Fighting game archetypes

Fighting game archetypes

Please if you don’t like this just don’t read it, but no flamming!

Archetypes, and what are they???

Archetypes = ?ancient patterns of personality that are the shared heritage of the human race.? (Vogler 33)
Fulfill functions within stories, usually embodied by characters:

Hero (Protagonist, one who is ?called to adventure? and is ultimately transformed by action of story)
Mentor (wise teacher, elder, role model)
Allies (sidekicks, support figures; sometimes ?comic relief?)
Herald (present heroes with challenges/quests)
Shapeshifter (one who changes unexpectedly and is a catalyst for change, suspense and drama)
Threshold Guardian (one who presents obstacles?interior or exterior-- to heroes)
Trickster (ones who cause surprising twists to hero?s journey through mischief and/or deceit)
Shadow (Antagonist, one who represents the ?dark side? of hero?s challenge; a force which threatens to destroy the hero)

These archetypes more so work around literary works, these would be applied to the story of a fighting game.

I’ve put this archetype list together because I think it gives good insight on fighting game characters and helps new players or players to new a particular fighting game decided what type of character best suits their favored play style.

This is my opinion and a topic like this should be treated as such an “opinion”. I do feel though my list is somewhat accurate. I wasn’t quit sure myself what archetype a few of the characters sub-arch fall under. Some characters I felt had 3 archetypes the last being the one least needed, but used per say. The 1st archetype is the characters main playing style, the 2nd is a sub-arch meaning the character has some form of that playing style as well. Simple right?? Please feel free to post your own list of not only 3s, but other fighting games.

You hear the talk about tier list, character match ups, win ratios, etc. I want to talk about something that I feel can help shed some light on helping not only new players but seasoned players as well. So lets talk ARCHETYPES.

First lets discuss the 4 main archetypes of a fighting game. You have Turtle, Pitbull, Zoner, Grappler. Now lets break these puppies down.

The turtle is the classic conservative fighter. They can be characterized as non-aggressive in some incarnations, and passive aggressive in others. Turtle-style players value safety above all else, and will instead seek holes in the opposing player’s defense rather than risk their own.

The pitbull is the polar opposite of the turtle. They fight aggressively with little regard to their own defense. Pitbull players can become truly fearsome, especially those who are able to balance a strong defensive game without sacrificing offense. Pitbulls can perhaps be described as the worse style of players akin to a child throwing rocks in a glass house.

The zoner is neither pitbull nor turtle. Instead, they pull elements from both cores by maintaining a strictly reactive offense with that is neither oppressive nor defensive. A typical zoning style of play can include lots of fireballs made to restrict movement while including a strong anti-air game. The key to being a good zoner is reaction speed.

The grappler is perhaps the polar opposite of the zoner. Grapplers can often be confused with pitbulls, as they can seldomly become aggressive by constantly rushing into your safety zone. A good grappler often always seeks to find the best possible route for continuing the throwing game. The grappler’s weakness lies within their aggressiveness – cut that off, and they quickly resort to a different playing style.

As always, there are more archetypes that haven’t been defined here. If I were to include all the varying levels of degrees between masters and mashers, the list becomes even more complicated.

But what you should take from this simple guide is the path that best suits your playing style. There are no wrong ways to play the game, but there’s always room for a myriad of fighting styles. The best players are the ones who know when to switch to each archetype on the go.
Knowing which one works well given each corresponding situation will pave the way to success. Adapt and win! (Strat

I?m going to use 3s since I?ve been playing that the longest and know more about this game than other games. This of course is a universal guide as archetypes do not change.

3s archetypes (Alphabetical)

Alex/Grappler, Zoner,
Akuma(Gouki)/Pitbull, Sub-arch: Zoner-Grappler; slight turtle
Chun-Li/ Turtle Sub-arch: Zoner
Dudley/ Pitbull Sub-arch: Minor Zone
Elena/ Zoner Sub-arch: Grappler,
Gill/ Pitbull Sub-arch: Zoner
Hugo/ Grappler Sub-arch pit bulls
Ibuki/ Turtle Sub-arch Zoner
Ken/ Pitbull Sub-arch Zoner, Grappler
Makoto/ Pitbull Sub-arch Grappler, Zoner
Necro/ Zoner Sub-arch Turtle
Oro/ Zoner Sub-arch Turtle
Q/Grappler Sub-arch Turtle
Remy/ Turtle Sub-arch Zoner
Ryu/Zoner, Sub-arch Grappler
Sean/Zoner, Sub-arch Ryu
Twelve/ Zoner Sub-arch Turtle
Urien/ Zoner (Grappler ???)
Yang/ Zoner Sub-arch pitbull slight grappler
Yun/ Zoner Sub-arch pitbull slight grappler