Fighting EX Layer


Ended the beta with 75 wins and 14 losses. Most of my losses came at the beginning of the beta. Used only Shirase with infinity to counter super armor jump ins. Really need to test out her back dash special invincibility. Was shocked how active it was.

Fought alot of skull and allen. Looking forward to Blair and picking Kairi when the game comes out.


Might I have been the Skullo?

I finished up the beta with like 180 and 14, didn’t play for the last week or so. One of the L’s was the game froze, and I had to reset console. One match I tried Shirase, and this Darun tore me up with the armor, and command grab. Used Skullo only after that. I also spent most of time under over 100 wins and under 10 losses or 10% or better. I was just able to make shit happen in this game. I did not protect my record, because its only a beta. If someone was able to win I was trying to play again, a lot of the better opponents I would beat, (mostly trying SFIV or V stuff - albeit shimmy is pretty good in this game) would get beat one and done, especially if their record was good. I did get some long sets, and last 4 losses were to the same guy, we’d done a long mirror set, and I won a few before he started picking up things up, and pick wins off here and there in the set. I haven’t had this much fun in a fighter in a very long time.

This is the kind of shit I making happen. LOL

I really want a couple SF characters just to make sure this gets played. I’d hate to spend the money on this game to see it last only about twice the time as the beta…


dem so sick,
can’t wait for the second beta wave


No, though your PSN name does seem familiar somehow. Maybe I was the Darun vs. your Shirase, lol. I had that matchup pretty well figured out.

Btw just saw that they’re shutting the SRK forums down soon, and I specifically joined to discuss this game with people, too.


20 years ago Allen was my main in Street Fighter EX on PS1 & I was really glad when Arika revealed him in FEXL.
I’ve been working on this Allen guide during the last 24 days.
This guide is based on my own experience I had with Allen in the FEXL beta.
I hope it will help you to improve.



Well, SRK here to stay, go ahead an add me for the real game.


Doctrine Dark playable at Evo Japan.


New stage!


I was a little underwhelmed by this but I’m ready to give it another shot when it comes out. Reading back through some of this it looks like there’s a good mix of hyped new- and old players which is good news.


cool.from the images it looks like Blair is gonna be back



Love that new Allen intro.


And now, Jack is confirmed!

Only Pullum Purna to go before the original ten EX character cast is done.


Pls do the Arabian waifu justice


Yeah Pullom Purna then latter I hope they would add Nanase and Rosso



Information from the livestream:


Well they increased the character count up to 12 (plus regular Hokuto/Shirase). That’s great. Probably Pullum and Rosso, since they saw that he has some fans out there? No legacy controller support is bad. Hope they reconsider.

15 Gougi will be such a balance headache haha. I expect tons of wonky stuff from that.


Will be buying the $60 version. Want to support these guys.


Nanase and Pollum please