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I created a 37 page pdf manual/guide for this game.


Me neither I really want to have some games but no one’s is connected :confused:


Who wants to play I really want to support the game but I can’t do it by my self also I’m a really bad player so I need the experience :smiley:


I’m experiencing the same thing… I’ll be on tomorrow. Maybe it’ll work out.


Vulcano Rosso, Pullum to be added for free along with Arcade!

ARIKA would like to formally announce the following additional characters for our game 「Fighting EX Layer」, which is currently available for purchase on PS4:

-Vulcano Rosso
-Pullum Purna

Furthermore, we plan to make these characters available Free of charge.

Details regarding the release dates will be announced at EVO2018, which takes place from August 3rd in Las Vegas, America.

Also, in our next Program Update (which we are planning to release before the end of July) we plan to add:

-The option to return to Training Mode after connecting to an Online Match (Return to Training/Continue Waiting for a Match)

-「Arcade Mode Ver0.80」 (Temporary Name)

Thank you, and we humbly ask for your continued support of ARIKA.


getting 2 characters for free
does that mean the game sold well so far?
any numbers?


Need some more green haired chicks that are smiling all the time.

This is my favorite fighting game of the generation next to Mahvel Infinite(yes.) I hope with the next patch they fix the matchmaking/search functions a bit. Getting booted out to the main menu after each ranked match kind of sucks.

I hope they add in an Excel/CC Gougi too. It’s the only thing missing next to level 3’s and more characters imo.

Anyone know where I can find out frame data? If I do run --> CR LK, CR MP people can press buttons AFTER the blocked CR MP before I can keep the string going with a CR LK or CR MK.


If the frame data was anything like SFEX, hit stun as longer than block stun by 2-3 frames.


Frame data is still a work in progress, thanks to the training mode glitch where the AI does attacks out of blockstun a frame or two earlier than it should.


Quick preview of Rosso and Pullum.


Does kairi’s HP SRK not have any invincibility? I tried doing it against a meaty wake up in training mode but it would get stuffed.

Also is there any difference between Darun’s punch and kick spds other than damage and which side your opponent ends up after?


Was playing around with D. Dark and the Sky Dancer gougi, specifically the EX Arrow ability, after the dark wire pull in if timed correctly you can EX Arrow with a jump MK as the opposing character recovers and it will cross up.

If timed later it will end up in the front. There’s some odd interactions that potentially comes with it too like the jump MK doing a normal hit spark when it crosses up and the following hit after is a cross up hit spark or a jump MK with a cross up hit spark while hitting from the front and the following hit after also does a cross up hit spark.


I think D. Dark is top tier. Him and Shirase are S tier imo.

If you get knocked down by D. Dark and he can setup a meaty EXPLOSIVE you literally are forced to guess a 50/50. I fought against this one dude in ranked who was like 550-50 with a ghost gougi, and after a super he’d meaty EXPLOSIVE you —> run for ghost to activate —> guess the mixup. Crossup? Regular jump? Low? GGPO.

A good D. Dark/Shirase destroy my Allen.


You can backroll out of D. Dark’s knockdowns. The only way to setup true 50/50s with meaty bombs is to spend meter with the bomb super to get the hard knockdown (other supers push the opponent away).


The game is going to have a special Evo sale from 8/2 to 8/14


Shirase is definitely top tier. Her frame data is pretty safe and her strings naturally frame trap. Her arrow super is one of the best reversals/anti-airs in the game, in a game where AA is pretty weak. You don’t even need to time it since you can hold it - once you see them start to jump, just pop it and you can land it regardless of whether it’s a forward or neutral jump.

Interestingly enough, Hokuto does have safer frame data (according to the app), but Shirase’s is safe enough that it doesn’t seem to matter. Also, the latter’s additional options off rekka are pretty game changing.


Yeah, AA is weak but I did some testing yesterday in training mode to see what are some good options.

If you have D. Dark/Garuda/Kairi’s Crouching Fierce Punch you’re golden. This beats jump-ins pretty clean. If you’re late to hit the button it’ll trade/get stuffed though. Jack and a couple other characters have this specific CR. FP. I think Sanane has it too.

Geist’s ball super will anti-air really well and it’ll stuff cross-ups. Garudas fireball super does the same thing, as well as Skullomania’s ball super.

Skullo has the best anti-air options in the game imo. His CR. FP anti-airs, his DP beats crossups and can be cancelled into a dive --> a super to make it crazy safe as well as his ball super which I just mentioned. Sadly like Geist though he can’t really cross-up outside of of jump FP, but that is hard as hell to cross-up with.


Now that Area & Sharon have been announced & that all of the EX characters are basically in (except for the Cycloids & Ace, in which they’re basically useless because all they do is mimic other characters), I hope that Arika will go even further into adding the other characters from the other Fighting Layer game so that there can be a big roster in general (the characters being Tetsuo Kato, Hong Gillson, Lan Yinghua, George Jensent, Janis Luciani, Exodus, Sessyu Tsukikage, Cappricio, Clemence Keliber, Preston Ajax, Shang Fenghuang, Jig Jid Bartol, Joe Fendi, & Vold Ignitio).

Oh, & Terry Bogard has been announced as a guest character.


nice to see terry, but the community for this game is so weak, like it’s almost dead
I guess we need some SF characters to boost the community of FEXL


Chun Li or Claw would be a decent guest characters for this game.

For Namco Kazuya? or Yoshimitsu?

For Arcsys Sol or Robo-Ky?