Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


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was able to kara darun’s special moves, now his command grab range is acceptable haha.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that for fighting games this doesn’t hold true (that patching it is easy). Fighting games have to be really picky about how they take in inputs and anything that changes the input delay or messes with buffers could be a potential nightmare for developers. In other words they probably have their own code for reading inputs and this update would likely break the expected functionality.

Even if it is easy enough to implement the amount of testing needed to be done should be significant.


Felt like adding in landing recovery frame information from EX2+ (trip guard, if it’s even properly defined in current day fighting games):

If assuming the game is similar to the older EX titles, then there is NO additional landing recovery frames after an air attack. While that implies that trip guard exists (which the definition has holes due to the abstract rules of landing recovery frames and the like)… keep in mind certain air attacks may “extend” the hurtbox downwards vertically and still leaves the chance of getting hit out of the air “near” landing.

Skullomania’s Skullo Slider (qcf+K) is a perfect test to determine how to prepare specific landing attacks that may integrate the use against Low Profile attacks while looking at other situations such as jump-back air to air or jump back air to ground (against a grounded AA)… while having Skullo Slider in check. Example: Hokuto’s Jump Strong and Jump Fierce will outright stuff out Skullo Slider, however, Jump Roundhouse will LOSE against Skullo Slider, and the other attacks will just let the Hokuto player block in time upon landing.


Great and super long interview between Harada and Nishitani. Lots of insight on Nishitani’s career, the design philosophy of Capcom’s golden age, how fun and a game that “feels” good is better than aiming for balance, the development of Fighting EX Layer (we learn that Harada lent a hand to Arika in terms of marketing decisions like the Skullomania trailer at Evo) and some things that could be added to the game such as being able to switch Gougi mid-rounds to counter the rival’s Gougi, and that timed Gougis won’t be a thing as they want the system to completely change the whole match.

A great read.


Anybody still playing? I managed to add a Draw to my score card yesterday


Ppl sure love to protect their record in a beta lol. It’s a close match and ppl just leave after 1 game.


I had that happen a few times. Just as I begin to figure out how to fight against their gougi/character combo and they run like hell.


The Lobby is empty…or it could just be the Netcode


I was finding players okay yesterday, though it seems that nearly all of the good players moved on to playing the Monster Hunter World Beta.

Only good player I met was a Kairi, but he would win one and run vs. me rather than playing long sessions like I’d hoped.


MH world beta was only open for 3 days or am I wrong?


I think that is the time limit yes, but it’s still going on right now AFAIK.


It would be nice if this beta kept going. My goal was to play 300 matches, and I am just 15 shy at 285. Leaving town soon for X-Mas so won’t get to play before it’s over. Happy Holidays guys. Maybe as a X-Mas gift we will get a new announcement after beta closes.


Happy Holidays! =) I finished at 200 wins and 48 losses. I don’t think I’m an amazing player by any stretch so I feel fortunate to have even an ~80% win rate.

I played Darun for nearly the entire time, only exception being when I switched to Skullomania after DSP complained about my Darun. His toughest matchups are turtling Allen and Kairi (the typical grappler vs. shoto deal), but it seems that he can easily dominate and overwhelm everyone else. Giving a grappler the ability to run, to magic series, to do a command overhead along with giving him stuff like super armor and etc. is really just amazing lol.

Garuda was by far the rarest character to find, while Allens and Shirases were most common. Daruns were fairly common for me to meet in the first week, but disappeared towards the end for some reason. The best-ever players I met were a Skullomania with an insane WL record and a nigh-untouchable Kairi with some incredible psychic Umeshoryus. Wish I could’ve played and met more amazing players; guess the 1-2 hours I played each evening wasn’t the right time.

Anyway it’s been really fun, and I sure hope there’s another beta in the near future with Blair and D. Dark added.

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Coked-up and ready to go.


Played agasint nothing but skull o mania players really so i don’t know i feel.hope cracker jack makes the game though


love em for putting on a beta, wish it was still up. despite any shortcomings it has i thought it’s a pretty fun game.


Ended the beta with 75 wins and 14 losses. Most of my losses came at the beginning of the beta. Used only Shirase with infinity to counter super armor jump ins. Really need to test out her back dash special invincibility. Was shocked how active it was.

Fought alot of skull and allen. Looking forward to Blair and picking Kairi when the game comes out.


Might I have been the Skullo?

I finished up the beta with like 180 and 14, didn’t play for the last week or so. One of the L’s was the game froze, and I had to reset console. One match I tried Shirase, and this Darun tore me up with the armor, and command grab. Used Skullo only after that. I also spent most of time under over 100 wins and under 10 losses or 10% or better. I was just able to make shit happen in this game. I did not protect my record, because its only a beta. If someone was able to win I was trying to play again, a lot of the better opponents I would beat, (mostly trying SFIV or V stuff - albeit shimmy is pretty good in this game) would get beat one and done, especially if their record was good. I did get some long sets, and last 4 losses were to the same guy, we’d done a long mirror set, and I won a few before he started picking up things up, and pick wins off here and there in the set. I haven’t had this much fun in a fighter in a very long time.

This is the kind of shit I making happen. LOL

I really want a couple SF characters just to make sure this gets played. I’d hate to spend the money on this game to see it last only about twice the time as the beta…