Fighting EX Layer - Discussion


FEXL grand final @ Evo.

Yeah, I find it really hard to get matches and then when I do it’s the same handful of players. It’s too bad because the game is great and is fun as hell to play.

The game is getting an arcade release. I hope we see a physical release too.


Sharon looks fabulous <3


About 1:51:00 in, they start to demo Pullum.

Vulcano is at 2:00:00

New stage is shown at 3:43:00


ARIKA’s official website has added a new wallpaper for the months of September and October featuring Fighting EX Layer characters! (If you missed it, the summer one with FEXL characters is also at the url below)

Link to all official ARIKA Wallpapers:


This game even active? It’s like after release talk of the game (especially after the Evo reveal of Pullim and Vulcano), things just DIED.


Its live but most of the talk is in discord where its very active.


I’ve been finding matches every day. I’ve actually made a couple of new friends via some online matches and discussions that we had after our matches. The community for this game is fantastic, and it’s full of really passionate, supportive, and enthusiastic fans of old school fighters. I would say the game is active.


This thread is a horrible place to gauge the state of the game. That’s just how it is for most games these days. Better off checking Discord or Reddit.

If you want to keep discussion in the thread alive, then people need to step up and start actual discussion.


The latest update is now live.

-It contains Rosso and Pullum
-Two new stages with variations to them
-Text endings to Arcade Mode
-Various balance changes and bug fixes


Rosso gets some nice mixups thanks to his command dash after his qcfx2+p super.

Interestingly enough, testing against the CPU, it seems to not pull off a reversal if timed right. I wonder if the command dash crossing up eats inputs.


2 new characters getting added for free and still nobody is playing this game
the only person Im running into is mind ripper, the guy keeps RQting and lagging vs me ffs


Watch my av and still i don’t have the game lol

I wish SF just bought the SFEX cast, and even in that case i doubt i will have seen Rosso in SFV cast lol


Most of them would’ve played like ass in SFV. The EX cast are designed to work with the EX systems and would have to be tweaked a lot to work in SFV.

Take Shirase/Hokuto who I main, just to get basic stuff like Renshou Geki juggles in, they’d have to make it an EX. But what about Kiren Eki, which is one of the juggle options? Since it doesn’t look like it’ll work as an EX, it’ll probably be a V-Trigger. But she’ll also need a second V-Trigger, so, based on what they’ve done with other characters, they’ll make that turning into Shirase. But with either option, she’d have lost tools she’d normally have access to.


Pullum gonna be a problem, or at least very annoying to fight. Her divekicks are safe if they hit body and below. That pkus her double jump shenanigans make her hard to deal with.


As scrub it sounds i just like A LOT SFEX characters (well,let’s say half of them) and as SF fan i will like to see them in SFV

Also for the char themselves be in the most visible FG will mean gain ton of popularity and appear in future games

Essentially i don’t trust Arika and a i value SFEXrs more than the SH itself


Or you could actually buy the game that has them, helping support the company that made it.

Besides, the SFV designers at Dimps would probably die of shock at what the characters can do. Here I am doing safe TK divekicks with Pullum, when Capcom took that away from Cammy in SSF4.


Thing is i like the characters, i don’t like (for what i seen) the game and Arika’s recent redesign of them, so will have welcome see a SFV take on them

Also when SFV released SF universe profiles they added SFEXers too (also on popularity poll) so my hope was they bought them or got them as guest

Well, too bad i guess


Maybe it’s because I actually played the older games, but I just can’t see the EX characters being fun to play in SFV… at least compared to their Arika versions.


Speaking of stuff we’ll never see in SFV.


Pullum is the only character I’d currently give stealth raptor gougi to, it feels like it was made for her.