Fighting Game Channel for London-Toronto

Hi, I’m a newer user on SRK however I have been in the scene for many years and recently I began production on a website called the FGC, still a work in production I wanted to feature prominent Canadian players and the arcade scenes across Canada because they do not recieve enough recognition. I’ve been trying to gather a crew of web designers and players to help me with the site. The site will feature videos of Canadian tournaments, interviews with players and maybe a radio show in the later stages of the site. If anyone wants to become a part of the project then please contact me at Basically the site will be a resource for the on-going events in the Canadian scene in all fighter games from ST, 3s, MvC2 to the newer scene in HnK, GG XX, Arcana Heart and anything else that doesnt recieve the coverage that it deserves. The site will contain bios of members of the site so the public can get to know the players as well, hopefully FGC can get many new faces on board from different enviroments and different scenes. bio information can also be e-mailed to me along with photos or an avatar which will be updated with new members, consider it a myspace without the emo’s. I am currently in Sarnia, ON and seeing that their isn’t a scene here I have made it my sole mission to build a FG scene in Sarnia as well as improve the outlook on Canadian FG scenes. the FGC will hopefully come out to some of the bigger Toronto tournaments and conduct interviews and record some matches as well. I hope I can get some new or old players to support the site. Thank you once again.


:tup: Good luck bro. A site like this has been tried a couple of times and it’s harder than you might think. :tup:

Yes, it is. Lol…good luck for real. I’ll def help with whatever since I work at a webdesign company here in DT Toronto. Gimme a shout on MSN if you want it’s

Well I already have some web designers on board at least. I just want a few players on board as well y’know, to do research and the like and to give their feedback, maybe even give tips or write guides. However this goal will be a hard one to achieve, I have a long way to go.

I highly suggest you guys look into this MAME online thing if your gonna be outside Toronto/Markham cause the learning curve for some of these games is gonna be fairly impossible to climb. This way you may get the chance to gradually level up and progress faster, rather than playing at home then coming here and getting anally raped by a certain “12yrd brown kid” or someone “Of whom you clearly do not know who he is!”.


The site is currently under construction thanks to Testament’s fine work, thanks Testament-san X3!. The FGC will start up the FGR- Fighting Games Radio in mid-October. Our first show is just gonna be an introduction however here is what we have lined up for the first few episodes.

The show is going to be done over MSN and AIM voice chat

FGR Episode 1- Introduction (Host:Tokaro, Co-Host:Tim and I’ll see if I can get Iron Defense and Testament on the show)

FGR Episode 2- Guest Star: ReNIC

FGR Episode 3-ARCANA HAAAAITO EPISODE! Guest Stars: Sabin and Heartnana(maybe)

I’m hoping to get Arlieth for Episode 4 to talk about the Melty Blood Tourney at Evo 2k7 however that is not certain. If you want to be on the show just send me an e-mail or add me to MSN, my MSN is, I’d be happy to have you on the show if you have any questions or announcements about local tourneys, kaillera, etc

:confused: Who’s footing the phone bill on Arturo’s call? He’s in Japan IIRC. :confused:

GL and happy thanksgiving

Not anymore. He’s back in NYC.


A few issues with the first episode, my co-host was unable to make it, I couldn’t get a fill in and I was tired. The sound is kinda low, so turn that shit up, I didn’t really talk about much, I just talked about what the plans are for later episodes of the show when we actually get guests. I’d say, skip this episode and wait until I get R3NIC on the show.

Fighting Games Radio Episode 1: Introductory Episode
Host: Tokaro
Run Time: 29:39

Keep on fighting fo that future bitches!

You coding this thing yourself?

haha, no I got some people working on the website, I’m not the greatest at HTML stuff so I got a buddy of mine to work on it.


The show is now available as a talkcast! I have created a discussion group on so anyone can download it, go on their phone or skype and talk about duck,duck,flash.

and get your TalkShoe account so you can jump in at

Fuck that meaty!


Episode 2 is scheduled for this week on 10/27/07, Guest Star is ReNiC and I’m also trying to get Sanchez on the show

Guest Updates

FGR Episode 3- Trying to get Phae and HyperHal, still confirming Heartnana

FGR Episode 4-Arlieth(scheduling), Mizuki, Bellreisa(not confirmed), H-F Blade

Episode 5 is gonna be all about MvC2, I’m gonna try and get someone but don’t hope for JWong

Reach for those Fist of the North Stars

I’m really impressed with your passion and effort, i will make sure to check out the second episode just to support you.

Thanks man, I appreciate the support

:confused: Is there a reason you’re gunning for Phae and Hyperhal of all people? :confused:

Eh, I thought I may as well get those two to come on, make the show a bit more jampacked but I think I have enough to ask Arturo to fill an entire show.

Phae self-admittedly doesn’t know that much about AH, and seems a random as hell choice. :confused:

These are some weird as hell guests. I’d rather have heartnana, sabin, supermin and sumazndude, they’ve been working hard for the community, and are technically proficient at the game.

hehe, I’ll get some stuff set up, it’s just hard to get in contact with the top players, I’m very suprised that I got Arturo on the show but that show’s not for another 2 weeks so, I have some time to get shit moving. Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it very much.

Technical Difficulties, the website that we were going to use is currently down, the show will be rescheduled for Sunday.