finally found it out, I go to ranked, go to settings and click on character select with pressing x to show up the second menu to change my controls.
dem that was complicated or at least for me


Has anyone been able to convert a hit from Kairi’s Dive kick into anything? Maybe I’m not doing something right here…

Edit: whoop nevermind I’m dumb.


got some questions about this game’s gameplay

  1. how many hits does the armor gem absorb? So far Ive only noticed that SRK or a super can cause a knockdown
  2. what’s the purpose of Allen’s justice fist? even if it hits you will get punished because the recovery is so slow or did I miss sth?
  3. Is it possible to cross up opponents in the corner? I always seem to land in front of them


1: Infinite, but primarily any “knockdown” attack will mark as an exception. This includes sweeps, DPs (I think there is an exception with jumping in some cases? I noticed this with Garuda’s DP at some point), supers, knockdown attacks, etc.

2: Damage via juggles. It’s not good as an ender. May be decent for chip when canceled into fireball super.

3: In most cases, no.