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As an April Fools joke

Tbh even tho this was made to be an April Fools joke, no way would they put that much effort and money for a simple joke. Especially since it’s suppose to be playable at an event too

What is the actual name? EX?

Thats a lot of work on an April Fools joke.

here it was lol they did the same thing a few years ago for the 3ds or something, Showed an entire match between kairi and hokuto. looks like they cleaned up the characters and graphics quite a bit.

Apparently the game itself isn’t a joke, it will be playable and available at a Japanese event where Kazunoko will play against some selected players. The joke was that they hid the game that was to be played, not that the game is a joke. Also no way in hell they would invest the enormous amount of effort to get those assets done at that high level of polish to make a silly prank.

Oh wow that’s pretty cool. I knew this wasn’t totally a joke


just remind you of this back 6 years ago.

A low poly project that didn’t materialize, yes. Not the advanced models and stages shown today, that require tons of effort to make, which I really seriously doubt a small company like Arika would use to make a joke.

A low poly project that they used as a base to make Tekken Revolutions on the 3DS.

Speaking of Tekken, weren’t a lot of those effects and fonts from Tekken?

This is definitely real. Only EX characters, Kazunoko tested it, talk from original developers, yeah.

Just obviously this won’t be called Street Fighter. It’ll be under some new name. Hopefully Fighting Layer or something random like that. The combo system seems chain based, there are sidesteps and there are stages with walls which push it more towards the Fighting Layer style of gameplay than an EX game.

Tekken 3ds was a port of the psp version of tekken 6

live stream now


Youtube stream isn’t working only the Nicovideo one is.
I’ve even got pics

then link it up baybee
Here’s another link since they’re having tech issues

Yesssss I knew it. Looks really really good, they only need to polish the animations.

Looks like it’s play more like Fighting Layer than SFEX with he walled stages and sidesteps.