Fighting Game Card Collection (tons of random stuff)


Sup sirs

I used to be into collectible card games like OverPower and Legend of the Five Rings, so when i found out that they made the same kinda stuff for fighting games, i bought a bunch of random products from ebay and Japanese auctions. Just realized that i haven’t looked at any of it for years, so i’d rather sell them to someone who will enjoy them once again. Here’s what you get:

Street Fighter II Trading Cards

  • complete regular card set
  • Balrog foil chase card
  • empty display box
  • one sealed card pack

Street Fighter The Movie Trading Cards

  • complete regular card set
  • Cammy Versus Trooper chase card
  • Balrog Versus Trooper chase card
  • T.Hawk Versus Trooper chase card
  • empty display box
  • one sealed card pack

Mortal Kombat Kard Game

  • over 150 unique cards
  • sealed starter deck
  • sealed booster pack
  • empty booster display box

Killer Instinct Collectible Card Game

  • sealed starter deck
  • sealed booster pack
  • about 20 singles

Epic Battles Trading Card Game

  • sealed Street Fighter starter deck
  • sealed Street Fighter booster pack blister (from Blockbuster)
  • sealed Mortal Kombat booster pack blister (from Blockbuster)
  • about 30 singles

Megaman NT Warrior Trading Card Game

  • every character card from first set
  • every promo card from first set
  • two sealed booster packs
  • couple dozen random singles including several foils

SNK vs Capcom Versus TCG (based on the original Card Fighters Clash)

  • over 60 different common/uncommon singles
  • empty Capcom booster display box
  • empty SNK side starter deck


  • over 15 different cards featuring Bishamon/Rikuo from Capcom Action Card Game
  • small selection of hella random trading cards featuring Capcom, SNK, GGX, etc.
  • small selection of sealed trading card packs featuring Onimusha, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Calibur, King of Fighters 2001, and even Namco’s “The Girls of Street Racing Syndicate” (whatever the hell that means - if you open 'em, let me know)

Most of the games come with instruction manuals in case you want to read the rules. Almost everything is in Near Mint condition. The only stuff that doesn’t look great are the Capcom Action Card Game cards, but i found those as singles in some helluva random import store.

Asking price is $75 or best offer. To be honest i’ve got no clue how much this stuff is worth, except that it cost me waaay more than that to collect.

Also i took a photo of most of the items.


No one said anything so i put everything on ebay:


'Its pretty cool!


Only one day left. Please don’t let someone buy all that stuff for five bucks.