Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


Vulcano Rosso tease:


You know I had to let you know first.


Everything gone wrong, falling into tragedy

Capcom should have bought SFEXers, and bring Rosso to an actual SF

Instead i got Rosso in a C-level fighter (where they removed his swagness in favor of jpop gaylordness) and capcom making concept of an otaku waifu as next italian possible rep


When are we gonna be able to pre-order? Can’t wait!


This, I’ve already put some money into my PSN account just to pre-order this.


Q: Can we Pre-order the game?
A: Unfortunately we did not get the rights to sell Pre-orders. These are only given to games with physical releases.



In that gameplay above, Garuda vs D. Dark match, Garuda was doing some sort of short pouncing/hop thing. Is that exclusive to him or is that something everyone can do, Under Night style?


He didn’t have that in the beta so I assume it’s one of the new gougi decks. He activates the Hunting Dash ability and that must be what all those short hops were.


Ahh y’know I totally forgot about the Gougi thing. That makes sense, thanks.


Was talking with a few older players who remember the old games here. A lot of them do miss the Excel system. I wonder why they didn’t bring it back.


3 days left
hype 2 stronk


I’m looking forward to trying the game out again. I want to play some D. Dark with that ‘hunting’ Gougi that gives you the command hop. I want to see if you can do some kind of okizeme with hunting+ explosive.


Trophies are up!


Game can now be purchased in the NZ PlayStation store. No such luck looking around the other regions though.


New Zealand


going to my local store in 2 hours


You mean PS Store by your “local store”, right?


I’m very impressed: the input lag has been significantly reduced. I wasn’t expecting this. :o


Just a heads up for anyone new, 360s here only need 225 degrees of rotation, aka 632147 or 412369.


I haven’t had a playable match so far. Maybe There will be better connections when more people get the game.


Online actually doesn’t seem bad. Anbody else got any feedback? I didn’t even notice there wasn’t much for single player modes until I saw the article on SRK. Guess I didn’t buy it for that anyways. It would be a good idea to have more single player modes to attract more people to the game.