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Buy the game pls
I need it on Steam :cry:


I hope it’s really Roso not a random skinny K-Pop dude


Bios for all characters:









Darun Mister:


Allen Snider:


Doctrine Dark:


Blair Dame:


Cracker Jack:





Yeah, looks like Vulcano might be (hopefully) the last introduced.


I truly hope this game does well so we can get more characters in the future. Along with a disk version for the game. I can’t wait to see the hidden characters that appeared in the end of Shadowgeist’s trailer


Wait, there won’t be a disc-based version at launch?


I just hope they won’t messed up Rosso his already a decent character no need to be changed to suit something new or different audience


Arika said no only digital unless the game gains a lot of sells. Then people will be able to buy disk version


I like Savage Reign Hayate.

weird Rosso and Sharon…kinda meh from colors

Area and Pollum seems okay and better with their redesign.

Modernized Hayate seems off his bad ass for being a samurai his more interesting and badass to be a Misturugi for S.Calibur or Haohmaru from S.Showdown.

Sanane = Nanase? I like her new design but the Spear isn’t She better had a extending pole like Goku in DBZ but mechanical. To be complimentary to her techie and youthful aesthetics.



Booooo, Rosso, Pullum, Sharon might be DLC :confused:


Looks like were getting Hayate decendant than the original Hayate


Extending pole

And modern day Hayate decendant should have Light Saber instead than old school katana


Here’s the latest Q&A:


Q: When is the Release Date?
A: We plan to release the game before the end of June.

Q: Will there be Pre-Orders?
A: We have no plans for them at the moment.

Q: What system will the Release be on?
A: PS4.

Q: Will there be a physical version of the game?
A: We are only planning on a Download release at the moment.

Q: Will there be a Steam release?
A: Currently there are no plans. We want to successfully release the PS4 version first, and then we will discuss it.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: Standard Version will be $59.99, and the Light Version will be $39.99.

Q: What is different between the Light and Standard Versions?
A: The Standard Version will have [12 Characters + Hokuto and 15 Gougi Decks]. The Light Version will have [12 Characters and 5 Gougi Decks].

Q: If I buy the Light Version, will I only be able to play with 5 Gougi Decks?
A: We plan to rotate free Decks for all players to play with. Please try out various Gougi Decks!

Q: What countries will the game be released in?
A: We are looking to do a simultaneous worldwide release, but at the moment sales in Korea and China regions are still undecided. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

Q: How many languages will be supported?
A: Currently, we have plans for Japanese and English.

Q: What kinds of modes will be available?
A: We plan to release with: Online VS, Offline VS, Training, Expert Mode.

Q: How many characters will be available?
A: We plan to release with 13: Kairi, Shirase, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Doctrine Dark, Blaire Dame, Jack, Shadowgeist, Sanane, Hayate, Hokuto.

Q: What is the Gougi system?
A: A system that when activated heavily change the flow of the match by granting special powers and abilities to a character (i.e. Giving a character unlimited Super Meter.) These effects carry over between rounds, so please look forward to dynamic and ever evolving matches!

Q: What is Progressive Mode?
A: A simplified method for inputting Special Attacks (i.e. Shinki Hatsudou (Kairi’s Fireball) input becomes Neutral + →P). Those who are you to traditional inputs can choose Classic Mode.

Q: Are there Single Player Modes?
A: In Training Mode, you can enjoy [Kumite] and [Expert Mode].

Q: Is there a Tutorial Mode?
A: No, however there is the very similar Expert Mode, so please practice in there.

Q: What is Expert Mode?
A: A mode where you can practice Techniques and Combos. There are exercises ranging from Very Simple to Very Advanced, so please look forward to it!

Q: Is there a mode where I can play Online with friends?
A: In Online VS, you can select Casual Match and enjoy games with your friends there.

Q: Is there a Ranking System?
A: Yes there is, please do your best and aim for the Top Ranks!

Q: If I buy the Light Version, is it possible to buy the extra content included in the Standard Version?
A: Yes, however if you buy the Standard Version then it will be cheaper than buying things separately.

Q: Will there be Downloadable Content on release?
A: Yes, we have plans for this DLC on release:
-Character: Hokuto : A different skin for Shirase who also has some different moves.
-Color Type-A: Adds 6 extra colors for the entire cast.
-Color Type-Gold: Adds an extra Gold and Silver color. These are specific to each character.

Q: Do you have plans to release more characters?
A: At the moment we do not have any plans. If the game sells well then I would like discuss it.

Q: Do you have plans to appear at EVO2018?
A: We are discussing the idea now. If possible, we would like to host some kind of event there.

Q: Is it ok for players to upload videos and streams of the game?
A: We will put out the full details before release, As long as the game is being used as intended and not for other purposes, there are no restrictions and no royalties. However, allow us to prohibit actions such as taking other people’s videos/streams of our game and using them as your own. If you are intending to sell products involving the game, please contact ARIKA.

Q: What will the Game Resolution be?
A: It will output to HDMI at 1080p. Texture Size on the PS4 will be 720p/Shader Level 2; on the PS4Pro it will 1080p/Shader Level 3.

Q: Is there an Official Site?
A: Currently, we are making announcements and posting updates in these two places. We are discussing about making some sort of Official Site before the game’s release.

Q: Can Legacy Controllers be used?
A: Our sincerest apologies, but they will not be supported.


Input lag on that demo was shockingly high, worse than SF5 at launch. It really baffles me how everyone hasn’t “taken up arms”.


Latest gameplay video.


Gotta question: FEXL is a REAL GAME now! So shouldn’t this be moved into the permanent thread section?


Here are answers to some common questions we are receiving.

Q: Is this Download Only?
A: Yes, it it Download Only. Nishitani-san actually had 1000 Physical Copies made for private use, but these are not for sale. They won’t even be made in time for the Release Day.

Q: Is this PS4 Only?
A: Yes, it is PS4 Only. We have begun research on making a Steam version, but no matter how fast I think we won’t be able to do anything until at least September. It takes at least 2 months to develop if we focus all our energy, then an additional month for Quality Assurance.

Q: Is it impossible to add more Single Payer modes?
A: You can take on various challenges in Expert Mode, practice against a CPU opponent in Training Mode, and take on opponent after opponent with different Gougi in the KUMITE; but at the current point in time, there is no Story Mode to enjoy. It’s not that we think it’s not necessary, it’s just that we want to work on New Characters next.

Q: I want to fight without Gougi.
A: That is no possible; please understand that our goal for this game is to make a game where the battles change and evolve mid-battle. However, you can try experiencing the game without Gougi in Training Mode.

Q: It’s too expensive for what’s included.
A: We’re sorry and ask for your understanding. When compared to other, already successful Fighting Games we can’t say much; but please understand that with our size it is impossible for us to release a Fighting Game on a global scale without selling it at this price.

Q: When will the 4 remaining characters that were announced be released?
A: We will look at the sales in mid-July and then decide. If the sales numbers are unsuitable, then I’m sorry to say we will have to cancel our plans for these characters. Also, at the present time we are thinking about adding not 4, but 5 new characters.

Q: Can we Pre-order the game?
A: Unfortunately we did not get the rights to sell Pre-orders. These are only given to games with physical releases.

Q: Can we play this game with the old EX music?
A: There are some classic songs hidden within the game.

Q: If we purchase the Light Version, can we purchase DLC so we have everything the Standard Version has?
A: Yes, but it will be a little more expensive that buying the Standard Version originally.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


June 28th is the final release date. That’s earlier than I expected to be quite honest, but it’s also in a decent time period after E3 so the buzz from all the news we’ll hear over the course of next week won’t overshadow this game


New trailer:

We get a look at the characters, modes, Gougi decks, and DLC colors.